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Kiss and Touch by Tazzaki
Chapter 5 : Comments
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Okay. This isnt a real chapter its just some comments. First I wanna say that I am sorry the chapters are so short. I am new and I dont like writing much at a time, so please bear with me. Second the reason I came up with some of those name is...... :

Ashley McCartney : Ashley is my friend and she like Jesse McCartney a lot so...why not make them together? lol cheesy I know!

Faye Clockwise : No real reason

Laura Radcliffe : A friends online name.

Bree Lock : I love that name... That about it...

Misty Snow : My sister's name is Misty and she loves snowmen. Besides it sounds pretty.

Okay. moving on. Third..I am going to reveal the new teacher in the next two chapters.. yup...I am draggin it out! lol.

Keep reading and reviewing.

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Kiss and Touch: Comments


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