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Everything's Perfect From Far Away by Missykitty11791
Chapter 27 : I'm Giving You a Peice of Me
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Everything's Perfect From Far Away....


Draco's Point of View.

Hermione was in my bed. Celina was taken away, and I stood here looking at Hermione as if I haven't even seen her. She looked so terrible it was beautiful, and all my second thoughts about her just drifted down the drain. I never thought I could hate her so much for something she didn't do.

She stirred. I concerned, closed in on her.

"Hermione? Can you hear me?" I whispered slowly in her ear.

She was silent for a minute, then slowly moved her lips, "Yes Draco, I'm fine. Just a bit started. " When she opened her eyes it seemed as brown beauty just soared right through me.

"Did they hurt you?" I asked referring to Mr. Moody and Abram who had tried to take her minutes before.

"Not that I remember, sweetheart." She whispered moving into a smile.


"Do you know who I am?" I almost shouted, my stomach rising in disbelief.

"Of course, I remember you, your my boyfriend."

"Oh my goodness!" I shouted, moving to my chair, I needed to sit down.

"DIdn't Harry tell you?" She continued starting to sit up.

"Sit back down, Hermione. I don't want you to lose you strength or anything." I assured, smiling like crazy, but frowned, "Harry didn't tell me."

"Well I got my memory back yesterday. Snape made a potion." She informed getting comfortable in my bed.

"I'm just so glad your okay. I missed you like who knows how long." I said starting to tear up.

"I'm fine Draco, I'm back." Hermione said, standing up and walking towards me. She sat on my lap.

We both stared into each others eyes and smiled. This was love that nothing could break.

Hermione neared for a kiss. Then I accepted. It was a beautiful romantic kiss that lasted for minutes. I moved mine across her face and neck, holding her, never to let her go.

"Draco, do you want me?" She asked.

I stopped kissing her. "What do you mean?"

"Do you want me, do you want to make love to me? I know I'm ready this time." She whispered, kissing my nose.

"I would be more than happy to." I said feeling so, accomplished about everything. She was my love, and I was about to give myself to her.

Then we moved to my grand bed, and shifted under the covers. We kissed madly. I traced down her navel back up to her face. Roughly, we played. We enjoyed the moment, I could tell in her eyes. We both moaned with happiness, while our choice of classical music played. I played with her breasts, and we engrossed with each other. The time flew by and we kept going. I think we both met our satisfactory.

We both just stared at the ceiling under my covers in nothing but our skin. Hermione laying on my shoulder, I slowly kissed her forehead. I had officially given her a piece of myself, and I will never forget this moment. Never. Ever. Never. Until she spoke.

"Draco, this I think. Is the grand fanaly. I'm sorry, but I think we just had to much of each other." She stood up and I had awe in my face as she put her clothes back on. "I just think, that we should cherish this moment and never speak again."

"Like break up?" I asked starting to get confused as I stood also putting my black boxers on.

"No, just cherish the moment, and never speak again. Please make the deal, Draco." She pleaded.

"But why?"

"Because Dumbledore said I still have to marry that goober. He says he sees it in my future. I thought I should just give you the honors before we had to break up for good."

"So you had sex with me to keep my standing in?" I said emotionless.

"I still love you." She said pulling up her bra.

"Then why?"

"Because I don't want you to get hurt."

"Then JUST LEAVE!" I shouted crying out my face, "I'm ALREADY HURT, YOU CAN'T CHANGE THAT!" I yelled tears streaming out my face.

"But Drac-"


And with that, I through my books at the wall in frustration. Hermione put the rest of her clothes on and headed to my door.

"I hope you understand one day." She whispered crying.

I was already on the floor with my head in my knees. Tears flew out my eyes like thunderbolts. I could feel my chest rising and I screamed. It was over.

The rest of the year was just blah to me. Celina was arrested and expelled because of her flashing the crowd and drugs were found in her system. Hardcore Drugs. I switched all my classes so I wouldn't see Hermione anymore. That was part of the deal. I thought about her every night while I cried myself to sleep. Crabbe and Goyle got mad and started sleeping on the common room couches. Harry and Ron were back to helping Hermione with her make up work, and with that the school year ended. My 6th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was over. I had taken my finals, and made straight marks. Along with my 5 O.W.L.S, I was intended to be head boy next year. Hermione was doing poorly in all her subjects, so she was on the line of being Head Girl.

I certainly grew in a depression of loosing my new best friend and my girlfriend. I was a loner now. Like I have always been in the Malfoy Manor. Now I'm back home for summer holidays. I've been in my room for a month straight. I think my parents are worried. I don't care. Celina writes.

The End.

Stay tuned for my sequel: Requiem For a Dream.

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