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The Satanic Flobberworm: The Boxed Set by Erika
Chapter 4 : Part Four
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“thank God we killed it! i thought it was going to eat me!” squealed harry after a brave fight against the flobberworms.
“i thought it didnt EXIST!” ron stabbed.
“yes, but now i believe,” said harry in pure fright.
“well at least those bastards wont ever bother us again,” said ron as he and harry drifted off back asleeep....
another flobberworm-haunted dream came...
this time...
it was harry’s dream.
“no! no! no! go away! stop! no!!!!!!!!!!” harry said while tossing and turning in his bed during his dream.
“yes! yes! yes! i have come to take you and your little owl too! mwhaha!!!!!!!” said the flobberworm of harry’s dreams.
“not hedwig! take neville’s toad! anyone but hedwig!!!”
harry suddenly woke up to the flobberworm standing over his bed with hedwig.
“Ron! wake up!!!!! it ISNT over!”

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The Satanic Flobberworm: The Boxed Set: Part Four


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