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Falling in love again by Rynan
Chapter 2 : Who needs love anyway!? Me!!
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OK, I couldn’t help but make a different version for Falling in Love. This was actually my first intention for it, but I thought it wouldn’t work when I read the whole lyrics. I guess it still doesn’t, but well…I hope this turns out okay!!

Oh yes, I changed the words a bit so it made a little more sense for this character. ^_^

Okay, usual stuff. I do not own any characters from the Harry Potter series, and the song belongs to One Voice.

Who needs love anyway!? Me!!

~~I swore i'd never get involved
Said i'd never ever fall in love
cuz it hurt me once before
would it hurt me ne more~~

“Look at the poor bloke. He’s drowning himself in that gin.” a man in the bar said to his look alike.

“Must be love. That’s the only reason a man would drink fifteen shots of gin. I’m amazed he hasn’t fallen off his stool yet.” his look alike replied.

“No George, you got it all wrong. It isn’t just love that will do that for you. It’s a woman at home who won’t leave you in peace! Yelling at you to throw the garbage, or change the diaper!” the first man replied.

“Oy, that ain’t all Fred. It’s money too! You can’t live the life without money. Poor bloke probably lost all his money in a game of poker.” George said.

The bartender shook his head at the twins in front of him. “Hey, when are you two going home? And are you going to bring your brother to his house or what? He’s dead drunk over here, and its Love, that will do that to you.” the bartender said. There was a cheer of agreement from the other customers in the tavern.

“Don’t have a cow man.” George said as he went to Ron’s right side, pulling him up.

“Yeah Lee, you’ve changed since you got married. Sides we don’t wanna see our wives yet, think we’ll stay at Ron’s place.” Fred said, coming to the other side of Ron.


A man with red hair, and a stubby beard on his face walked to the café. Sitting at a table was a dark haired man and a brown haired woman holding hands.

The browned haired woman saw him first. “Harry, Ron’s here! Ron over here!” she shouted.

Ron winced and sat in the unoccupied chair. “Geez Hermione, you don’t have to scream! I don’t see how Harry can stand that.” Ron said as he took a sip from the water in front of him.

Hermione gave Ron a smug look. “He likes everything about me.” Harry smiled at her and gave her a wink. “Especially her screams.” he said, which made Hermione blush.

“Why don’t you two just get a room.” He said, his blood shot eyes looking at their two happy faces.

“You’re just jealous you don’t have someone to love. Omp...”, Hermione let out. Harry had kicked her under the table. Her eyes widen as she realized her blunder. Ron had this thing about love. “Sorry Ro-”, before she could say more, Ron had cut through with his adamant protest.

“No way. Love is disgusting. I’m never falling in love again. Only a dumb bloke would fall in love.” he said, but he wasn’t paying attention to his friends anymore. He was looking at the woman who was crossing the street.

~~since then time has changed it’s different now..
hypnotized by you and wondered how
I fell into your arms and I was captured by your charm~~

The woman had blond hair that was flying into her face from the breeze. She brought her hand up to move the offending strands. Ron saw she had blue eyes as she came closer to the café. She walked past their table and was about to go inside and order a drink when she slipped on, of all things, a banana peel.

Ron jumped up and grabbed her before she fell. She looked into his eyes and said in a husky voice, “Oh dear, I’m so sorry. Thank you.”

Ron felt a pang in his heart. She stood away from him and went inside. Harry and Hermione looked at Ron’s dazed face and gave each other a exasperated look that said, ‘Not again.

“I’m in love.” Ron said dreamily to his friends.

~~and here i go...fallin in love again
(falling in love again..fallin in love again)
here i go..falling in love again
(falling in love again..falling in love again)~~

The woman walked out with a Styrofoam cup. Ron gave his friends a thumb up gesture, and sauntered to her table. He dragged a hand through his hair, “Oy, hi ya. Why don’t you throw that cup of coffee away and come to my place for something better.” he said with an arrogant look on his face.

She gave him a disgusted look, and did what he suggested. Throw her coffee.

Harry and Hermione burst out laughing when they saw her splash the hot coffee on Ron before she stormed away.


It was a cold morning when Ron walked into the Ministry building. He was tired of work. Every day it was work, work, and work. He sighed as he pulled his outer robe around him for more warmth.

“Hey Ron!” Seamus called out as he walked by his office. Ron stopped and went into Seamus’s office. He had a bigger and warmer office than Ron's.

“Howdy Seamus. How was your weekend?” Ron asked as he sank into the chair in front of Seamus’s desk.

“Great, met this girl that really fancies me. Be having our third date today.” he said with a grin.

