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Wish Upon a Shooting Star. by Krazycase
Chapter 1 : One-Shot
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I ran out fighting back the tears. I just wanted to get away from everything that reminded me of him. Being at The Burrow, the only place I could think to go was the garden. It was so beautiful, so peaceful, somewhere he never went. I could remember that, whenever I suggested going to sit out here, he would always refuse. He said it bothered his allergies. When I sat on the cast iron cedar bench, my resistance failed me and the tears simply started to flow. I had found my first love and before I realized, it was taken away from me. I’ve always known I'm not the prettiest girl in our school and not the most fun person to be around, but I can't help that I care about my friends future and mine and I know that doing well in school is the only way to ensure we have a good future. I didn't think I was that much of a horrible person. The sobs were starting to hurt my chest and making me feel sick to my stomach. I could hear Mrs. Weasley call everyone who had come home for Easter for supper but there was no way I would be able to even be around food. I keep playing the conversation that happened not even 30 minutes ago and allowing it to torture me.

"Hey Hermione, Can we talk?"

He asked with a tone of nervousness. I giggled to myself and think he's so cute when he's nervous. His ears turn a red that matches his hair. I also wonder what he's done now. He only ever calls me his full name when he's done something he's sorry for, but I always forgave him.

"Sure, Ron, What's the matter?"

"Um…well I don't know how to say this."

"Then just say it," I said with a note of impatience.

"Well, what the matter is… I mean, the reason I want to talk, is that I don't think we're working anymore."

"Pardon me?" I choke on my own words.

"Well I've also sort of being dating Gloria, she's a 6th year Ravenclaw and we really like each other a lot and it's time I stopped leading you both on. But don’t feel bad, Hermione. My heart may lay with Gloria, but you'll always be my best friend."

~*End Flashback*~

Ron had called after me but I wasn't going to listen and he knew better than to follow me, although a part of me wanted him too. The more I tried to stop the tears from falling, the harder they fell. I loved him and on many occasions, he told me he loved me too. Where did it go wrong? How long had he been dating Gloria? Shame on me for kissing him with my eyes closed so tightly. I wasted hundreds of kisses on him. "I am Hermione Jane Granger. I don't get upset over boys," I say out loud hoping that hearing it will make me believe it. I wipe my eyes and curse myself for leaving my wand in the kitchen. I could charm the tears away easily enough but not without my wand. And in my charms class I learned that charming tears away only increased the pain on the inside so it was probably a good thing I had forgotten my wand. My mind was a whirlpool of emotions and so I jumped when I heard a faint rustle behind me. I turned around quickly, searching automatically for my wand but let my hand fall . but let it back down once I realized it was just George behind me.
"Hey Mione, What are you doing out here?"

"Nothing, just getting some fresh air," I lied.

"You missed dinner,” he paused uncertainly. “Ron said something about you not feeling well," He said with a look of concern I had never seen in the twin's eyes. I'm not saying that they don't care… they are Weasley's after all.

"Yeah, I wasn't feeling good so that's why I came out for air."



"What happened?"
I looked up to the sky, which had been filled with stars rather quickly. I also noticed the moon was full. Remus would be at the Sshrieking Sshack tonight. I tried to get my mind off George's question.

"Hermione?" he persisted.

I sighed and finally gave in. "Ron and I broke up."

"What? Why? You guys were the perfect couple!"

I shot him a look that told him he wasn't helping.

"By that look, am I right in guessing he is the one that ended it?"

I simply nodded my head.
My brother can be the world's biggest prat sometimes, but don't worry. He'll come to his senses. There is no way he'll be able to live with himself if he loses someone as amazing as you."

I hadn't really heard George comment I had only heard him calling Ron a prat.

"Well, he actually broke up with me for someone else."
"HE did WHAT?" George exploded. He jumped to his feet - to look for his brother I assumed- but I grabbed his arm.

"Don't do anything stupid," I told him.

"That stupid git deserves everything he has coming to him."
"No, it's OK. You don't have to do that for me. I know I'm like your little sister too and you would do that for Ginny… but Ron is your ACTUAL blood and I'm not. It's his side you should take." I gently pulled him back onto the bench so I could reach him quick if he decided to bolt again.
"That, Hermione… That right there is what makes you so amazing."

I had heard his comment that time.


George's cheek's blushed a rosy pink that clasheds with the shade of red his ears had turned.

"My brother was the luckiest guy in the world and I would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous."

I just sat there in shock. Here was George Weasley, the co- owner of Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes, joke shop. No! He was just trying to make me feel better... I’m sure of it. Well I was sure of it until I realized he was still holding onto my hand. I looked from our hands up to his eyes and felt a shiver run through me. After what seemed like an eternity, I broke the gaze and looked up to the starry heavens in hopes that this would be explained. I hadn’t responded to his last comment. I was too afraid to. George was a great guy. He always made me laugh and I would be lying if I didn’t think he had a body to die for.
“Hermione?” he whispered just quietly enough to shake me out of my thoughts. I looked at him but remained silent. He had not broken his gaze from me.

“I know you only look at me like a big brother, but I want you to know, I’ve always had a little bit of a crush on you.”

I sighed and looked up at the sky again. “It’s so beautiful,” I mutter softly as a shooting star flies across the sky. I hear him mutter something but I couldn’t make it out.

“Did you make a wish?”

“Pardon?” he asks confused. Wishing on stars must be a Muggle past time. I didn’t think about that.

“Oh, I guess that is a Muggle tradition. If you see a shooting star you’re supposed to make a wish.”
“What did you wish for?”

I was taken aback by his question. “I..uh... I actually didn’t make a wish.”

“Well, I won’t tell anyone you made the wish late.”

“If I told you, it wouldn’t come true anyways.”

“Says who?”

“Those are just the rules!”

“Oh, I see.”

Silence fell upon us again and our hands were still entwined but it all felt strangely comfortable. We both stared up and watched the twinkle of stars. All I could think about was that I hoped George knew that I could have feelings for him. I didn’t want to say anything because it was happening all so fast. I noticed out of my eye that George kept glancing at me. Every time I saw him look at me I felt fairies in my stomach. I finally looked at him and caught his eye. We didn’t dare take our eyes away from each other. After what seemed like an eternity, George slowly leaned forward but stopped halfway. We lingered for a couple of seconds, not once taking our eyes off of each other, until I went in the other half to complete the kiss. It was a very sweet and innocent kiss. It lasted maybe a whole 15 seconds and he didn’t push the line by shoving his tongue in my mouth. Ours lips danced together before we pulled away. He kissed me on the forehead then went back to staring into my eyes. My whole world stopped during that kiss. I was in heaven. There was something in George Weasley’s kiss that I had never experienced before. I felt respected, and truly cared for. I felt loved. Not that I didn’t feel loved when I was with Ronald. But there was something different with George.
“Can I tell you what my wish was after it comes true?” he whispered with his forehead still pressed up against mine.

“I... uh.. I don’t see why not,” I mumbled.

“It was for that kiss to feel exactly like it did.”

“And how would that be?” I asked before I could catch myself.

“Breathtaking,” he breathed.

“George,” I caught him off guard.


“I think I may fancy you too,” and with that comment I went and I kissed him again. The smile that spread across his face after that comment was bright enough to light all of Ottery St. Catchpole.

The two of us spent the entire night by ourselves under the stars uninterrupted. It was something out of a fairytale that I, Hermione Jane Granger, got to be in.

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