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Time Flows By by Healer_25
Chapter 10 : Meeting with Destiny
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~ A Meeting with Destiny ~

"Draco, do you think you'll be alright to stand up to your father alone?" Leo looked at Hermione and then again at Draco, today he was going to talk to his father in person. He hadn't spoken to or about his father since he sent a letter renouncing them. He sent the letter back unopened, still tied up to the owl's leg.

"I suppose," Draco was looking at his shoes, he was a bit nervous to meet with Lucius, the man was quite powerful, but he wasn't going to let this man, his father hold rein over him anymore. "I mean he's just a man, isn't he?" Draco looked up at Leo, she was better today, she'd been feeling better lately.

"He is just a man Draco, just talk to him and get it over with, don't let it be anymore then that." Leo grasped Draco's hand, the fire they shared was so strong. It gave him strength and courage that she stood behind him, that no matter what she was going to be with him all the way. Draco nodded and turned towards the corridor, his father was going to be sitting with him in a formal arbitration meeting with Dumbledore, only because Draco had written that through the meeting was the only way he would talk to his father.

"Are you ready Draco? Your father is waiting with Professor Dumbledore in his study, they will wait until you arrive." Professor Binns had arrived to take Draco to see his father. he would be staying with Draco as both moral support and as his legal guardian during the school year. He had changed his ghostly appearance so that he was a bit more formal for the meeting, although Hermione was dreadfully curious as to how he had managed to change his appearance she knew now was not the time. Professor Binns lead Draco out of the common room, leaving Hermione and Leo standing there, waiting for something to happen. Once the portrait had swung shut they sat in two comfy chairs by the windows, if they looked out of the windows they would see clear across the lake, and if they looked carefully they would even see Derrick talking to the giant squid.

"Leo, do you think Draco's alright?" Hermione looked over at Leo, she was looking off into the distance, deeply in thought. Hermione wondered what was so interesting to her, she waved her hand in front of Leo's face, she jolted upwards as she was startled out of her reverie.

"Oh, I'm sorry Hermione, I was just trying to connect to Draco's thoughts," Hermione's eyes widened at Leo's response. She was completely shocked that they could maintain a long distance link. Hermione couldn't resist and she interrupted Leo's train of thought.

"You can Mind Speak! Oh my goodness, thats amazing, can you reach into my mind?" Leo shook her head no. "Does your two powers combine and transfer, what is he really like, is he nice?" Hermione waited for Leo to answer her myriad of questions.

"I can't reach into your mind only Draco's, we share a bond, I'm not completely sure about the power transfer. As to whether Draco is nice or not, he's different, the inner child he has hurts so much. I think that if he gets pushed there's going to be hell to pay. I wouldn't think he's harmless at all, he could do a lot of damage, especially with all the training he's been doing. There's a lot of things Draco could be but harmless, and nice, aren't high on the list at all.

"So what are they talking about up there, tell me please." Hermione pleaded with Leo and she caved. Leo crossed her legs in the chair and took a deep breath. She reached out towards Draco so that she could be apart of his mind, willing her mind into his and leaving the auditory at Hermione, she sent out all her power to Draco as well. Feeling his confidence swell with her encouragement and power.

~ Meeting with the Devil, my father ~

"Draco, I see you could join us, I'm so glad." Lucius looked at his son, he looked healthy, how utterly despicable. Lucius was wearing long silver and black robes, his hair hung in a simple but expensive clip. He had power, grace and money. If he were anyone other then a dark wizard the right hand of Voldemort he would be handsome, as it stood he was the epitome of evil. Draco almost snarled as he realized his father was nothing more then an elaborate puppy, why had he doted on him so long, his father had no personal power. Draco swelled with the knowledge that he had found his own power, that he no longer needed to rely on anyone other then himself, he had evolved beyond his father.

"What would you like to discuss Lucius, I understand that its a great inconvenience to come and see me your offspring." Draco was glad to see that he had struck a cord in his father the great unlovable statue, he had made him cringe, heh.

"Well as I was telling Albus Dumbledore here I wanted you to come home for a short visit your mother misses you dearly and we need to discuss your future." Lucius hoped that he could get Draco home and load him with enough medicine and potions to change him permanently, if not the Draco would just have to go, regardless of what Narissca said, the boy was a threat if he followed this path of good. He was needed on evil or not at all.

"Well I'm quite sure as your aware of my actions that I'm not about to visit the manor ever again, at least not until the war is over, by which you'll either dead or I'll be, you'd probably wish it by your hand." Draco stared his father down watching as he was getting more and more angry, barely able to control his rage. Draco watched in slow motion as his father went to pull out his wand to hex Draco into oblivion, fortunately for Draco's sake Dumbledore and Binns had been watching the entire time had reacted. Professor Binns jumped in front of Draco to hope he could act as a shield. Dumbledore, who was still corporeal, literally whipped out his wand and sent a numbing spell full blast at Lucius. Lucius's numb body flew through the air an smashed into a wall of books where fell unconscious.

"Draco are you alright?" Professor Binns looked down at Draco to see if the young man was alright. Draco looked as though he had been hit just as hard.