Bloody great. Ron thought. Another person with a girl… and Seamus of all people! Why won’t anyone go out with me? I’m sick of this! There’s got to be a girl out there for me. When is cupid going to come along and help me out?

“Hey, got to give this to Dean, I’ll be right back.” Seamus said before he walked out of his office.

Ron closed his eyes as he let the weariness take over. Maybe he could sleep in here, and Seamus won’t tell on their boss. Draco was one mean Minister. He’s always saying, “A slacker you are; the faster you’re out.” Well, Ron wasn’t going anywhere. It was hard getting a job.

~~lost and scared as i can be
cant help thinking of the mystery
of what love does to a person
and now you've found your way into my world
touched the shattered heart inside of me
can you tell me if it's real?
I've forgotten how to feel~~

“Excuses me.” a timid voice called out. He turned and saw this petite woman standing at the doorway. She had emerald eyes that filled up her pixie shaped face. Her dark hair was pulled back and showed her delicate neck. God she was gorgeous, Ron said to himself, as he felt the pang in his chest.

~~here i go falling in love again
the damage is already done
how can i ever turn my back on loving you
here i go giving my all again
i'm ready to show what i feel
if you will, take this loving to your heart…~~

Ron slowly stood up and walked to her as if in a trance. He reached out his hand and put it on her face.

“EEP!!! Pervert!!” Smack! Ron fell back to the chair. That little woman packed a hell of a punch! She landed on him and started punching him and slapping him. A crowd began to gather at the door. They had heard her scream and had rushed to Seamus’s office. They saw that she was handling herself pretty well, and let her at it.

“Hey what’s going on?” Seamus said, as he struggled to get pass the crowd. “Evelyn!” he shouted when he saw her on top of Ron.

“Oh Seamus! It was so scary! That guy is a pervert. He just came up to me when I was looking for you, and touched my face.” she said.

“Oy, that’s my buddy Ron. He falls in love with every pretty girl he sees. Ignore him. Besides I think you’ve done enough damage.” Seamus said. He heard Ron groan and looked at him.

Ron brought his hand to his face and flinched at the sting. He slowly got to his feet. Everyone was looking at him. “Sorry there Seamus. Figured I was in love again.” Ron said glumly. His coworkers laughed at him. The guy fell in love five times a day.

“What’s this commotion?! You have work to do. A slacker you are, the faster you’re out!” Draco said, as he rushed to the crowd. They quickly dispersed. Draco was a wild man when it came to work.

“Weasley, what are you doing in Finnigan’s office!” Draco yelled. He looked at the three people who were remaining, and figured out what had happened. He smirked at Ron, “What happened? You fell in love again? Hah! You’re such an idiot Weasley. No girl will go for you. This is bloody great! Hahaha.” Draco kept laughing as he left the room.

“I’m going.” Ron muttered, as he quickly walked out of the office.

He took the quickest route to the lavatory. He didn’t want anyone to see him. Ron’s face was redder than it ever was before, not only from the beatings he just got from Evelyn but also from his mortification. That was the eighth time he had made a fool of himself in the Ministry. He reached the men’s lavatory, but saw the out of service sign. “Oh Merlin! What did I do to deserve this!? Why is everyone and everything against me.” Ron moaned.

He decided to stay hidden in this section of the building. No one really went to the lavatory. It was an excuse; they usually Apparated to the bar or the movies. Ron would have Apparated if Draco didn’t put him in probation. He had found out that Ron had been leaving by Apparation every single day. He would have fired Ron right away, but Ginny intervened. It’s good to have a sister that was dating the boss.

He gave a sigh and sat down. He didn’t notice the young woman that hovered at the corner of the hallway, stealing glances at him.


“Unky Fron, Unky Fron!” a little black haired girl said, as she pulled on Ron’s hand. He pulled her up to carry her. “What is it brat?” Ron said with a smile. It was his nickname for Harry and Hermione’s three-year-old daughter.

She giggled and said, “Looky, a fritty lady!” Ron looked down the aisle and saw a red haired beauty that had portions in all the right places. “Oh no.”, Ron said, and quickly turned away. He wasn’t going to fall in love now.

“Come on brat. Your parents are waiting at the cashier. You better decide which cookies you want.” Ron said. She wiggled down from his arms and ran to the lady. “No, don’t!” Ron yelled out. But it was to late. She had caught the red haired beauty’s attention. He could hear the woman squeal. “Oh, aren’t you just a cute little thing. Where’s your mummy and daddy sweetheart?”

