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The Last Battle by gaelicdragon
Chapter 1 : The Last Battle
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The Last Battle

Harry, Ron, and Hermione were in their seventh year at Hogwarts. Over the past year, Harry had gotten really good at magic (almost as good as Hermione) and Ron and Hermione had gotten together.

It was the end of the year and the seventh years had their N.E.W.T.s to take. Harry was obviously taking one in defense against the dark arts. He was also taking one in charms, transfiguration, care of magical creatures, and, amazingly, potions.

He and Hermione were taking their last exam (potions) while Ron waited outside. When they finished they left the hall to go sit by the lake with Ron. Neville showed up beside them as they walked down to the lake.When they sat down by the lake Harry’s scar burned so badly that he grabbed his head.

“What’s up Harry?” asked Ron.


Harry didn’t think much about his scar until that night when while he, Ron, Hermione, and Neville were standing around in the entrance hall it burned again. This time he new why. He had just seen Snape clutch his arm where the dark mark was.

“Voldemort’s calling the Death Eaters.” he said.
Ron had flinched at the name, but Harry didn’t notice.

“Snape’s leaving.” he whispered to the others.

“We have to follow him!” Ron shouted.

“Keep your voice down Ron!” Hermione whispered exasperatedly.

“Let’s go.” this time it was Neville who was sounding annoyed.

The four tore off after Snape. When they finally got off school grounds Snape had stopped and was staring at them. Then suddenly the five of them were transported to a deserted moor in Scotland.

“Ah,” said a high cold voice “I see that you have finally chosen to join us Severus. And you Potter, first I will have you watch your friends die then, I will kill you.”

“You’ll have to fight us to kill Harry!” Ron and Hermione shouted together.

“No!” Harry shouted back. “In fact, you two are the only ones I’ll never let help me!”

“But we want to help you!” Ron yelled back as he and Hermione started to run forward.
At that moment Harry wiped around and stunned them.

Harry muttered under his breath “Sorry, but I’m not going to let him hurt you.”

When he had levitated them to safety he turned around and saw a huge number of Death Eaters. Harry set his jaw and walked up to Voldemort.

“Very noble of you not letting your friends help you. Noble but very foolish.”

Then Voldemort started to duel. He flung curse after curse at Harry. Harry dodged most of them, but was having a hard time dodging Voldemort’s and the Death Eater’s curses and sending back curses of his own. Suddenly, Harry was hit in the back with the Cruciatis Curse from Voldemort. As he yelled in pain someone tore past him. It was Snape! He started to take out Death Eaters. Voldemort was so surprised that he lifted the Cruciatis Curse off Harry. Harry got up panting and stood next to Snape.

“You know,” said Harry “I never thought that I’d be glad to see you.”

Snape looked at Harry oddly then “What were thinking following me Potter?”

“What were you doing sneaking off when you felt the dark mark burned?”

“For your information Potter, since you seem to need to know everything, I was on a mission for the Order.”

“Really? I thought you were planning on rejoining your friend here.”

Just then a Death Eater sneaks up behind them and starts to say a curse, but before he can finish it there is a cry of “Petrificus totalus!” and the Death Eater fell to the ground in the full body bind.

“Neville get back!”

“No Harry! He ordered them to torture my parents now I’m going to get some revenge!”

Snape meanwhile is starting to curse some of the Death Eaters. Then Neville started to curse the Death Eaters. Snape was actually managing to control himself where as Neville let out a long high pitched “war cry” and went nuts. Snape looked at him and then continued fighting the Death Eaters. Harry then started to duel exclusively with Voldemort. They were throwing curses back and forth at each other. Meanwhile, Neville had found Bellatrix Lastrange and had managed to get her mask off when he saw who it was he quietly said “You messed up my parents, now I’m going to mess you up!” A look of complete and total terror came over her face and she turned and started to run as fast as she could while Neville shot the Cruciatis Curse at her. She got hit by him and writhed in pain.

Harry was getting desperate when suddenly two beings that looked like wizards except for the ears appeared out of the shadows and immediately began to help fight the Death Eaters. The Death Eaters threw curses at them, but the beings quickly moved quarter staves to block the spells which then ricochet off in different directions. It was a total melee. Death Eaters were being hit by more curses from their fellows than from Neville, Snape, Harry, and those other beings.

Most of the Death Eaters had been taken out, but Harry and Voldemort were still fighting. ‘I can’t beat Voldemort.’ Harry thought.Then Harry could feel something other than normal magic coursing through his veins.

Then a voice broke into Harry’s thoughts. “You can defeat him Harry. You have to beat him Harry. It is what you were always destined to do.” Harry knew that voice. It was the voice of his godfather Sirius Black. But how? Sirius had died in Harry’s fifth year at Hogwarts.

Harry couldn’t dwell on it any longer Voldemort was still attacking. When Harry sent his next curse at Voldemort however, instead of doing what it was supposed to a small bubble appeared just below Harry’s wand. It didn’t look like a normal bubble though. It was the color of fire, no wait, it was fire. How could it be? The bubble was expanding. Soon both Harry and Voldemort were about to be engulfed by it. Then they were. Harry had expected it to hurt had expected to die of burns, but nothing happened to him except he felt like he was in a high wind, but when he looked at Voldemort Harry could tell that something was happening. Voldemort was being incinerated! The bubble continued to expand until it had engulfed Ron, Hermione, Snape, and the other beings. Once the bubble had shrunk to almost nothing and burst Harry ran to the fallen body of Voldemort.

Harry could see Voldemort’s eyes clouding over in death. “Please, Harry, help me. Don’t become a murderer.”

Harry stood up “You deserve to die! You’ve killed hundreds of innocent people!”

Something ran past Harry. It was Wormtail! Wormtail drew out a knife, but Harry caught his arm “No, let him suffer, besides that won’t kill him”

Harry went back to hid friends and awoke Ron and Hermione. When they asked what had happened Harry said “Voldemort is dead.” Then they were all transported back to just outside Hogwarts (even the other beings). They slowly made their way back up to Hogwarts as Neville, Harry, and Snape were all very sore and hurt.

When they reached the entrance hall they found Dumbledore and the rest of the teaching staff there. Harry could tell that they wanted to know what had happened. “Voldemort is dead.”

The teachers all cheered. Dumbledore said “Well done Harry. Now I would like to see you in my office. The rest of you if you are unhurt then I suggest that you go celebrate with your houses.”

When they reached Dumbledore’s office they both sat down. “Now Harry, is there anything that you wish to ask me?”

“Yes, what are those things with the pointy ears?”

“Those Harry are elves. I suppose that you have heard of Atlantis Harry. Well it is not really lost it is unplottable and inhabited by elves. Elves were once much like wizards, but they evolved and are able to use magic without wands. Anything else?”

“Yeah, what did I do to Voldemort. I mean what was that bubble thing?”

“That was the power which you posses that was strong enough to kill Voldemort.”

“One more thing Professor. How was I able to hear Sirius’s voice when he’s dead?”

“That I could not tell you because I do not know. If you had heard your parent’s voice I might have been able to tell you.”

After school Harry went on to become something much like an auror although he was not in the employ of the Ministry of Magic, Hermione and Ron got married, Neville worked with Harry and Snape continued to teach potions.

One thing Harry didn’t understand was why Snape has helped him. Then one day he got a letter from Snape that said that Snape had been trying to redeem himself for being horrible to Harry.
The End
A/N This is my first fan fic-ever-so please have some mercy. And I know this sucks but I gotta start somewhere.

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