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The Malfoy Mistake by OrbaEstrella
Chapter 3 : Professor Sev Snape
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Marie woke up the next day early in the morning. She sat on her bed, looking out the window, deep in thought.

She was leaving the Institute, forever. She was going to attend Hogwarts, some foreign school she knew nothing about. Yes, her father had gone there, but how did he expect her to fit in? She already had trouble enough being accepted by her peers in America, and at least she talked the same way they did.

And this time William wouldn't be there to stick up for her. He had graduated a year ago, and was instantly accepted on the Cowboys, the American International Quidditch team. William was always so popular at school, the best Quidditch player, with girls at his heels, but Marie was always the oddball of the class.

Marie pulled her white curtains away from the window. She was leaving her house as well. The house she lived in her whole life. It wasn't a particularily beautiful house, it was actually quite small, but she would miss it terribly.

House in Scotland? Where did this come from? Marie never knew her father even had any relatives at all...

Marie jumped as she heard a quiet knock on her door.

"Come in.." she said quietly.

Her father walked in, smiling.

"We leave in a week." he said, sitting on the edge of her bed. "You'll need to pack up quick. The very first of September, you're off to Hogwarts."

Marie put her head in her hands and sighed.

"What's the matter? You'll love it at Hogwarts, I never wanted to leave when I was there. You'll make friends for me and Severus." Aziz said quietly.

"Not many people transfer to a different school, do they?" she said, sighing again.

"No, to be honest, you are the very first student." Aziz said truthfully. "But I'll think you'll find you will fit in easier than you think. You'll be sorted in your house, which will be like your family. I made some very good friends while at Hogwarts, and I think you will too."

"Just remember...respect Dumbledore, he's a wise man. And do behave, Severus will tell me if you get into any trouble. And get good grades in Potions, will you?"

Marie laughed. "It will be quite odd, Severus teaching me. I'll have to call him Professor Snape now, right, instead of Sev?"

Aziz laughed gently. "No, not Sev. I daresay that might embarass him."

Marie smiled and put her head lighly on her pillow, staring up at the ceiling.

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