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Kiss and Touch by Tazzaki
Chapter 6 : Chapter four
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okay....lets do this.

In the Gyriffendor commonroom Harry,Ron and hermione were talking.

"So, who is the new DADA teacher?" Ron asked hysterically.

"Um...Well...." Hermione muttered glancing around the room.

"Come on 'Mione you can tell us" Harry said quietly

Hermione sighed "Okay....Okay...Its Lupin. The reason Dumbledore hasnt told anyone is that Lupin wanted it to be a secret and anyone who tells gets in trouble...Its supposed help everone feel better about the new year with a surprise like that, Thats why I couldnt tell you."

"Kind of a let down..." Ron said sadly as he left the room.

"Sorry it wasnt better" Hermione called after him. "Sorry Harry" she whispered. "I was stupid to make such a big deal over a DADA teacher."

"Oh 'Mione Its no big deal " He said " hey Its still an hour before we have to got to bed, wanna go for a walk?" he asked with a slight grin.

"Sure....whatever" Hermione said with a frown. And with that they left


Well. Romance is on its way!

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Kiss and Touch: Chapter four


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