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Finding True Love by gonewiththewand
Chapter 4 : Chapter Four: Saviour
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Finding True Love

Chapter Four: Saviour

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Nothing has changed in the past week. OK?? LOL!!! I just
don't feel too good right now, but you will get a drama packed chapter from my sad
feelings, kay? Never fear! i won't let you down! I won't just stop in the middle of the fic
and leave ya hangin!

A/N: Kay I think the disclaimer was an A/N in itself, but oh well. I have more to say. So
listen. This fanfic is going to take a kind of sad, quite strange turn. quite Lifetime Channel-
like except different. so bring on the kleenex and don't scream because you might feel like
it. I know I did when i read the dark princess (no offence on you, sukkumbus, i just liked
"Marry Christmas" so much i thought i would die.) So, everyone. I hope you like it. Have

"I'm pregnant."

Draco's face turned into a grimace. Hermione whimpered involuntarily, about to explode
into a torrent of tears. She had come to the Slytherin common room again, to tell Draco.
To tell him the truth about her "illness" that Madam Pomfrey had owled her about. Her
parents were coming the next day to see her. They knew.

"When did you find this out?" Draco asked quietly, his voice laced with something
mysterious that had been unleashed many times, but never on Hermione. He had kept his
temper in check, he thought he loved her...

"Yesterday. I went to the hospital wing because I had been throwing up- and... Madam
owled me the results of my physical... And then I knew. Her and Dumbledore made me
owl my parents, of course. They're coming tomorrow."

"Do any of them know who the father is?"

"Well, no, I didn't think it wise to tell in an owl... and Madam Pomfrey and Professor
Dumbledore would find out anyways, right?"

"They don't have to know." It was scaring Hermione how he couldn't look her in the eye,
the way he talked in short, sharp sentences as if he didn't want to be there.

"Wh- what do you mean?"

"You Muggles call it an abortion. Here in the magical world, we don't use some silly
operation. It's a simple potion that vanishes the child from your body and clears the
memory of all who were involved. We could go back to our lives as normal."

Hermione looked shocked. "An- an abortion? What- how could you suggest such a thing?
Don't you want to get married, don't you want to be a father?"

Draco looked her in the eyes, but as soon as he did she wished he never had. A look of
contempt and anger shot Hermione's way.
"No, Hermione. Not particularly. And if I may give an ultimatum to your sentimental little
mind... Either you have an abortion and have a normal relationship with me again, or you
keep this child, and lose all hope of ever talking or associating with me again. And don't
think of trying to convince people that the child is mine. No one, and I mean no one will
ever believe you. Ever."

"Draco. Draco, oh you can't do this to me. No, no. No." Hermione made her way over to
Draco and knelt at his feet, kissing the hem of his robes. "Remember... remember the day
we fell in love? You had taken me on a walk at, at the lake, and then... Oh, your eyes were
so beautiful, darling, and then you looked at me and said those three... little... words..."
She rose and leaned her body against his, gazing into his eyes, her own chocolate- brown
ones pleading, begging, despairing. "I... Love... You. Don't you still want to say that?
Don't you.. don't you.. I do...... Draco..."

But her plead was to no avail, for as she looked into his eyes once more, they stared back
at her with the stony grey that was cold and uninviting. She took a sharp breath.

"I will keep this child, Draco. I hope... I hope someday you will understand what a
blessing a new life is... that we should have taken the opportunity to start a new life-
together. But.... maybe it wasn't meant to be." She sighed, gazing at him once more, her
eyes no longer full of pleading but resignation, and whole- hearted despair. Hermione
Apparated out of the room, landing on a couch in her own common room with a thump.
One hand on her forehead, the other on her stomach, she sobbed quietly, gasping for
breath. This was the blackness. Her dream tried to warn her... but no.

Draco also had to sit down. He curled up in one of the soft, worn armchairs in his
common room. Shaking his head from time to time, he tried to convince himself that he
did the right thing by breaking up with Hermione. It was hard to stay on track, however,
as his mind kept on flitting back to the scene she had mentioned...

"Hermione?" he had asked timidly, knowing what he was about to do went against all his
Slytherin and family principles.

She had whirled around, indignant. "What?" There was a hint of softness he had never
heard from her before.

"You got that, er, owl from Dumbledore, right? About being Head Boy and Girl?"

