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For Love And Money by pretty in pink
Chapter 11 : Someone Slips
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(A/N - sorry this has taken so long, but it was rejected so I had to resubmit it. I think it was because there was a bit of swearing so I had to change it. Anyway, thanks to my reviewers, there are far too many of you to name, but you all know who you are)

DISCLAIMER - I own nothing except the plots which my evil little mind cooks up!

‘Well, why are you acting like this then?’

‘Like what?’

‘Like you actually care about me!’

‘Because I do!’

His answer took her by surprise, but not as much as what he did next. Both of them still fuming, he grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up. Oh no! she thought, He’s going to throw me across the room! No, wait, he’s going to- Her train of thought was cut off as he put his hand behind her neck, pulled her head towards his own, and kissed her.


She froze with shock as he kissed her, roughly yet gently. One arm remained around her waist, holding her up against his own body, the other was stroking her hair. Without realising what she was doing, Hermione had wrapped her legs around his waist and was kissing him back. He carried her over to the couch and laid her down, never breaking contact with her lips. She let out a moan as he slid his tongue into her mouth. Wait, what am I doing? It’s Malfoy! ‘No –‘ she gasped, trying to push him off of her.

‘You don’t mean that.’ he whispered into her ear.

‘I can’t do this!’ she cried, managing to pull herself out from under him so she was sitting up in front of him.

‘I know you’re enjoying it.’ he grinned.

‘I am.’ she admitted, ‘And that’s what scares me.’

‘Don’t be,’ he said, pulling her towards him and nibbling at her neck, ‘I’m not going to hurt you Mione.’

‘Aren’t you?’ she moaned at his touch, ‘How can I be sure?’

Malfoy stopped and looked her straight in the eye, ‘Just trust me.’

She stared back at him silently for a moment, before saying softly, ‘I can’t.’

Any softness she had seen in his eyes disappeared, replaced with a chilling, sharp glare. ‘Fine!’ he snarled, standing up, ‘I don’t know what I ever saw in a filthy, mangy mudblood in the first place!’

As he thumped up the stairs and slammed his bedroom door, Hermione left the dorm, heading for the one person she could talk to.


‘Hey Mione!’ Ron greeted her as she walked into the Gryffindor common room.

‘Hey Ron, Ginny here?’ she asked, looking around.

‘Upstairs, I think.’

She was heading towards the stairs when she heard a voice behind her, ‘Hi Hermione!’

‘Seamus! Oh, uh, hi!’ she stuttered. Oh my god, I completely forgot about Seamus! Damn it!

He shuffled slightly on the spot, ‘So… the Ball’s only a couple of weeks away…’

‘Yeah, can’t wait!’ she tried to sound enthusiastic.

‘Me neither.’

‘I’m glad to hear it. Well, I’ve got to talk to Ginny about something, but I’ll speak to you soon, okay?’ she edged towards the stairs.

‘Yeah, okay.’ He smiled and returned to his chair by the fireplace.

I don’t know why I feel guilty. It’s not like me and Seamus are a couple or anything, we’re only going to the Ball together, she thought to herself as she knocked on the door of Ginny’s room.

‘Come in!’

‘Hey Gin.’ She greeted her friend as she strolled into the room. To her relief, Ginny was alone, doing homework at her desk.

‘What’s up?’

‘I, uh, need to talk to someone about something.’ Hermione started slowly.

‘Uh huh.’ Ginny replied, not looking up from her desk.

‘It’s Draco.’

‘And what has our favourite little ferret done now?’ Ginny smirked, although she still didn’t look up.

‘He kissed me.’

Ginny’s quill dropped to the ground as she whirled around in her chair to face Hermione. ‘He what?’

‘He kissed me.’

‘When? Where? Why?’ The look on Ginny’s face would’ve been funny if the topic hadn’t been so serious.

‘Just now. Common room. Don’t know.’ Hermione replied, shrugging.

Ginny swept all of her work into a big pile on the desk, before making herself comfortable for the long discussion she knew was about to take place. ‘What do you mean you don’t know why? Exactly what happened before he kissed you.’

‘We were arguing because I found out that he didn’t tell anyone he had sex with me, and then he grabbed me and kissed me.’

‘Wait – he didn’t tell anyone? I thought the whole reason he did it was to tell everyone so he could win a bet?’ Ginny asked, puzzled.

‘It was.’

‘So why hasn’t he told?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘So did you kiss him back? What happened afterwards?’ Ginny was intrigued.

Hermione sighed, ‘Well, I did kinda kiss him back, but then I broke it off. I told him I thought he would hurt me, and he said he wouldn’t, I just had to trust him, but I couldn’t. Then he got really mad, and said I was a filthy mudblood and he didn’t know why he ever liked me and went to his room.’ A tear slid down her cheek as she spoke.

