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Whose Line is it Anyway? by H P Fan
Chapter 5 : Hoedown
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“Welcome back to Whose Line is it Anyway! Tonight’s winner: Harry Potter!” Remus said, showing that he and Harry switched places. “I don’t know, he must have cheated or something.”
Harry gasped and said, “I did not cheat, you lying bastard! I’m going to kick your arse!”
Remus held up his hand, saying, “Whoa, whoa, Harry, I was just making a joke out of it. You didn’t cheat.”
“You bet I didn’t,” Harry said, sitting back down in Remus’ seat.
“... That was just weird, to tell you the truth,” Remus said. “Now, to end the show, let’s play a game called Hoedown! Yea!” He tried to put on fake cheer, but Snape, Ron, and Draco looked frustrated.
“Don’t complain!” Remus said. “This is your first time on the show! Now, from the audience, I need a suggestion of something a single guy might do!”
There were many shouts from the audience, but Remus heard...
“Picking up a girl at a bar... Okay. Well, with the help of some bloke we just found off the streets who can play the piano, let’s do the Hoedown. Bloke, take it away.”
“You know, I have a name –“
“Bloke, take it away!”
The bloke sighed and started playing the piano, playing the song’s introduction as the audience clapped in rhythm as the song progressed. Then, Draco began:

“There was one time when I picked up, a girl at a big ol’ bar
Later I found that, she was a strip...par.
When I asked her to strip for me, she said ‘Oh no!
Because you just called me a weird (beep)ing ho!’”

Draco got some laughs out of this as Remus went now:

“My dad once told me, that he met my mom at a bar
But my mom told me the truth, and said my dad was a liar.
When my parents met, my mom had a rare bird
And my dad was a bird collector, he was such a nerd!”

There weren’t as many laughs out of Remus’ verse than as Draco’s, but at least they laughed as Snape went:

“I picked a girl up at a bar, she was really special to me.
After one night, we were as happy as can be!
She was once the love of my life
And she still is since that whore is now my wife!”

There were more laughs here as Ron finished up the song:

“To those who are single, I have some good advice:
Don’t pick a girl up at a bar, it isn’t really nice.
Once I did so, and it ruined all my plans
Because we both got drunk and when I awoke, I saw I married a man!”

Everyone laughed and applauded like mad people as the four cast members sang in unison, “I saw I married a man!”
Over the applause, which lasted for what seemed like forever, Remus shouted, “Thank you for watching ‘Whose Line is it Anyway!’ Thank you and see you another time! Good night!”

A/N: *sighs* Finally (sort of) the story's finished. *makes sad face* Well, it was good while it lasted, right? Please R/R!

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Whose Line is it Anyway?: Hoedown


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