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Young Love by Sopran One
Chapter 1 : Young Love
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The summer Ron came back from his fifth year at Hogwarts was extremely awkward. Without a word, he locked himself into his room. He only came out for meals and baths, and even so, he seldom said a word. When he came out, he made sure he was in long sleeved shirts. I knew he was insecure about the burns the brains had left on his arms.

Another effect of the brains was nightmares. A month before the end of the term, I received a letter from Madam Pomfrey regarding Ron. He was going to have bad dreams- very bad dreams- and most likely end up losing sleep due to them.

Right after receiving the letter, I had alerted everyone living in the house- Arthur, Fred, George, Ginny, even Remus and Sirius, just in case we were to stay at 13 Grimmauld Place for the last weeks of the summer.

I had fully expected Fred and George to mock and tease him, and just in case I did forewarn them, but the results were quite on the contrary. They were the ones who first got into his room and soothed his nightmares. And during the day, they spoke nothing of it. It was almost as if they knew how he was feeling. The twins never cease to amaze me.

Each night, when I go to sleep, I prepare myself for light sleep, so I would easily wake when Ron would start screaming. Only a couple of times I was really needed for calming him, but it made sense to wake up with his comforters and see what they did.

Once, when Fred and George were away on ‘business’, as they said, Ron started having nightmares. Once I heard him start screaming, I jumped out of bed and practically ran to his room. He was shouting words, almost pleas. “Please, please not her!” was one I often heard. I could only hope who ‘she’ was. He was thrashing about, and the bed sheets were tangled around him.

His eyes were pressed shut, it almost looked painful. There were beads of sweat on his forehead, even though it was cool for a summer night. My heart ached as I smoothed out his hair and talked to him in soothing calming thoughts while wiping his forehead.

There was one thing Ron requested from me, though. He asked whether it was okay or not if Hermione came to stay early. Which of course I agreed to. Hermione is a lovely girl, and not rarely I wish she was my own.

Two days later, Hermione’s parents dropped her off at the Burrow. It was then Ron stopped having his nightmares.

For a while, I thought it was merely her presence which helped him with his dreams. But I soon learned it was more than that.

“Please, not her, please!”

Automatically I jumped out of bed, more out of surprise than anything else. I hadn’t anticipated him starting having bad dreams again, and I sprinted towards his room, just to stop when I realized someone was already there with him.

Hermione sat on the edge of his bed, her lips moving quietly, talking to him. Her hand was on his hair and forehead, smoothing out the wrinkles on his head. Not long after, he let out a contented sigh and fell into a more peaceful sleep.

I jumped back, fully expecting Hermione to come out. But when she didn’t, I peered back into the room, to see her biting her lip, hesitating.

Slowly, carefully, she leaned forwards towards Ron, and placed a kiss on his lips. I could only imagine how it would feel for her, my own first kiss with Arthur still fresh in my mind.

But then, Ron’s eyes flickered open, and I saw panic flush all over Hermione’s face. The room was dark, but I could see Ron struggling to hold Hermione’s gaze.

“I’m…I’m sorry...” she whispered.

Hermione may be the brightest witch of her age, but she knew absolutely nothing about kissing boys.

Ron searched her eyes before answering. “Why?” I never knew him to be so…so very delicate. It was obvious he and Hermione loved each other, but they just seemed oblivious to each other’s feelings. I crossed my fingers behind my back and hoped they would admit it tonight.


I had never seen Hermione stutter, and I felt a gush of pride that the one person who could make her stutter was my son.

“Didn’t you want to kiss me?”

Through the darkness I saw color flush into Hermione’s cheeks.

“It’s not like that! It’s…oh!”

“What is it?”

“I don't know!”

Ron softened his gaze. “You don't know why you kissed me?” There was a hint of sadness in his voice.

Merlin, Hermione was being a fool.

“I know…”

“Why, then?”

“Ron,” Hermione whined, pleadingly. “Please.”

“Why did you kiss me, ‘Mione?”

Hermione wasn’t an easy name to give a nickname to, but Ron’s tongue didn’t sound one bit foreign giving it such an adorable nickname. Though somehow I was under the impression that nickname was reserved for him only.

“Ron…oh, Merlin, Ron!” she cried before lowering her voice to a whisper. “I…I…”

Out with it already!

“I love you, Ron.”

Ron made no reaction for a moment, before he leaned up on his elbows and kissed Hermione. She looked surprised for a second, but she quickly got filled in.

A surge of…I don't know, some feeling, ran through my veins. My baby boy taken away at such an early age? He’s 16! He’s not ready for love!

Hermione would surely take him away from me, and I didn’t want that from happening. I didn’t want either of them to get hurt, either. They would make Harry very awkward, and their positions were vital, they were what pushed him through his life, being his best friends. And if they ever fought, things would never be the same with them. No, for now they were better off as friends.

I was just about to step in, but I felt a hand touch my elbow and I almost cried out in surprise.

“Trust them,” Arthur’s voice was quiet, mixing with the silence.

It was amazing that he could always tell what I am thinking.

“No, Arthur, they’re too young! They’re bound to mess it up somehow! How’s Harry going to feel?”

“Is Harry your real reason?”

I hung my head in shame, and the word ‘No’ barely escaped my mouth.

“They’re in love, Molly. They’re not going to mess this up.”

His voice was commanding. I believed him.

“Let’s go back to bed. Ron’s in good hands now,” he said, chuckling.

I took one last look at Ron and Hermione, and I instantly knew that they were perfect for each other. With a tiny sigh, I turned away and took Arthur’s hand and he led me back to our room.

“They’re in love, Molly. They’re not going to mess this up. Ron’s in good hands now.”

A/N: My first fic! Do me a great favor and review!
Thanks loads to Andrea, the best Beta ever... Thanks for helping me when you could've been cleaning your room! (or mine...)

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Young Love: Young Love


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