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Mary Sue, Can I have friends? by Healer_25
Chapter 1 : Alone at last
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My Name is Mary Sue.

There I said it, do you have a problem? I mean I know hyphens, yah they're a thing of the past. Whatever, you really don't know much about split marriages do you? Anyways...I suppose you could say I’m ordinary, I’m 16 years old; I have waist length blond hair, un-dyed of course, blue eyes, and I have the fairest complexion of you all.

Well lets see where to begin, oh yes I go to Salem Academy, and...

I’m...Deep breath now

A witch. There I said it. It’s basically the only flaw I have but at least I excel at it.

When I got back my OWLS, it was all O’s, of course. My parents though, OMG! They literally dropped the bomb on me, when I was just halfway through my 5th year summer they said, Mary-Sue, dear, honey darling, we just cannot allow you to stay with Bush in power.

My only thought was, he's in power? What planet are you on?

Anyways, apparently when I wasn't listening for too long I agreed to go to London England, I really should start listening more. Sigh.

So, I just have to tell you what I can do, and why I'm so talented!

I’m into singing, and it’s beautiful; archery, quidditch even though it isn’t popular over here. There are other hobbies but those are my favourites, I’m also really popular over here in the States, so I assume it will be the same in Merry Olde England.

Currently. we’re sitting on the plane right now flying across the oceans and sea to meet my fate, and doom. Sorry it was a bit too lyrical.

Anyways, the pilot just told me that we will land in about 30 minutes so I get to set foot on the little island, and I get to start at Hogwarts tomorrow. Yippee yea, can you hear my sarcasm?

Well hold your horses Hogwarts because Mary Sue’s coming to town and every one is going to fall head over heels for me. That’s right, me.

~ Sort me Baby ~

Ah Sweet Hogwarts, I’m hear at last, so give me a break I didn’t want to go on those dinky little boats, ‘humbling experience’ my ass. I’m going to be sorted tonight and honestly I don’t know what to expect. I mean these kids, and I will call them kids, they should worship the ground I walk on. I met this young man who was almost up to my calibre, Draco Malfoy. He was alright, a bit to snippy, but that can be worked through. Well I suppose this is enough with my little inner dialogue for now, I suppose I should pay some attention.

Mary walked through the doors and into the great hall. She would have said she was impressed, but according to her own agenda; well needless to say, it kept her from admitting too much of anything. The rest of the students were sitting at their respective tables and the first years, along with yours truly were waiting to be sorted.

“Welcome students, its so nice to see so many of you have turned up, I know Voldemort lies heavily on your minds”

Voldemort? Who the heck is Voldemort, we don’t have these kinds of trash at my old school.

“But regardless of that fear we should start with the sorting, correct? This year we not only have our first years but we also have the pleasure of Miss Mary Sue Importantanus arriving. She’ll be placed in sixth year class so please welcome her to Hogwarts!”

Professor Dumbledore looked at Mary and saw her smirk with satisfaction. Interestingly enough it vanished in a second when she noticed Snape. This could prove to be an interesting year after all. Albus quietly chuckled to himself, Minevera looked over quickly wondering what he was giggling at.

Oh dear lord, not again.

Professor McGonagall called students one by one she finally called on Mary Sue, as she sauntered up to the front  of the great hall, and placed herself daintily on the stool. The hat was placed on her head for what seemed like forever and it called her a Slytherin. She smirked for a moment and then walked over to where Draco was sitting.

“So we meet again, Mary Sue. I just have one quick question, are you pure blooded or trash.”

Draco raised one eyebrow in his questioning, all the other Slytherins were looking on interested.

“Of course I’m pure blooded, why I think I’d kill myself if I was a mud blood.”

Half of the Slytherin table burst out laughing, they thought she was overly cute, but the little bit of anger she did display for the saps who were unfortunate not to be pure-blooded was funny.

~Lonely is as Lonely does~

Mary Sue worked hard while she lived at Hogwarts. Her previous popularity meant nothing here. Draco used her once for a week, and that was dirty. But they remained civil, one of the few rejects that did.

She didn't even make the Slytherin team, she showed up for the tryouts and they laughed, saying they had no use for a scrawny little girl. That was kind of offense, but in her defense the food in England was making her lose weight, she had dropped from her curvy 140 to a mere 115.

The girls in her dorm were very endearingly annoying, they picked on her for everything from grades to mannerisms, to the way she wore her robes. It was beginning to become to much. In fact she had to be tutored by an annoying Gryffindor named Hermione Granger, a mud-blood of all things! It wasn't her fault she was getting E's in everything. The professors even discussed putting her back a year.

Before at Salem academy they would go home at the end of the day if you lived close enough, here though everyone stayed and lived in the dorms. It was rather awful never seeing your family and getting a break away from these ingrates.

Mary-Sue sat in the Great hall alone, further down the table from everyone else. She was waiting for the morning mail to arrive. As the owls came swooping in her family owl flew straight by her and dropped a letter from its clutches. Mary had been waiting two weeks for this letter, then one that would tell her when and where she would be meeting them.

Dear Mary Sue,

Your Father and I wish you are doing well at Hogwarts. We have, however come under the unfortunate knowledge that we must attend to an urgent matter this Christmas. So we have spoke with Albus and you will be staying over the holidays at Hogwarts, isn't that fantastic? You'll be with all of your friends!

Love you lots,

Mom and Dad

Mary held the letter in her hands, no, they couldn't leave her. She wasn't being stuck here! She wasn't spending Christmas all alone! Mary quickly got up from the table and walked as fast as she could until she could run the rest of the way to her dorm room. She laid there quietly crying until she fell asleep.

Eventually she could hear all the students gathering to go to Hogsmeade where they would see their families. Mary stayed up in her dorm room, avoiding everyone, she didn’t want anyone to see how upset she really was about this turn of events.

Walking down towards the great hall Mary noticed a dumpy looking girl sitting in an alcove drawing. One quick glance at her badge made her realize this girl was not a Slytherin, so there was a small chance for friendship. Mary took the chance and used the greatest pick up line in the world on a hopeful friend.


The girl quickly looked up at Mary.

"So you’re stuck here too? My names Mary-Sue!"

Mary thrust her hand out towards the girl, first impressions, I'm nice friendly and you want to be my friend.

"My name’s Andrea McCabe.” The slightly pudgy girl stuck her hand out and shook Mary's.

"Do you want to go down for breakfast?"

Andrea quickly nodded. They started to talk and she found out that Andrea was a Hufflepuff, quite the opposite of Slytherin but a friend nonetheless. They found out they both had a great interest in arts, Andrea loved to draw and she loved to sing.

Over the holidays they spent every moment together, they held sleep overs and chatted late into the night. Eventually Mary gathered up the nerve, and told Andrea how lonely she had been. To her surprise Andrea told her all about her loneliness as well. Andrea had many small problems that combined into a rather large problem, as well as a low self-esteem.

Even though she was really talented in some areas of magic she was still sad most of the time. Mary became a sort of friend/ bodyguard. She began to teach Andrea all about standing up for yourself, where as Andrea taught Mary humility. They sat at the Hufflepuff table either late in the lunch period or really early, but never when it was full. It would be one of the first cross relationships that would be powerful, tying all kinds of wizarding together.

The one thing that Mary was really grateful for was that over the holidays Andrea taught her all the tricks about their school and lessons, which allowed Mary the chance to actually catch up and even beat Hermione at times in classes.

There was something special about these two

Albus looked on at the two girls chatting, it was amazing that across the continent two lonely souls could find friendship.

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