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Memoirs Of a Weasley by Noting
Chapter 5 : The Argument
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It Starts.....This way

*~*~*The Argument*~*~*

Ron shivered. Was this the right moment to tell her? He did not know. He wanted to plan carefully what he was about to do. Just in that instant he felt Hermione's soft hand touch his front. *Are you feelingg ok Ron?* she said as she took a small piece of cloth out of her pocket. *I-Im a-alright Mione, D-dont Worry* shivered Ron as he moved sideways on his bed. Hermione took the cloth in her hand and wiped Ron's face. She took her wand out of her pocket and muttered *Lumos!*. The tip of the wand was lit. She poinedit at Ron's head to see how he looked. She gasped slightly. Then she started to do something Ron never imagined shed ever do. She took here hand and stroke Ron's hair slightly. Ron's inside then were uncontrolled so Ron took Hermione's hand of his hair.

Hermione frowned. *What happened Ron?* she asked silently. ron could feel his face get redder and redder with rage. Swet started coming in more quantities through his head. His hair seemed to be in flames. His eyes looked malevolous. He the sat up in his bed quickly making Hermione back of to avoid being hit in the head. She managed to see Ron's face. She gasped in terror.
Ron then started to talk heavily at her. *Now you come to me and make yourself of a little angelarent you?* he spat. *You come here to make me feel better when you know you're making me feel worse, I thought that when I told you to stay you would tell me but no, i cant tell ickle Ronniekins cause he'll get mad at me*. Hermione was speechless. Then she started to shout Heavily .*WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT RON WEASLEY?! I COME HERE WITH MY BEST HOPES TO HELP YOU AND MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER AND YOU HAVE TO BUTT IN WITH SOMETHING STUPID!* she shouted as she slapped Ron hard pn the face and left crying silently. Ron hit his head. Why was he so stupid? He always ruined the good tmes when Hermione was in a good mood. He walkede out of bed and turned the light on.

He looked at his cheek and it was a dark shade of crimson. Ron sat on his bed thinking how stupid he could be. He touched the mark were Hermione had slapped him. It burnt real hard. Ron just sighed and said *Well, i deserved it*. He looked around his bedroom and sighed. Then He stood up and went to what seemed a small hole in the carpet. He stuck his finger thrugh the hole and pulled many pieces of parchment. All of Hermione's letters. He through himslef in bed and started to read one by one. He saw how Hermione was kind in every single letter she sent him. And he could remeber his letters always had something explaining something bad bout her. Why did he treat Hermione so badly if he loved her? Just then he thought, * She likes Harry. Now i Know why* . Then he threw himself in bed and began sleeping.

Sorry for the short chapter but i had to go to eat. Ill make it longer. Youll see. Jut wait a bit.


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Memoirs Of a Weasley: The Argument


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