Ginny noticed this. ‘Sounds like everything’s back to normal to me. So why does that upset you?’

‘I don’t know!’ Hermione flopped down onto her back on Ginny’s bed.

‘Do you think he fancies you?’

‘I thought he did. Now I’m not so sure.’

‘Well do you fancy him?’

Hermione pulled the red blanket over her head, and Ginny heard a muffled, ‘Maybe.’

Ginny groaned, ‘I wish I could say I didn’t see this coming, but…’

Hermione’s head appeared from under the blanket, ‘What am I going to do?’

‘Well, first you need to work out exactly how you both feel. I mean, does he like you or doesn’t he?’

‘Dunno. What do you think?’ Hermione pleaded of her best friend.

Ginny thought a moment before replying, ‘Well, when you had sex, he couldn’t go through with the whole thing, right?’


‘So that sounds as though he has a conscience. Then he gave you the money anyway, lied to cover for you, and didn’t tell anyone what happened, even though that meant he lost the bet?’

‘Uh huh.’

‘And to top it all off, he kissed you.’


Ginny plopped herself down on the bed beside Hemione, ‘Mione, I think he likes you.’

‘So why is he so mean to me?’

‘He’s a man. They’re hopeless.’ Ginny said simply, ‘But the bigger question is, do you like him?’

Hermione looked down at the ground, thinking a while before saying softly, ‘Sometimes. I mean, when we’re alone and he’s being nice he’s so sweet, but then at other times he’s such a git!’

‘He’s maybe just angry and frustrated because he likes you and doesn’t think you like him back. I hate to say it, but you’re going to have to talk to him and sort this out.’

‘I know,’ Hermione stood up, preparing to leave, ‘And Ginny?’


‘Thanks for being so understanding.’

‘You can’t help who you fancy, Mione. I just hope you don’t get hurt.’

‘Bye.’ Hermione left the Gryffindor dorms and headed back to her own room.


A fortnight later and despite Ginny’s demands, Hermione still hadn’t spoken to Malfoy. In fact, she had been avoiding him as much as she could. So when Malfoy wasn’t in Potions that morning, she was nothing more than relieved. She was actually beginning to relax a bit, even in Snape’s presence, when the Potions master received an owl asking for Hermione to be sent to see McGonagall regarding the upcoming Ball. Gathering her belongings, she headed out into the dungeon corridor, only to see something she had definitely not expected about twenty yards from the classroom door. Malfoy was there, and so were Fred and George; they had him pinned against the wall, and were glaring menacingly at him.

‘We told you we’d be back, Drakie.’ snarled George.

‘Yeah, and this time you won’t be so lucky.’ added Fred.

‘Fred! George! For goodness sake, stop it!’ The twins glanced around to see her, but quickly turned their attention back to Malfoy.

‘Sorry, Mione, but it has to be done.’ Fred stated.

‘I thought she explained what happened?’ Malfoy asked, trying to keep his cool, but the terror in his eyes said it all.

Fred nodded, ‘That just means we’re not going to kill you, now we’re only going to hurt you.’

‘Bad.’ George laughed as Malfoy shuddered.

‘You wouldn’t dare!’ Malfoy feigned confidence, raising his voice.

‘Want to bet?’ Fred replied, his voice also getting louder, ‘Or would the irony of that be lost on you?’

‘Have you forgotten who I am?’ Malfoy was shouting now, ‘If you do anything to me my father will destroy you!’

Hermione heard a shuffle behind her, and turned to see that a few students had snuck out of the classroom to see what all the commotion was.

‘Uh, guys-‘ she tried to warn them, but George shushed her.

More and more students were pouring into the corridor now, but the twins remained oblivious. ‘Doesn’t matter what your precious daddy does to us. It’ll be too late to save you by then!’ Fred explained to the tall Slytherin.

‘But –‘ Malfoy started, suddenly noticing the large group of seventh years gawping at them.

‘But nothing, Malfoy,’ Fred shouted, ‘It doesn’t matter what the reasons were! The fact is you knew how badly she needed the money, so you paid Hermione to have sex with you!’

‘NO!’ Hermione and Malfoy screamed at the same time. The collective gasp which rebounded off the cold dungeon walls alerted the older boys to the class’s presence.

‘What is going on here?’ bellowed Snape, who had just joined the group. (A/N – he’d been in the cupboard getting supplies when everyone else had left the room)

‘Hermione, I’m –‘ Fred started, but Hermione burst into tears and ran past them, straight up to her room.

(A/N - well? please R/R and let me know what you think should happen)

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