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Memoirs Of a Weasley by Noting
Chapter 4 : Hurtful Truth
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Thanks to everybody who reviews. I just want to ask you a favor which is to please review when you look at a story for it makes us wan to keep writing. If people dont review you think people dont like your story and stop writing. please leave a review. Thanks you


*~*~*~*Hurtful Truth*~*~*~*

The story from now on will CONTAIN SOME unresolved sexual tension and arguments with strong words. There will be SOME Harry/Hermione references but h/hr shippers please dont get you hopes up for this is an R/H story. Thanks

When Ron left the trunk in the room, he wondered if he could open the trunk have say quick snif. He quickly went to the trunk and noticed it was closed. Ron took his wand and pointed it at the big, black lock that was closing the trunk. Then he muttered silently *Alohomora!* and the lock opened. Inside he found many jumpers and pants of dfferent types and colors. He sniffed all the trunk up and took his long nose off the trunk satisfied. With this he closed the trunk and left back downstairs.

As he went down the stairs he stopped because he heard his mother talking to Ginny and Hermione in a very peculiar sort of way. *And will you tell him when he comes back then dear?* said Mrs. Weasley looking at Hermione sweetly. *I believe i will `confess My Love` when he comes back here* replied Hermione. Ron heard quietly. His heart broke piece by piece as he heard more of the conversation. His brain stopped listening for a moment. He could still see no one mention Harry though so he got his hopes up. Just then Ginny said what shot a golden bullet against his heart.

*So you are anxious of Harry coming soon?* had said Ginny. Ron heard this and rushed to his bedroom running and slammed the door behind him hard. He threw himself in bed. He had expected this, the famous boy always gets the girl and the poor old friend gets threw to the trash. Ron took his hand and touched his cheek. *A tear?* he thought as he stroke the small wet drop with his fingers. Then he closed his eyes and automaticly slept....


Ron was walking in what seemed to be his bedroom. H felt utterly strange at this moment for he felt like if his stomach was flying. He got out of his bed and walked to Ginny's bedroom trying to find Hermione. He opened the dor and couldnt find Ginny nor Hermione anywhere. He searched under the bed and next to the curtains and they were not there either. So he desided to go to the lounge.

He went down the stairs two by two and got to the kitchen. His mother was nowhere to be seen. He spoke with a trembling voice. *Mum?* he said looking around. He went right to where the lounge was. H looked at the couch and shouted in horror. His eyes saw what he least wanted to see, even least than Voldemort himself. There in the couch, kissing, you coul find Harry and Hermione. Hermione stopped kissing Harry at the sight of Ron and smiled while Harry smirked at Ron and said *Im the good and famous guy, I get the girl*. Ron couldnt believe his eyes. Just then.....


Ron woke uo frantically.*NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO* Ron shouted uncounsciously. He was swetting real Hard and he could see out the window how it was starting to become darker every second. Then Hermione entered the room followed closely by Ginny. Hermione had a worried look on her face. She quickly sat next to Ron in his bed and said *You ok Ron? Whats happened to you*. She put her hand on his front. Ron dint know what do to, to Bite the hand of with anger, or to leave it there. He was indeed swetting mad, and Hermione's hand almost got burnt because Ron's front was so hot. Ginny shouted to her mother *MUM! RON REAL BAD! COME SEE!*. Just then Ms. Weasley entered the room like a bullet. She saw Ron and quickly covered him in wet towels. *Whats happened ron deear?* she said as she tucked some towels under ron's shirt. Ron didnt know how to exlain himself he just managed to produce a Goylish sound *uh*. Mrs. Weasley then looked at Hermione and Ginny and frowned her face. *You two bette get out, Ron's gonna have a very rough night today* she said as she got up. Then Ron took his hand and pulled her mothers sweater. *Yes dear?* said Mrs. Weasley as she saw what Ron was doing. *Mum, i feel better when Hermione's here* he saidsliently. Her mother winked at Hermione and said *Very Well dear, i believe you wish to have someone to talk to, well then Ginny and i will leave, go on Ginny dear* she said as she and Ginny left out the Room leaving him and Hermione in complete darkness, alone.

Ok another chapter to the collection. How was it. I stopped the humour a bit for it sort of changes the subject of the story.



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