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Memoirs Of a Weasley by Noting
Chapter 6 : Forgiveness?(Not?)
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Im sorry i didnt post for all this time. I went to the beach.*Grins*. Now i will continue the story.

*~*~*~*Forgiveness (Not?)*~*~*~*

Ron woke up the following morning. He was afeeling real bad and stayed in bed. He turnede his back to the door and continued snoring even though it was all ready 9 am. Because he was sleeping, he didnt see Hermione peek through the door and look at him. Tears falling from her eyes splattered against the rough wood floor. Hermione cleaned her eyes and closed the door. Just then there was a loud *BOOM!*. Ron jumped 5 feet in the air with the sound. Then came a *Clunk-Clunk-Clankety-clank-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM*. He rushed to the window to find an old Corvette lying next to the front door. The motor was fuming and the car seemed to jump. Ron looked at the corvette and looked questioningly at it. Then he went to his closet and dressed up. Ron wasnt in a very acttive mood today so he crashed against the door twice in his way out. He looked around next to his door, No one in sight. He dashed down the stairs and sat on his chair. He went so quickly that he didnt notice Hermione sitting beside him. Ron looked up and saw her. He had chunked his two whole pancakes in his mouth and said *moing Mio. Umbely softy*. Hermione smiled weakly at him. Ron swallowed and cleared his throat. *Morning Mione* he said looking at his plate. Hermione took ten seconds to answer back *`Ning Ron*. Ron looked back at her and said *Look Hermione, i didnt mean what i said. Im very sorry for what hapenned*. Hermione looked out the window. She didnt respond. So much time passed. Ron was tired of the silence and said *Hermione? Are you Ok?*. Hermione continued to look outside. Then she turned her head so quickly Ron jumped. She looked at him in the eyes as if trying to find something out. Ron stared back. Just then Ron made a funny face that made Hermione roll on the floor with laughter. Then when the laughing subsided she stood and told Ron *I Dont Know You Ronald Weasley* and she burst up to her room. Just then his father and mother entered the house. *.....believe you Arthur! Bringing this car home! Like we didnt have enough with the Ford Anglia!...* Mrs. Weasley was criticizing Mr. Weasley for buying what seemed a very old, destroyed, flying corvette. *.....Motor is permenantly damaged Arthur! Cannot believe you!..* she continued. Mr. Weasley in the other hand tried to tell her that he needed the car. *.... Ministry asked me to get a decent car so i could run errands...* he said looking at Mrs. Weasley. Ten they saw Ron. *Hello Dear* said Mrs. Weasley smiling then she turned to Mr. Weasley and continued arguing with him. Ron on the other hand burst up to Ginny┤s Room. He tried to open the the door but it was locked. He tried to use the *Alohomora* jinx but falied too. So then he went to his room and took a long piece of cable. He took the cable and put it in the keyhole. He turned it many times and finaly the door opened. Inside he saw that non of the girls were in sight. But he saaw a big bright tent next to Ginny┤s bed. So he walked cautiously next to the tent and heard their voices. *....Not the 1rst time it happens...* said Ginny voice in a tone of exhasperation. *Yes i know but.......He sometimes just gets to my nerves!* Contradicted Hermione. Ron heard with Full attention what they were saying. Just then happened what was lest supposed to happen. *He┤ll never be good to me! he asks for forgiveness 5 times a week and i cant stand him anymore!* shouted Hermione. He could hear her sob lightly and Ginny telling her not to worry. What had he done?Why was he so stupid? He dashed out of the room and threw himself in bed. He had done it. Now he had to think what to do to gain Hermione back. He had to something good, no, Something, great, nah, something Marvellous to gain her back. So this is how he sat in his small desk and put every single neuron on his head to think. Thousands of things crossed his mind. He then stopped at one. It was perfect. He then scribbled a Note to Ginny(yeah Ginny) and sent it with pigwedgeon. He didnt forget to scribble a big PRIVATE sign in the letter. He didnt want Hermione reading it. Then he rushed down the stairs back to the kitchen where Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were still discussing about the damaged corvette. Ron the went out of the house and ran outside to the garden. he went to an Inmense moping willow and and smiled brightly. He went under the veil of leaves that covered the tree┤s trunk. He went inside and found lots of space. Flowers were blooming on the top of the leaf cieling giving it a cool sort of look. Ron dashed out of the willow and went back home. He was gaining Hermione back, no matter how high the price would be, he would.

Ok. This cahpter REALLY sucks.


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