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Finding True Love by gonewiththewand
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2: Acceptance
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Finding True Love

Chapter 2: Acceptance

Disclaimer: Same as last time! *doh*

A/N: Thank you so much, all of you who reviewed!! I love feedback, positive or otherwise! So keep ‘em comin’ lol. And about this chapter. There’s going to be some romance between Draco and Hermione, so just bear with me, all my fellow H/Hr shippers! True love will prevail!! I watch waaay too much Lifetime Channel LOL! Also I changed the rating from PG to PG-13 cuz I really really really wanted to make it romantic…

Hermione sat quietly at a desk by the window in the common room. She was flipping through her Arithmancy textbook, looking at the pages but really paying no mind to the words. Suddenly she slammed her book shut and stared out the window. It was the last week of November, and the Hogwarts grounds were brilliant. Orange and gold dominated every tree there was, and even the Forbidden Forest seemed to have cheered up a bit. Hermione smiled, thinking of her parents’ plan to spend this month in Scotland. Her smile faded when she thought of them, though. She had been so excited to go back to school, to see Ron and Harry, especially Harry, but nothing was going right now… She mentally slapped herself. What are you doing thinking of Harry like that?? she thought. He’s your friend for Pete’s sake… At least I think so…

Hermione shook her head and turned around, only to find a multitude of glaring eyeballs staring her in the face. The Gryffindor common room was filled with people who used to be called her friends, and now? She didn’t know.

She didn’t know about, well okay she knew but didn’t want to acknowledge, the animosity between Gryffindors and Slytherins. A Gryffindor girl dating a Slytherin boy, or the other way around, was like social suicide for both parties involved. Draco, with his reputation and monetary influence on the school, would remain unscathed. But Hermione, the Gryffindor “brainy” girl with Muggle parents and sometimes an overly large mouth, could definitely get hurt. From both houses.

Hermione sighed, gathered her books, and went up to her dorm. She sat on her bed and stared out the window some more, when a large black owl tapped on the glass window pane. She opened it and let the owl in. He circled the room a couple times, and then perched on the edge of Hermione’s desk on one leg, sticking the other out for her to take the letter off. She untied it, tore the fancy wax seal off, then unfolded it. It was from Draco.

Hermione~ I was just wondering if you could come over tonight, to the Slytherin common room. Everyone will be gone in about 10 minutes, so you can just Floo over. I hope you can come, send your answer back with my owl, Kohl. Love you, Draco.

((ok I know Kohl is a weird name for an owl, but he is pure black and isn’t black eyeliner always called kohl or something?????? I don’t know. Oh well, I think it’s cool!!!))

She grabbed a piece of parchment and a quill and scribbled an answer. The gist of it was Sure I’d love to come, love, Hermione. She tied it to Kohl’s leg and sent him off. She yanked a brush through her hair, literally, and put on a denim mini and olive green T- shirt underneath her robes. She then grabbed a handful of Floo powder and threw it into the fire. When it turned green, she yelled, “Slytherin Common Room!” and stepped through the fire.

Hermione came out into the Slytherin common room with almost no soot on her, fortunately. When she looked up, she saw not only Draco sitting on the loveseat, but Pansy sitting in an armchair across from him. Pansy saw Hermione, got up from her seat, and yawned.

“Well, I better be getting to bed,” she said quietly. She walked towards the steps to the girls’ dorms, then stopped and looked at Draco. “Go get ‘em, tiger,” she said. Draco smiled slyly as she walked up the stairs. Hermione plopped down on the loveseat next to Draco.

“What was that all about?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing. Just…well, Hermione, can I ask you a personal question?”

“Ask away.”

“Oh. Ok, then. Well, um, Hermione? Are you a virgin?”

Hermione was surprised at the question, but managed to spit out an answer. “Y- Yes, of course… um…why do you want to know?”

Draco looked almost happy at her answer. “You want to be accepted by us Slytherins, don’t you? I mean, you want to be one of us, don’t you?

“Yes, yes, of course I do.” Where is this going? Hermione thought.

