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Time Flows By by Healer_25
Chapter 8 : Into the Fire
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We are one, you and I, our minds linking, knowing, energy flowing.

Leo reached out in the mindscape, hoping to connect with something. She had been free for a moment, and now her world was upside down. Looking around she saw a blond crouched on the ground, he was kneeling over looking at something in the grass.

"Are you going to play?" The young boy had asked Leo, he was so interested in what he was looking at, he didn't even bother looking up. Leo walked over to where the young boy was crouching, he was looking at a small bug crawling on a leaf.

"So what is your name?" Leo asked the boy, hoping that he would at least look up.

"Draco, I don't really like the name at all." He looked up at Leo and she was almost shocked that someone would hit such a young boy. His eye was swollen and puffy, the bruising was already showing. Leo knelt beside Draco, hoping he would open up a bit. The closer she got the more she could hear a small chant, "I will not be a snivelling idiot, I will be mean and bad like Daddy."

"Why are you chanting Draco?"

"He can't help it yet." Leo jumped up and turned around to see the Draco she knew, she was a bit startled and her heart started racing.

"Draco! Where are we?" Leo rushed over to Draco who was standing with his hands in his pockets, he was looking over a cliff edge at the sea, his blond hair blowing in the wind, he wasn't wearing his school robes anymore but the clothing they wore for training. Training! Thats what they had been doing.

"We are sharing a single mind right now, you might not be aware of it but we've changed to form a yin yang dragon, ironic isn't it? We can only truly be this if we're being opposites, I know your feelings, I've met your child self, the little girl who hated where she was. It's interesting I was so self interested and you were ignoring yourself from the start. Now we've reversed once more." Draco turned to look at Leo, she was so beautiful, it was heartbreaking to watch her realize what it meant about them, they were lonely creatures.

"Draco, does this mean we'll never be together? We're the same being, so we can't meet, but we're broken so we can't meet others?" Leo felt like crying, Draco was holding her in his arms, and she didn't even feel the slightest feeling of emotion, her heart was breaking at the same time it found its other half.

"Leo, as much as I love you, I can never be with you, we're the same you and I, not meant for anyone, just a tool for the war." Draco placed his head on Leo's feeling her sorrow sharing it, they were the closest that anyone could ever be, but they would never be happy, only pretend to be.

"Lets go back, to the fairies, I think they're quite frightened right now." Draco nodded and they separated, they went towards the cliff edge, looking down into it and seeing themselves. They eyes of the dragon were water, the soul was fire. They looked at themselves in the mirror, Their body filling the room, their wings were iridescent blue, their body was white. On their forehead there was a symbol of white mixing with black. They were beautiful and horrible at the same time. Leo and Draco watched as Hermione walked down the stairs with Derrick to train, their eyes opening wide in shock at the sight of a giant dragon filling the entire hall. Leo looked at Draco and they knew to jump into the water, Draco nodded for Leo to go first, she jumped and then realized Draco meant to walk into the fire that burned in their souls, she was washing away her hatred and he was cleansing his soul, burning away the pain. Falling further feeling the separation.

Leo and Draco hit the training ground hard, their limp bodies laying on the floor, no one spoke, no one knew what to say. Hermione lifted her wand and bound the two of them to stretchers, she and Derrick began the task of bringing the two over to the Hospital. Their fairies following behind the group, steadying the procession.

"What happened to these two?" Madame Pomfrey asked Hermione, she just shook her head. Dumbledore had seen them and decided to follow. He had been watching in the looking glass and had seen their transformation, the energy that had blasted through the school had notes flooding into his office, potions bursting, transformations sporadically happening. There were to many things to think of that had happened.

"It's alright Madame Pomfrey, they're just exhausted, go back to the more serious cases please." Madame Pomfrey glared at Albus for a moment and then turned on her heel towards a student who had melded to his desk, in quite an uncomfortable state, sleeping with his head against it. Hermione looked up at Professor Dumbledore ready to ask her thousands of questions.

"Hush Hermione, I know you have a thousand questions, but they need rest, I always knew Draco was a dragon inside, but now we know for sure, it was quite beautiful though weren't they? I'm sure they'll be fine with some rest. please head back to your dormitory, and I would appreciate it if not too many people found out about their transformation, I'm sure they can talk about it when they wake up." Professor Dumbledore put his hands on the two students shoulders and quietly lead them out into the hallway. He bid them good bye and gave Hermione a little wink, then turned and walked back towards his room. Hermione and Derrick didn't know what to say, they looked at each other for a moment and then decided to head back to the great hall, maybe eat some dinner, it had taken so long for them to get Leo and Draco to the hospital that it was time for Dinner, and they hadn't even trained.

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Time Flows By: Into the Fire


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