"Yes, I did. Is that all?"

"Erm, no. I was just wondering if you might like to take a walk with me. Everyone is too
intent on final exams, no one will know we're gone. And if they do ask, we can say we
were out on prefect business."

"Well... Don't you think we should be studying?"

"It'll be all right."

"Um, OK then." To anyone but Draco, it would have seemed like pure reluctance on
Hermione’s face. But from where he was standing, there was a definite smile playing on
her lips.

They walked together out to the lake, and sat down in the grass. Draco cleared his throat,
scared as hell about admitting his true feelings.



"I don't really know how to say this.. but we have been working together since fifth year
as prefects. And now we're going to be Head Boy and Girl. I've, well, I've grown attracted
to you through the years, and now I think it might be something more."

"What is it, Draco?" That was the first time she had called him by his first name.

"I- I love you!"

Hermione looked shocked. But then her lips curved into a smile and she laughed, a sweet
laugh like bells. She leaned over and pressed her lips to his. It was heaven.

But heaven had closed its doors now.

Hermione sat sobbing on the couch when a familiar figure came down the steps from the
boys' dormitory.

((Hmm.. I bet you can guess who that is...))

"Hermione? What's wrong? Are you hurt?" Harry rushed to her and put his hand on her
shoulder. Hermione sniffled, then let out another silent sob.

"Harry, I have ruined my life."

Harry was taken aback. Hermione? Who was always right and knew what was best for
her? No, it couldn't be. "What do you mean?"

"I- I- oh, Harry,
me," Hermione said in one large breath. “How could he do this? Oh gosh...”

"Draco?" Hermione nodded. "Got you pregnant?" Another nod. "And then he dumped
you?" A nod, then a sob. "I'll kill him, the little idiot...." Harry started to go towards the
portrait hole, but Hermione touched his arm.

"Please, Harry. Don't. It will only make it worse." Harry took her by the shoulders.

"How can you still have a head on your shoulders at a time like this? You have been
impregnated by the spawn of Slytherin, gotten dumped by the father, and still have your
logical reasoning? You amaze me."

Hermione smiled a little. "He said that either I have an abortion or he dumps me. I am
keeping this baby, Harry, Even if it grows up without a father. I think it would be fun to
be a mother. And.. well... I guess I could never live with myself if I killed it. It just
wouldn’t feel right.”

((OK, I think this just sounds dramatic, I am in no way trying to start up a debate about
the legalisation of abortion!))

"Wait, Hermione. I have an idea.”


“Well, Hermione... this is hard to say. I’ve kept it a secret for so long, but now I think it
might be the right time to just go for it.”

Hermione looked puzzled. “What do you mean, Harry?”

“I mean, Hermione... that I love you. And maybe... if you think it could work, of course...
you could marry me and we could say that this child was ours. No one would have to
know it was Draco’s, except maybe Ron because we tell him everything. Now what do
you think of that?” Hermione was stunned to silence.

“I- I don’t know what to say.”

Harry looked hurt then quickly made excuses, obviously thinking that she was turning him
down. “I- that’s all right, Hermione, it probably never would have worked anyways.. I’ll
just go up to bed...” Hermione grabbed his sleeve.

“Where do you think you’re going? Of course it would work.” Hermione stood up to his
level then brought him into a very un- platonic embrace. “It will work,” she whispered in
his ear.

“Oh, Hermione... I guess, oh, I’m sorry... it’s just, well...”

“You thought I would turn you down because of this whole Voldemort thing? Harry, I
would never do that. I want to help you. What better way to do it than through marriage?”

Harry grinned, then swung Hermione up into his strong arms. He kissed her, with a
passion that they both knew had been hiding for much too long.

A/N: OK, hope you liked this little turn around in the plot. But you knew it was coming, I
mean otherwise I wouldn’t have put it in the Harry/ Hermione romance section, huh? The
fifth chapter is coming soon, but I’m at my Grandpa’s now and I don’t have my prayer
book. So wait a little while until i get home and you will have an authentic Anglican
wedding to read through! With Harry and Hermione’s names! Bishop Dumbledore..
hmm... Sounds cool! OK. well anyways, be patient, and review while you are at it! i hope i
did the flashback thing right, ellie bellie, tell me! everyone tell me!

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Finding True Love: Chapter Four: Saviour


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