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Time Flows By by Healer_25
Chapter 11 : Whats Left in a world of Chaos?
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"Professor Dumbledore," Harry absently asked Albus, unable to take his eyes away from the curled up dragon, it was protecting the large egg that encompassed Hermione. She was still clutching the wand in her hand and she looked so peaceful, but different, something was happening to her. "What are we going to do about them? Is Hermione alright, will she live?" Harry looked up at his headmaster he was so confused, there were so many things going through his mind, even Professor Dumbledore couldn't take his eyes away.

"I think they will be alright, she seems safe and they're sleeping, I don't think we should approach they're protecting her like their own egg. There is nothing more we can do here Harry, we'll leave them alone until they are ready to come out of here." Albus put a hand on Harry's shoulder the other professors had left a long time ago. When the headmaster had tried to reach into the dragons mind they looked at him and almost looked sorry, there was no entry, and when he tried to enter Hermione's mind he couldn't even sense that she was Hermione. Professor Dumbledore left Harry at the Gryffindor tower, hoping that the young man wouldn't do anything rash. As he walked towards his own office he thought of what he could do, the other heads might have some idea of what these two had become, only a short while ago they were normal witches and wizards, now they were more powerful and dangerous then anything he had seen before.

"I need all of you former heads to search back into your mind, try to find anything you know of this balance dragon, I need to know, because we have one nesting in our fifth floor room." Albus looked around at all of the portraits some were visibly shocked, others were surprised but understanding, he looked at the first Headmaster and saw what one would almost say understanding.

"Ah Albus, I remember a time when I first met that dragon, do you know there is only one dragon? The one you've got nesting is the first one, it isn't the first time in history, but this is their birth. Yes I've met them before I didn't realize that your young Hermione Granger is the first Avatar of Balance. the humanistic form that will grow in power, she won't be trained for a while like the dragon is, but she'll be quite different by the time your war is over. I know its hard to believe but its best for all of us. Don't you remember when you were fighting Grindewald? Well when you were fighting the balance lord sent in the avatar, one who would call upon the dragon through time to balance the powers. They're needed as both sides don't always do the things they're supposed to do." The portrait looked at Professor Dumbledore for just a moment more and then sat back down at the work table he had in his portrait, he went back to an open text that he was perpetually working. Professor Dumbledore sighed for a moment and looked at Fawkes, so Hermione was lost, Albus looked down at his hands. They had seen so much done so much, they were so tired, he didn't even know if he could stand another battle, another final fight. He turned his palms upwards so he could see the insides of them, his fingers were shaking a bit. He clenched his fists tight breathing in deeply he felt a deeper courage inside, no matter what the costs were things and people were sacrificed. He felt a sickness in his throat, feeling the greater urge to cry he sat down in his chair, he laid his head back on the head rest, looking up at the roof of his office. "No matter what we have to keep fighting, always fighting." Professor Dumbledore put his head in his hands and bowed down towards the floor, it was going to be his last fight, the longest one.

~ Gryffindor Commons ~

"Fred you wouldn't believe it if you saw her, she's entombed in this giant shell, the dragon circles around her, I can't even go near any of them!" Harry was frustrated he looked trough his tear streaked glasses, Fred, George and Ron were looking at him. Concern was written all over their faces, they knew the type of torture Harry was going through, the deep pain that he was letting himself be eaten with. He'd led them to that room, he led them to doom, he led them to pain!

"Harry, mate there's nothing you can do but wait, I'm sure that Dumbledore's got something planned, or knows something." Fred knelt down beside Harry putting a hand on his shoulder, the fire was cackling beside them, its warm glow drying most of Harry's tears before they landed on his shirt. Ron and George looked at Harry and just nodded, they had a glimpse of how much pain Harry had been in and was going through. Nothing more could be done tonight, Ron and George grabbed either arm of Harry and gently lifted him from the chair, slowly and sadly they lead him up to the dorm room where they would let him sleep. Fred had already gone to Madame Pomfrey for a dreamless draught, they knew Harry needed his sleep. They all needed it now that the war for life was in full blast.

~ The Dragons nest ~

"Draco, do you know of the stars that are our calling? The ones we can see every night? I want to go to them, I need to go to them, lets fly." Leo looked over at Draco he was already changing in the mindscape, his younger self had grown he was older, he had long blond hair down to his waist tied back with a blackened ribbon. He was wearing a long black shirt with white embroidery, he had on black sensei pants. Leo was older as well she was wearing her long darkened hair back with a whitened ribbon, her outfit was the exact same except they were reversed. She was in all white with black embroidery. They were become opposites but the same, they were exotically beautiful and dangerous.

