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The Satanic Flobberworm: The Boxed Set by Erika
Chapter 3 : Part Three
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**author's note: haha! just for alexa, hope ya like**

“harry, wake up!” ron said cheerfully the next morning.
“whaaaat?” harry said irritately(is that a word, i dont know...o well who cares!).
“my dream! the flobberworm said he would leave me alone isnt that wonderful? no more satanic flobberworm!” ron said.
“ron, the fuckin’ flobberworm never existed in the first place, it was all in the screwed up mind of yours, not let me go to sleep, physco,” harry rolled over and fell asleep.
ron was too excited to go back to sleep so he decided to go and visit hagrid. he put on a cloak and went out the potrait hole and down to hagrid’s hut. when he got there, he saw at least 10,000 flobberworms with guns and in camoflauge marching toward him shouting “KILL HIM! KILL HIM! TAKE HIM TO HELL!”
ron screamed and ran back up into the dormitory and shook harry awake! “harry! harry! he’s back! wake up, damnit!”
“ron! shut up its a flobberworm! get over it-- OH MY GOD!” the flobberworms had come in the dormitory still shouting “KILL HIM!”
“i told you!”
“and you expected me to believe that shit?”
“well yes!”
“well, what do we do now?” said harry clutching on to his sheet for life.
“we’ll be warriors harry! warriors against all the forces of evil! EVIL!” ron said standing up and grabbing his sock for a weapon.
“b-b-but ron, they will kill us! i’m too young to die!” harry was now biting his nails under the covers in fear, “there are too many! ron, save me! save me, ron!”
“harry! give the hell over here and fight, you lazy ass!” harry slowly rose, “now grab something, anything!” harry picked up a cloak and threw it over him. then he picked up the pillow and was ready to fight.
“now on the count of three, we’ll attack, alright worms?” asked ron, the worms nodded, “ok one...two..”
the worms started first! one ripped off harry’s glasses, another bit ron’s hair, and ron and harry did their best to fight them. sock fuzz and feathers were everywhere. after what seemed like hours, a tiny little flobberworm grabbed a white feather, waved it, and yelled, “we surrender! surrender!”
the flobberworms left the room, leaving ron and harry in shock.

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