“Well, you see, we really don’t think that virgins portray our image effectively. And since you are one, well, you’ve got a problem.”

((OK, I know this is really really really weird, but please bear with me, it’s going to be the best plot ever and you will love it!))

“What can I do to change it?” Hermione asked, then realized how stupid the question was. “Oh, stupid question, I mean, I know what I would have to do, but I mean, I don’t know if I’m ready for that, and, um, I’m just not sure, er…”

“Of course you’re ready, love,” Draco said softly, moving closer to her on the loveseat. He took her head in his hands, and pulled her lips to his. His tongue found its way to her mouth, caressing the roof of her mouth. When they pulled away from each other, she was gasping for breath.

“You’re right, Draco. I am ready,” she said hoarsely, with a sultry smile on her face. “I’m ready tonight, if that’s what you had planned. I don’t want to interfere, of course.” Draco smiled back at her, and as if in answer led her up to his dorm. This was a night that would change both their lives...

Once in the dorm, which was surprisingly empty, Draco kissed Hermione again with such passion that would take a weaker girl off her feet. But Hermione stayed her ground, and kissed back with equally as much passion. This time she explored his mouth with her tongue, running her fingers through his hair, rubbing her body against his. She pulled away and began to shed the clothing from her slender body. Draco did the same, revealing muscles Hermione hadn’t noticed before. He could feel his skin getting hot as they stood there, exploring then with just their eyes, feasting on each other’s physical appearance. Finally he couldn’t wait. He pulled her to him once more and brought her down on top of him on his bed. There’s a muscle I definitely hadn’t noticed before Hermione thought, wanting to giggle but realizing this wasn’t the time or the place. She smiled down at Draco, then brought her lips to his. They embraced each other, eagerly anticipating the pleasures that awaited them.


((Nope, I didn’t write the WHOLE THING cuz I just wanted it to stay PG-13. But maybe sometime I can write an R- rated fic that will make you all drool on your computers! I love writing romance things like that…))

Harry and Ron had come down to the common room after everyone else had gone to bed. They had expected to see Hermione there doing her homework, but she was nowhere to be found. Ron landed on the loveseat, sprawled out, staring at the ceiling, while Harry curled up in one of the cushy armchairs by the fire.

“I can’t believe she’s actually doing this,” Ron muttered.

“Who do you mean?” Harry asked nonchalantly.

“Who else would I mean?? Hermione! She’s going out with that scum bag Malfoy, doesn’t know what she’s doing…. I can’t believe her! I thought she was our friend!”

Harry thought about this for a moment. He had to admit it, he was attracted to her, and this Malfoy business made him want to just curl up somewhere and die. But somewhere deep inside himself his heart told him to be a man, be strong about it and defend Hermione. “Ron, I’m sure she has a perfectly good reason for going out with him. I mean, maybe he’s changed or something.”

Ron stared at Harry like he had tentacles growing out of his face. “Him? Change? Harry, have you gone mad? This is Malfoy we’re talking about here, not a normal person. He can’t change, I mean, he’s not human!”

It was Harry’s turn to stare. “Think about what you’re saying, Ron. He’s not human?? He’s just as human as we are! And you just admitted that Hermione was our friend, more or less. Doesn’t that mean that we should accept her judgment like she asked us to?”

Ron looked speechless. “Well, er, um, I guess-, yeah, I suppose so. You’re right, Harry. We should apologize at breakfast tomorrow. Right.”

“Right,” Harry replied. They fell silent. Soon, they were asleep.

A few hours later, Hermione came out of her dorm’s fireplace, making not a sound. Her roommate Lavender Brown stirred a little in her sleep, but then went right back to snoring. Hermione went into the bathroom, then came out a few minutes later with a clean face and her pajamas on. She slipped underneath her own covers and fell asleep quickly, a contented smile playing on her lips.

A/N: Hope ya liked it! As I said before, I know this is hard on my fellow H/Hr shippers, but I promise you that there will be a plot twist that you will enjoy very much! Once again, REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW!!!!!!!!!! I'm not putting the third chapter in until I have at LEAST 10 more reviews!!!

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