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Memoirs Of a Weasley by Noting
Chapter 2 : The Dicovery
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Ok, I wish to warn you that this story will HAVE Ron/Hermione romance. It will change of topic through the story. I hope you like it and review it too for i'm not getting many reviews. Thanks


*~*~*~*The Discovery*~*~*~*~*

After sending the cards away he went down to make his housework. Ms. Weasley had no mercy with Ron and the work. She made him do everything possible. He degnomed the garden and ended with a huge bite on his thumb. Then Ms. Weasley called Ron inside and told him to fix dinner and take care of Ginny while she went to give a special packet to Moody in Number 12, Grimauld place. Ron accepted because he had no option. He tried to use magic but he wasnít good in *Housework Spells* so he ended blasting the saucepan against the window. Then he searched for a cook book around the library and found a book called* Exotic Cooking from Algeria*. He picked then book and went down to the kitchen again. He chose a random recipe without looking at the title. He picked all the ingredients and started to mix. When he took the dinner out of the oven he almost puked. He rushed to the book and saw the title was *Fried Goose Insides*. He then rushed up to Ginny's Bedroom and knocked the door hard. *GINNY! GINNY!* he screamed after the door. Then he heard a big fat *SNORE*. ARGH! Ron picked his wand of his pocket and shouted*ALOHOMORA!*. The spell was so strong the door was blasted forward. Ginny woke up screaming *HELP ME! HARRY WAS KILED HELP ME!*. Ron walked to her red in the face and said *Mum said you should help me in dinner and I find you here SLEEPING!*. Ginny jumped of bed and sat on a book over her desk. *I...err....forgot* she said silently. *Whatís the book you got there?* asked Ron as he moved forward. *Err...itís....err....The Standard book of spells grade 5!* said Ginny quickly and relieved. Then Ron raised his right eyebrow. *Ginny, we havenít gone to Diagon Alley yet* he said as he rushed and picked the book of the desk. His face turned red. It was a mix of intense fury and extreme embarrassment. This was because the book has a giant lock in it and in the font it had a Huge Letter *R*. This was Ron's Diary. *HOW DARE YOU SKUMRAT!* Ron shouted after Ginny. Ginny seemed to be totally normal. *Hush Ronnie. I know that you fancy Hermione* she said with a very mischievous smile. Ron was busting in flame. His brain seemed to be overcharged with fury. *GINNY IF YOU TELL ANYONE I PROMISE ILL STRANGLE YOU, TORTURE YOU AND CUT YOU INTO TINY LITTLE PIECES!!!!!* He shouted. Then Ginny started to sing *donít worry Ronnie ill never tell, but ill tease you all the time!* she said now laughing. Then she started to speak in a *Romantic* sort of voice. *Oh those strange curls all around her hair, and those eyes, like chocolate, sweet as every inch of her body*She laughed hard when she said this.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

That night Ginny teased Ron like mad. She laughed and laughed very hard. Then she made dinner in 2 seconds. Ron thought he couldnít be angrier so he burst up the stairs to his room. When he got up he saw that Hedwig and another owl Ron didnít know were sitting next to Pigwedgeon. He picked the card off Hedwig and the other owlís beak and threw himself in bed. He looked at each letter carefully. From Harry's *Almost* totally neat handwriting to Hermione's graceful one. He opened Harry's first. He picked the letter and read:

Dear Ron

My summer's been ok. Seems you got a dozen of things to do. The Dursleys will let me go only 2 weeks after school. That means ill be there in a week probably. I hope you donít bore yourself to death. Still I have found out that Hermione says she will go sooner than me. Be careful; tell her when Iím not here yet. That'd be better. Hope you have a great week,


Ron smiled at the letter. Then he opened with extreme carefulness Hermione's letter. Inside he found Hermione's Perfect handwriting. It said:

Dear Ron:

I'd love to go to your house. My parents let me got anytime I want so I was wondering if you could pick me up tomorrow at 9 am. I hope seeing you a lot. Your summer doesnít seem to be going well but donít worry, itíll be ok. Hope seeing you tomorrow,


Ron smiled harder at this letter. Shed love to come, she missed him, that made him feel butterflies in his brain, sorry stomach. Ron rushed to his desk and picked a piece of parchment. He told Hermione he would pick her at that hour and Harry that he would pick him Sunday at 12. He gave the letters to Hedwig and the owl and sent them. Then he through himself in bed and went to sleep.

Ok, this is the second chapter. I hope you like reading the story as much as I enjoy writing it. Thanks


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