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Kiss and Touch by Tazzaki
Chapter 4 : Chapter three
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Okay...Ya know what? I am just skipping to the feast. if you dont like it... stop reading... ~grins~ BTW Its gonna be a lot of chapters before romance, so hang in there ... Here ya go:

At the feast they listened to Dumbledores announcements, nothing but first year warnings, and the remark that the new teacher wont be coming until tomorrow's DADA class and that it would be someone they liked, hopefully.

and then the sorting:

Ashley McCartney : Gyriffidor

Faye Clockwise : Hufflepuff

Laura Radcliffe : Ravenclaw

Bree Lock : Slytherin

Misty Snow : Gyriffindor

And so on and so forth. Finally arry asked Hermione "Who is the new DADA teacher?" "I dont know..." she said. Then, staring straight into his eyes like a panther. "And even I did," She said through gritted teeth "I wouldnt tell you here because its a secret."
"oh okay" He muttered before hermione kicked in with her S.P.E.W. "I cant believe they actually use elfs like slaves. its just not right!" Ron rolled his eyes and said "Dont you think if they wanted to, they could just walk out the door?"
She thought about that for a minutes and shreiked
"Your right! Dumbledore must be holding them in hogwarts under a spell!!!".
Harry grinned, he nudged Ron and whispered " Good Work." Ron just rolled his eyes as Hermione blabbered on.


well....That went well....go ahead review.

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Kiss and Touch: Chapter three


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