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Lily and James: Their Story of Love by Secret Lily
Chapter 8 : Lakeside Drama
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Chapter 8- Lakeside Drama

After being woken up by Sirius, Remus found it hard to go back to sleep. He figured that he’d get up, shower, and then go play some Quidditch with Padfoot. It was a beautiful day after all, promising weather conditions.

Remus jumped into a cold shower, as Sirius had used all the hot water again, and changed quickly into regular clothes, opposed to his usual school robes. He glanced out the window once again to see Sirius already on the pitch, but with someone else. Remus had to look twice to make sure he had seen properly.

Halle Douglas?!? Playing Quidditch? Sirius really did have an effect on people. Remus chuckled.

I bet ol’ Sirius taught her to play Quidditch right, he thought to himself.

Lupin walked down the familiar stone steps into a deserted Common Room. No one but Sirius would get up this early on a Saturday. James wasn’t likely to be up before noon and Wormtail looked like he had lost all consciousness. The prospects of him awaking were slim to none.

Remus decided that he may as well get his homework done then, so that way the rest of the weekend would be clear. He pulled out a nasty Potions essay and began working on it. When he had finished, he turned to see someone coming down the girls steps. A small blonde figure came into view, bundled by a pile of blankets. Remus chuckled, though it wasn’t noticeable he knew that it was Katy Jones. Remus felt his heart pace a little more rapidly. He had always liked Katy, but knew she wouldn’t really like his little werewolf problem. Many girls wouldn’t. They imagined boyfriends to be sweet and cuddly, but Remus turned into a rabid dog every full moon.

“Hey Remy, why are you up so early?” she asked him.

“Sirius,” Remus groaned. “That lunatic should learn that Saturdays are a chance to sleep in. But, he woke me up so I thought I’d get some homework in. What about you? Why are you up?” he asked.

“Well, I like to swim and seeing that the sun woke me up, I thought it would be a great day for a dip. The lake is really nice at this time of the year,” Katy answered, looking out the window, down at the lake.

“Won’t it be cold though?” Remus asked.

“I bet it will. But, I swim at home a lot, in all conditions. So, today should be no different. Care to join me?” she asked, heading up the girls stairs.

“Sure, I could use a good swim,” Remus said.

“Well, let me go change,” she said. She came back down the stairs in shorts and a t-shirt.

“Ready?” she asked. Remus nodded. They walked out the entrance to the castle and headed near the lake. Katy looked up at the sky to see her friend.

“Remy, am I hallucinating? Is that Halle and Sirius Black? Playing Quidditch?” Katy asked.

“No, I see it too," Remus said. They stared for a moment, seeing Halle struggling with the Quaffle. Katy saw the lake and smiled to herself. She ran to the water, kicking off her flip flops in the process. She stepped into the water and let the waves run over her feet. Remus laughed. Soon, she dived into the water and started swimming.

Remus turned to untie his sneakers when he heard something. Silence. His excellent hearing from his sharp, intact wolf instincts told him that there was total and complete silence. No splashing of the water, no giggling, no kicking, not even any breathing. He sharply turned and saw nothing. Then, a small bubble flew to the surface and a hand shot into the air. Remus dived into the water, his mind racing and his thoughts on saving Katy.

He opened his eyes under the water and saw the Giant Squid pulling Katy down with one of it’s tentacles. Remus panicked. Then, he remembered Sirius’s pocket knife. He had it on him. He pulled it from his pocket and swam towards the squid. Remus’ time was running out and Katy was panicking. She was lucky she swam frequently or else ordinarily, she would be dead. He dug the knife into the Squid’s tentacle and saw it let out a sound that shook the lake’s floor. The squid had dropped Katy in the surprise of pain.

Remus swam deeper to catch her fall. He grasped onto her arm and clung her to him. He felt her head tip back. Remus was almost out of air when he felt the cool air hit his face. It had begun raining but Remus was too worried to notice.

He brought Katy to shore and placed her onto the ground. He performed CPR, just as his parents had taught him. They were Healers and required Remus to know simple mechanisms such as CPR and the Heimlich maneuver. Muggle methods, yet just as effective.

Suddenly, a spurt of water spilled out of her mouth and she began coughing. Her heart began beating against her chest again. Remus let out a sign of relief. She was alive.

“Remy, you saved me,” Katy said, looking into Remus’ eyes. She smiled at him and pressed her lips against his in gratitude. He began kissing back but suddenly stopped.

He was a werewolf. Kissing only led to more complicated questions as to where Remus went once a month. He wasn’t ready for that.

Remus pulled back and began running off. He ran towards the castle, the rain pelting down on him. He noticed something. The sound of footsteps splashing in the mud. He looked beside him and saw Halle Douglas running, looking back on Sirius.

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Lily and James: Their Story of Love: Lakeside Drama


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