Ron walked towards them. The woman had kneeled down to talk to brat, so when Ron came she lifted her head to see him. “Oh no, oh no, Ron ignore those things.” Ron muttered under his breath, closing his eyes tightly.

“Excuse me?” she asked.

“Unky Fron, fritty lady! Fritty lady!” the brat started yelling at the top of her lungs, tugging his hands. Ron gulped and opened his eyes slightly.

The woman had her head cocked to the side questioningly. “Hi, my name is Amy.” she said, holding her hand out for a shake. Ron put his sweaty hands into her hands. “I uh…. I… I…Fron name.”, Ron said. He flushed when he realized his mistake. “I mean my name is Fron, Ron!”, he shouted out, blushing fiercer.

Amy laughed. Ron’s chest tightened as he felt the pang again.

~~and now you've found your way into my world
touched the shattered heart inside of me
can you tell me if it's real?
I've forgotten how to feel~~

~~here i go falling in love again
the damage is already done
how can i ever turn my back on loving you
here i go giving my all again
i'm ready to show what i feel
if you will, take this loving to your heart…~~

His flustered face turned into a grin. He was in love. This must be it. Yes, this was the woman for him. Hey, she has red head too. It must be fate. He had a confident smile on his face now. “How you doing?” he said, imitating an actor from a Muggle film called ’Friends’. He dropped his gaze to her chest when she started tittering. “You know your breast are huge, ah I mean chest, I mean mel-”, Ron didn’t finish his sentence. He was already turning into a puddle of goo.

Harry and Hermione had decided to see what was holding up Ron. They went to the sweets aisle and were there in time to see a red haired lady hex Ron before storming away. Their daughter saw them and ran to them. “Mum! Unky Fron fell in hove agin!” she shrieked in delight. Harry went over to the puddle of goo on the floor. “Wow, this is a nice hex, it’ll be a while for him to get his full form again.”

“You should be ashamed of yourself Ron. You know you shouldn’t be falling in love in front of Lillian. She’s going to start learning your bad pick up lines.” Hermione admonished the goo. “Well, I’m leaving. You can take care of him Harry.” Hermione said to Harry, when he started laughing.


“Hiya Ron!” Seamus called out. He hid his smile as he saw Ron’s left hand tied in a bag. The hex Ron had three days ago was still affecting his left hand. Every once in a while, it would start getting slimy, and fall off.

Ron gave a disgruntled "Hello". He continued walking till he reached his cramped office. Draco wouldn’t give him a bigger office because he claimed Ron didn’t deserve it. Well, Ron couldn’t say anything back at that because he really didn’t. He sat in his chair, and pulled out a bag of Bertie’s Botts’ Every Flavor Beans. He placed the bag on his table and started taking some out with his right hand. He placed his left hand on the armrest. There was a trashcan lying next to it, in case Ron’s hands seeped through any holes in the bag.

“Oy, this is it. I’m swearing off women. After that hex, and then the slap yesterday in the elevator, I am through.” he said with determination.

“Mr. Weasley?” a feminine voice came from his door.

Oh no, I just said I wouldn’t fall in love again. Please make this curse go away. Okay, turn your chair slowly. Stay behind the desk, nothing would happen if you stay in one place and keep your mouth shut, Ron said to himself. He slowly turned his chair around and saw her at the threshold of his office.

~~here i go....i'm giving my heart again
(fallin in love again)
seems like a battle i just cant win
(here i go..)
oh i'm in love and i cant win..(fallin in love again)
i'll be ready through thick and thin
(here i go..)
i'm falling in love again, i'm falling in love again
(falling in love again) i'm falling in love again
(here i go...) here i go, here i go, catch me i'm falling
(falling in love again)
i'm lost without your love
here i go..~~

Pang! “Oh dammit!”, Ron said. Her eyes opened wide as he cursed.

“Okay, I’m saying it out straight now. I’m already in love with you. It’s a curse. I’m not going to get up and shake your hand because I’ll most likely grab you somewhere you won’t like. Things happen to me when I’m near pretty women, and you by far are the most beautiful of all.” Ron said. He gave her a ‘Do your worst’ look.

She gave him a grin, and said, “It's about time. I’ve been waiting for you to fall in love with me!”


Okay I didn’t give her a description and name because I’m letting you Ron lovers fill in her place. Go off, be gone, and leave with your honey bunny Ronny!!

^_^ I tried to make the song work out. 'Here I go falling in love again', was the first words I heard when the song was playing. I was thinking of my story and somehow I started imagining Ron falling in love over and over, hence the problem he was having in this story.

Haha very lame I know, but it’s supposed to be a corny ff not something taken seriously.

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