"Lets fly Leo dear, I feel the need to feel the wind to feel the stars." Draco and Leo clasped hands and went to the water pool where they saw the world the formed their thoughts into flying high into the sky. They stood and set a protection spell on their egg, making sure she was fine they walked over to the whole Hermione had left when she had picked up the wand, looking up at the stars they started to flap their wings. Gaining height and leverage they reached up through Hogwarts skies. The roared at the sky waking everyone with their excitement, for the few who were already awake it was a sight to behold. they circled the castle and touched the lake once before they flew higher and higher crossing the moon towards their star. The clouds graced their wings, they reached out a claw to grasp a bit of the fluffy material it was wonderful. Looking at the ground below they saw their shadow racing, they roared to the skies, awakening all the old dragons, the forgotten ones. The night was filled with dragons of all kinds, flying together swimming in the freedom of their souls for a brief moment they were free before sleep took over and they went back to their sleeping coves, restful once more, they would come when called. Draco and Leo flew up towards their star seeing a platform large enough for them they headed straight for it. Made of a mixture of clouds and rocks it was a sight to behold. A man was standing on the edge beckoning them to land, even though they didn't know who this man was they landed carefully beside him. They folded their wings and walked over to him.

"Who are you human beckoner?" Draco and Leo had formed a single mind with their bonding, they were Deco, the Guardian of Balance, the only Dragon of their kind.

"So you've forgotten your human selves already? Shame Draco, Leo, jump into the water, and fire, separate so we can properly speak." The small man walked away from the dragons, there was so much to teach them and they were already becoming lost in the dragon power.

Within the mindscape Leo and Draco realized for a moment what had happened. They let go of each others hands, looking at each other they realized they were two people. Draco shook his head for a moment and Leo jumped with out a moment of caution into the water to be dropped on the hard surface. For the first time she saw what they looked like together, the white was already fading when she wasn't inside the dragon, when they weren't whole. Draco felt the dragon urge and quickly ran towards the fire that burned and dove into it head first, he landed in Leo's arms, almost surprised that he could exist without her there. His eyes widen as he realized that she had thought the same thing.

"Forget it for now you two, its time to pick your Dragon name, we can't have you known only as the Guardian of Balance now can we." Leo dragged Draco over to where the Balance Lord was waiting, she remembered him now, her dragon self was going back to sleep like it should, for now at least.

"I'm so sorry that we forgot ourselves my Lord." Leo bowed deeply to the Balance Lord, dragging Draco with her. After the Balance Lord waved his hand did she and Draco sit down.

"Thats quite alright, I'll create a beacon so that when needed you will be reminded that you are human first and foremost. Now as I watched you set down I realized that you picked your Dragon already Deco, for you are the Beacon of all dragons, it was magnificent to watch you call them all up, as well you are the decoy from the Avatar of Balance, although you are the might your not the brains, so we need you to reflect your true power. There will always be a companion for you, living here." The Balance Lord stopped as he knew they were confused, they showed it so easily. "I know you think I'm the only Balance Lord but there's always a new one every 1000 years. My time is almost up, and Hermione will replace me, but you chose me of all the different candidates in a different time; We've been here since you decided to split into humans." The Balance Lord sighed for a moment looking down at his hands, this was the hardest time, and they had tried to explain it, which is why they had chosen to be born when he would be most capable, it was the only acceptable choice. They needed someone to train them as he had been trained.

"Now as I was saying you will finish your training with me, I will tell Professor Dumbledore that Hermione and you two will come here up to me, I'm right above Hogwarts, which is how it should be the battle for lives is about to begin." Draco stared at the Balance Lord he wanted to remember what this man was what he smelled like, everything. Leo straightened her chin up a bit, she remembered that the outcome although undetermined was unequal at the moment, the fairies below had chosen to help the powers of good, they were her wings her sight at times. They had known all along who they were, who they would become.

"Fly back to Hogwarts, your egg, your avatar is about to hatch within the next moon cycle when she does bring her here, only a short while after will we begin the fight, for all lives." The Balance Lord turned from the young dragon, they were powerful indeed almost more powerful then he remembered. I'm getting too old for this he thought, looking down at his hands he remembered a time when they were young, much younger. His robes had been fashioned in blood red, with black and white spiralling all over his body, when he had been younger he thought this was the epitome of fashion, now it was something he wore as a burden soon to be passed. He looked back at the platform where she would soon arrive, would she really be this young? He sighed once more and walked into the home he had been living in for a century, remembering that in this time period the only people that remembered him were the misunderstood creatures, the 'dangerous ones.'

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Time Flows By: Whats Left in a world of Chaos?


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