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Beyond The Veil by Secret Lily
Chapter 7 : Battle On Their Own
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Chapter 7- Battle On Their Own

Harry ran up to the Boys Dorms and found all the Gryffindor Boys fast asleep. He walked over to Ron’s bed and quickly shrugged him. Ron sort of had a dazed look on his face and whispered, “Hermione.”

Harry gave Ron a confused look and then remembered why he was up there.

“Ron get up. NOW! Voldemort has Ginny. We need to find her,” he shouted, shaking a sleeping Ron and feeling his own heart race at a rapid pace.

Ron opened his eyes slowly and comprehended what Harry had said. He then quickly got to his feet.

“D.A. MEMBERS! UP! NOW,” Ron shouted.

“Harry, how’d this happen?” Ron asked, his eyes wide with fear. His sister had been taken by Voldemort during their second year. He was hoping they could save her as they had then.

“I don’t know but I think they’re going to hurt her if we don’t do anything,” Harry said

“How exactly are we going to wake Hermione?” Ron asked.

“Well, she’d have to be deaf not to hear our shouts. She’s smart enough to figure out that she is a member of the D.A,” Harry said.

“What about Luna?” Ron asked.

“Well, we can use all the help we can get. Go and find Luna and Cho in the Ravenclaw room. I have the password. Here, GO!” Harry said.

Ron left but Harry caught him.

“Ron, tell them to gather as many brooms as they can. We’re not going far but if we want to get there fast, we’ll need brooms,” Harry said. Ron nodded and left.

Harry looked around the Dorm. He saw Neville taking charge and getting Dean and Seamus up and informed. Harry nodded his head at Neville and Neville understood. He started gathering brooms and Harry went to his trunk to find his Firebolt.

Harry sped down the stairs and found a confused Hermione standing in the archway to the Girl’s Dorms.

“He’s got Ginny. Gather up all the female D.A. Members. If any of them have brooms gather them as well,” Harry said shortly.

In ten minutes most of the D.A. was gathered in the Gryffindor Common Room. They had a large window open and Harry was standing in the middle of the group.

“Everyone, we haven’t had a real live attack in two years. Actually, many of you have not taken on Voldemort and his Death Eaters. It is our time to fight. All of you know Ginny Weasley. Voldemort has taken her for some reason or another and we must get her back. If you go, you are willing to risk your life. Understood?” Harry said. Everyone surprisingly nodded in agreement and was determined.

“I have faith in all of you. We’ve trained ourselves for a night like this and now we need to prove to ourselves and the Order that we can do it. We need to prove that we belong. If you’re not willing to fight don’t come because I can guarantee you that Voldemort will be waiting. He knows we have no adults and he is expecting to win. We must prove him wrong as well. Are you with me?” Harry asked.

“YEAH!” everyone shouted.

“Mount your brooms.” Harry ordered. “NOW!”

Everyone took off out of the window with Harry in the lead followed by Ron, Hermione, Neville, and Luna. Cho Chang was quickly following as well. Harry glanced at her for a second and was happy she was coming along. She was a good fighter and a good friend.

Harry steered towards the Forbidden Forest and heard many gasps. Some of the D.A. Members had not been in the Forest while Harry, Ron, and Hermione had grown quite used to it. They were heading farther and farther in and the darkness seemed never-ending. Harry saw a gleam of light a far distance away and knew that it was the light of Voldemort and his followers. He stopped and landed gently on the ground with the D.A. Members following suite. He looked around and saw that he had lost no one. He felt such pride in this group and knew that they would win. They had come so far and dying was out of the question.

“They should have found Dumbledore! Harry, no! Why? I know your pride is at stake but so is Ginny and all of your peers lives? Why?” Lily sobbed.

James had worry in his face but Sirius and Remus seemed to be calm. Both of them had witnessed some of the members of the D.A. in combat before. Remus having taught all of them, knew that they would be great.

“Lily, calm down. These are not kids anymore. They are almost all of age and have been trained past N.E.W.T. Level in Defense Against The Dark Arts. Trust me, I have told you before, these kids are going to bring down Voldemort. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that none of them will die, Sirius said, frowning at the last part.

“I just hope we don’t see any of them any time soon.” James whispered.

“Ok, everyone, this is not a practical lesson. It’s real. I have told you that words cannot explain the real fighting and now you’ll learn the hard way. Be Careful, dodge any spells of Green and even Red, and remember, simple spells are the most powerful. I myself have used the Disarming Spell against Voldemort when I was faced with Death. None of you go after Voldemort, do you understand? He is the most dangerous, and he is after me and I would be angry with myself if someone died when it should have been me. OK? No one go after Voldemort,” Harry said.

Harry led the group towards the gleam of light ahead and motioned for no one to light their wands. They needed to find out Ginny’s condition and make sure she was still alive. Hermione took the group to the side of the forest and let Harry and Ron check out what was happening. Harry looked ahead, making sure he was covered, and saw a group of Death Eaters in a circle, with Voldemort in the middle. There were more D.A. Members than Death Eaters but Harry knew that did not matter. They were still greatly disadvantaged. He looked for Ginny and saw that she was in a chair right next to Voldemort with ropes to her hands and feet and her wand levitating in the air a few feet from her.

Harry whispered to Ron his plan and looked at Hermione. She would cue the Members of when to strike. Harry conjured a shield to protect him from spells of short time, two minutes or so, and ran at top speed right past the Death Eaters. Voldemort saw him and ran ahead, leaving Ginny unguarded. Hermione cued the members and they all started taking on Death Eaters. Harry was running from Voldemort casting Stunning Spells left and right. Ron, meanwhile, ran to Ginny and undid the rope and freed her from the chair.

He then gave her, her wand and they began dueling. Ginny was taking on Bellatrix Lestrange. Harry had ran back to the circle and saw what was happening. He ran at top speed away from Voldemort and sent a spell at Bellatrix. It hit her in the heart. She gasped her chest and fell to the ground. She was dead. Voldemort saw this and eyeballed Harry. Ginny was in shock for a moment and looked at Harry. He had fire in his eyes and was sending Unforgivable Spells at Voldemort. Voldemort and his wand did Priori Incantatum for the second time and he saw the appearance of Voldemort’s last victims.

His parents appeared before his eyes, in ghost form again.

“Harry, use the love. The love we gave to you. Use it to defeat him and set us free,” Lily whispered.

“Mom, I love you. I will fight,” Harry said.

“You always make us proud son. Follow your heart,” James told him. In a few seconds they were gone.

Voldemort was dueling with someone else now and Harry had not caught this yet. He saw a long, black pony-tail swing and knew who was dueling Voldemort. He had to help her. She couldn’t take him on her own. She would die just as Cedric had died.

Maybe that was the way Cho Chang wished to die though, Harry thought.

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