"I suppose so professor, I mean he was going to hex me..." Draco turned to where Professor Dumbledore had bound Lucius. "Professor Dumbledore what was he going to do, to me that is." Dumbledore looked up at Draco from where he was, his eyes no longer bright but tired, the blue seeming to seep expression.

"Draco, I'm very sorry but your father was ready to kill you, in front of us all." Draco sighed and nodded his head, his entire body screamed I know, it was bound to happen.

"Well I'm sorry to leave you with this mess, but I feel that I need to be alone, I'm probably officially disowned." Draco didn't wait to see if Dumbledore allowed him to leave but he left any ways, his desire to be alone stronger then his desire to be in trouble. He walked down the spiralling staircase. As he journeyed to the Terrafin tower he looked out at the grounds, alone, he put his hands in his pocket. Stopping by the tunnel he looked out over the lake he could see Derrick petting the squid, out of all the animals he could speak to he said the squid had the most interesting ideas. Draco looked up at the sky, a cloud was lazily crossing, he could almost imagine what life would be like if he had stayed complacent. He would be a death eater and die at the hands of good, maybe even Leo's. Life wouldn't matter, he would be told what to do all the way. But he chose to have life, to be what he wanted, he couldn't take the easy way out this time, he needed to suffer at his own choices. Draco sighed and started walking towards the tower once more, he wondered if he could hang out with Leo and the others, mainly Leo but he liked the others more once he got to know them.

Draco opened up the portrait door he thought that if he had been chosen to be head-boy he wouldn't have had to deal with all of this, but it was better. Looking around he saw no one except a note on the counter.

Hermione, Harry and I are going to check out this wand we found on the fifth floor, I don't think much will happen but you know. So I might be back later then I expected I hope everything went well with your father, although I already know you feel confident.

Love always Leo, your sister and friend.

Draco dropped the note, reaching out to Leo he felt terror, extreme terror something was going horribly wrong about this meeting, Draco ran out of the hall, when he saw Crabbe and Goyle he hexed them out of the way rather then deal with them. Draco ran full speed thoughts racing through his mind, what had happened, she was still alive, but so scared, something was horrible, he tried to ask but she couldn't even respond.

"I'm coming Leo! Hang on!" Draco shouted to the air knowing that she would feel him coming.

~ The Wand ~

"Leo, answer me, its Harry" All Harry had heard was a scream of horror, he dashed headlong into the room the girls had disappeared into only moments ago.

"H...h..hermione...." Leo pointed to the back of the room where Hermione was holding up an old looking wand. No longer was she the calm looking Hermione he knew, she had a look of pure evil on her face, she was looking at the roof the light that poured down on her was unnatural, she lowered her gaze to Harry, smiling at him he felt as though the darkest evil had just touched his soul.

"Harry dear, I'm so glad you made it, I need some power and you've got more then enough to share don't you... hmm?" Hermione cocker her head to the side raising one eyebrow in question. "Come to me Harry, give the power willingly or die." Hermione beckoned Harry with her hand she hadn't lowered her wand from the sky yet but she could at any moment. Harry felt her dragging him slowly, he fought with everything he had to stop from reaching her.

"Hermione what's happened?" Harry tried to plead to her as she was still Hermione, wasn't she?

"Nothing except finding my true self, my true wand, now come" Hermione grimaced and focused more power on Harry, the bottles in the room began shattering on all sides, creating miniature explosions.

Unbeknownst to them behind by Leo, Draco entered, he looked around and saw that in her fear she was creating the fire that hid inside her. She began to build it inside her hoping to draw Hermione's gaze, hoping she could help Harry, anything. Hermione felt the power growing the deep seat of power switching, she looked over at Leo, seeing her build the fire she forgot Harry for but a moment and he ran as far away as he could get. With a flick of her wand he got as far as the door and no further. Draco felt the call, become something stronger, be balanced, restore the balance, good will lose without Harry. Draco focused all his power on water, the feeling. Hermione was confused she started to look back and forth between Leo and Draco, she darted over to where Harry was standing his power was so tiny compared to these two, she would have them... she must!

Leo reached out her hand, drenched in fire to Draco who was ablaze in water, the reached and met. The power that flared through the room was so brilliant that Harry had to cover his eyes, what were they doing, Hermione hadn't told him anything about this. Dumbledore felt the shock-wave clearer then day he knew they were joining again, they'd been doing this all month but it had been nothing compared to this level of power. They were amazing Dumbledore called to the staff and told them to head to the fifth floor room immediately.

"Leo, I think I know how to contain Hermione, we have to envelop her in balance... make her small." Draco looked over at Dream Leo, so small, so fierce.

"Yes, a balance egg..." Leo and Draco stalked over to Hermione fighting off her stunning spells. Hermione was terrified of this dragon it had stopped the wand before, no not again! Leo and Draco began to hum feeling the essence of good and evil joining. Dumbledore blasted open the door to see a terrified Harry and the full glory of the balance dragon, they were creating a strange noise, he instinctively put out his hand to stop Snape from blasting the dragon. They all watched in amazement as the dragon spun a web around Hermione, creating an egg.

~ The Balance Lord ~

"At least they are beginning to work together, ah and avatar of balance just what we need in this fight. I will see you tonight Dragons of Balance."

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