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Time Flows By by Healer_25
Chapter 9 : A time for fun, relaxation, and games
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"Oh come on Leo, you should come and hang out with us. The fairies are gone for the night, some holiday or ritual, who knows, so come on, lets play for once, the younger years are going to be sleeping so it will only be, the 8 of us, I even got Draco to promise to come. Don't you dare tell me that you guys aren't really close, I swear if I hear that one more time, I'm going to bring him up hear to drag you down!" Hermione huffed since Leo didn't respond, but pulled her blanket over her head. She hadn't been out of the room all weekend and Hermione was tired of it, she wanted Leo to have fun. Ever since that night in the training room Leo had been really off, she didn't even seem to care about the wand anymore. Hermione had even gone so far as to study and figure out if there had ever been a yin yang dragon before, and there had. Apparently the last time there was a huge war of good vs. evil there had been the appearance of a mysterious dragon, it hadn't fought on either side, but kept the balance, everytime evil tried to cheat good found out, and everytime good tried to escape evil stopped them. They were apparently the balance of the war. The only people who could keep everything in check. There was next to no information on them, other then that no one knew who the people were that formed the dragon, and it was theorized that it had to be someone form either side of the fight. Hermione went downstairs and found Draco sitting waiting for Leo to come down.

"I can't get her to come down at all, I'm sorry Draco." Hermione felt genuinely sorry. She knew how much Draco missed Leo, they had experienced something few had ever done, they found out that they were a split soul, rather then soul mates, they were the same.

"I'm going up there to get her, you understand right Hermione?" Draco looked up at Hermione from the couch he needed to see Leo, she hadn't been anywhere all day. Hermione nodded and said something about going and getting some people for a small party a get to know you thing. Draco started towards the stair case to the tower, he looked up and he knew that she knew he was coming, no more hiding. Draco began to walk up the stairs, he looked up towards the door she was hiding behind, the top of the stairs he came to their door. He slowly opened it, and instead of how Hermione saw Leo he saw her curled up on the window sill looking out the window. Her hair hanging loosely behind her, glowing in the light. Even after all those enchantments and dyes had worn off she was still very beautiful. He saw that she had been crying, she was still a bit upset.

"Draco, " Leo turned and looked at him, he was standing there, just as upset as she was, the shared emotions were so strong when they were close. "I'm tired of pretending we don't know what happened, I'm tired of pretending your not my soul, can't we just be family?"

Draco lowered his head in thought, he'd already felt this way, and he'd sent a letter to his family, telling them that they were no longer his family, that he'd found a new family. His father, Lucius, had written back saying he would come to Hogwarts to discuss this little fantasy that Draco was having.

"I want to be your brother too, Leo, come downstairs and have fun with the rest of us, I know you need it, I know that your soul is aching but we can't stay as dragons every day, as it is, we can barely get away once a week to join." Draco crossed the room to where Leo was sitting, she was wearing a beautiful purple robe, it made her look regal, he thought it was very interesting, the way it hung, the colour, he thought back to when they'd found it and she was so excited, and then depressed because she had lost her purse, so she couldn't afford it. Draco footed the bill, he gave it to her as a gift, and she almost squealed with excitement.

"Alright Draco, I'll go down with you and play with the others, but you have to sit beside me, okay?" Draco nodded his head and took Leo's hand, he helped her down from the ledge and over to the stairs, she was so tired from all the training she had been doing, but now she was a bit better, she didn't have the heart to tell him yet that she'd been training while she slept. Maybe later, always later.

~ Later that night at the Party ~

"Okay, we have to decide what to play, and I think I've figured out the perfect game! Truth, or I never!" Hermione was so excited she had thought up a game that involved chocolate drinks. Derrick apparently could change any container to constantly fill with something. He'd bewitched 8 glasses to constantly refill with chocolate drink, it was really intoxicating and slightly alcoholic. No one minded at all.

"I want to go first Hermione, " Lilly said, she had no idea what the games were but she wanted to take a sip of her drink, but she'd wait.

"Well I'll explain the games, Truth obviously is that you ask someone a question and they have to tell the truth while holding a sneak a scope, and if they don't then they have to take a swig, and I never is that the person asks the group a question like I never drink Butterbeer, and if someone's never drank it then they would have to take a swig!"

"So I'd take a swig cause I never drank Butterbeer?" Derrick joked that he hadn't but everyone knew that was his favourite drink to make.

The students kept playing late into the night until only a few were left, the younger students went to bed and only Derrick, Draco, Leo and Hermione were left playing.

"Okay Derrick its your turn to ask some questions." Hermione pointed lazily to Derrick, she was quite smashed by now, and they'd actually had a lot of fun doing things.

"Uh okay, hmm, What's everyone's worst fear... Mine is to never fall in love." Draco raised an eyebrow to Derrick as it was a bit funny. He decided he'd go next but Hermione cut in.

"I'm afraid of failing isn't that obvious! Heh!" Hermione started to laugh really hard and she ended up falling of the couch, and stopped rolling just before the fire, Leo who hadn't drank anything at all pulled her away from the fire.

"I'm afraid of meeting my father tomorrow, I think he's going to be quite, what is the word, evil." Draco looked over at Leo, he knew she wasn't going to say anything, He watched as Derrick began to tip almost ready to slid off the couch. he quickly reacted and stopped him from falling. He looked at Leo who had already picked up Hermione, she'd turned and headed towards he tower, carrying Hermione up, He looked down at Derrick, lazy lout. Sighed and picked him up carrying him all the way up to his room. He leaned out of his window and saw that she was sitting with her feet on the outside edge, obviously thinking of something. He watched as she slipped off the edge.

"Leo!!" Draco yelled at her. He raced to the gardens outside hoping to catch her or something. When he reached the bottom of the tower he saw her talking to a hooded figure, she was nodding. Apparently they had passed something, he could feel Leo being happy, she'd done something amazing. The figure evaporated in a mist and Leo saw Draco watching her, she walked over towards him.

"Draco, we have a lot to talk about, but in the morning, It's time to learn balance."

"Leo tell me one thing at least, " Draco saw her just waiting, "Were there other balance dragons?" Draco sincerely hoped there were but he didn't know what to do.

"No, I'm sorry, our soul's been split many different times, we've either been together, or split, and everytime we split the danger is greater, this might be our last period of life, I'm sorry." Leo looked over her shoulder at Draco his head was bent down in the moonlight, he understood what would happen, at least she hoped he would. There was so much riding on their shoulders.

~ The Wand ~

"No more waiting, they're coming now, she's coming, we'll be one, yes... they're coming."

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