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After the Fact by hermharry
Chapter 4 : The Wedding and a big suprise
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After the Fact

Chapter 4

*~Two Month’s later~*


“But Harry, are you sure I am doing the right thing, I love her a lot and all, but what if she doesn’t love me back?” I asked pacing around my bedroom, the day of our wedding.

“Ron, think about it, would she say yes to you when you proposed if she didn’t really love you?” Harry asked me.

I sat down on my bed and sighed deeply, “I guess you’re right Harry, Do you realize I said the exact same thing to you the day of yours and Hermione’s wedding?”

Harry chuckled, “I don’t think I remember anything I said that day, It was all a big blur.”

“Well it was really a great ceremony.”

“I remember that part Ron, we had it video taped.” Harry responded.

I laughed. “I should have thought of that.”


I slipped into my dress and walked out into the living room of my flat where Mum, Ginny, Lavender, and Hermione were waiting. I giggled because Hermione looked so pretty but she was very pregnant, this being her Seventh month.

Hermione was my maid of honor, so she was wearing a pretty navy blue dress; we found it in a nice maternity shop.

I sighed happily, loving that I was wearing this beautiful wedding dress, on the most beautiful and memorable day of my life. It was white and had no straps at all. The top hung tightly to my curves and the bottom flowed out, nicely with a long train. Around the bottom were lace flowers.

“You look beautiful Mon.” Hermione commented.

“So do you Mione.” I told her, smiling.

“I was lucky I could see over my stomach to get the right pair of shoes on.” She laughed.

“Hermione, you are so lucky, you are so beautiful, even when you are pregnant.” Mum noted.

All of a sudden we heard a knock on the door. Ginny rushed to it and opened it slightly, in case it was Ron, he could not see me in my wedding dress until the wedding, of course. Ginny smiled and waved at the person on the other side of the door and let him in.

“Hermione, I just wanted to check on you, are you ok?” Harry walked in and rushed over to Hermione’s side.

“I am fine Harry, that hasn’t happened at all today again, don’t worry.” She smiled and gratefully accepted the hug he offered to her.

I smiled happily, thinking things might be like this for Ron and I one day, I want to have a few children, knowing how it is to be an only child, like myself.

“What happened before Hermione?” Lavender asked.

“Oh, well last night I was just having some pains in my stomach, I don’t think it was anything to worry about, probably just the baby kicking harder then usual.” She smiled at us.

“Oh yeah, Also, the limo has arrived, It is out front.” Harry told all of us girls.

“Alright then, you ready to go?” I asked everyone.

We all filed out of my flat, Harry and Hermione last, because Harry helped Hermione up, and she is taking it very slowly lately.

“Well you lady’s have fun in your limo ride, I’ll see you there.” With that Harry kissed Mione on the cheek, kissed his hand and touched her stomach with it and apparated away.

We all climbed into the limo.

“Hermione he is so sweet.” Lavender said dreamily.

“Yes and happily married.” Ginny commented glaring at her.

“I know that!” Lavender said. “But you are really lucky Hermione.”

Hermione laughed at the two. “Ginny you have Colin, and Lavender you have Seamus, they are both great guys too.” She commented.

“Yeah but Harry is so famous, and handsome, and sweet.” Lavender said again, getting a dreamy look on her face.

“Lavender, get over it, Harry is going to be a father, and he loves Hermione!” Ginny yelled in Lavender’s face.

“Bloody Hell Ginny stop screaming so loud!” Lavender yelled back.

“You sound like Ron now!” Ginny said.

By now Hermione and I were laughing so hard. They both looked at us and shrugged and went back to fighting for the rest of the limo ride to the church.


I waited at the alter for the girls to start walking down the aisle. First down was Lavender and Seamus. After them came Ginny and Colin, Next was Hermione and Harry and finally the person I was waiting for, Mon and her father.

Mon looked like an angel. Her white dress fit to every curve in her body. The bottom flowed out beautifully and a long train was following her down the red carpet in the aisle.

She walked all the way up the aisle and grinned broadly at me as she reached the alter.

“Take good care of my baby girl.” Her dad told me.

“I will sir, I will.” I shook his hand and he walked to his chair, turned to me and winked, smiled then lowered into his seat.

“Dearly beloved,” the priest began, “we are gathered here today to join Ronald Weasley and Monique Loec holy matrimony.”

“Do you Monique take Ronald to be your lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, for richer or poor, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” Mon said, her eyes were teary.

“And do you Ronald take Monique to be your lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold, for richer or poor, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” I said proudly.

“The rings please.” The priest said.

Hermione, tears in her eyes, handed the priest the ring she was to hold, and Harry handed the priest the ring he held.

The priest dipped them in holy water (A/N: can you tell I’m catholic, sorry I am just making this like my brother’s wedding except a little shorter!) and handed my ring to Mon and Mon’s ring to me.

He turned to Monique.

As you put the ring on Ron’s finger, repeat after me.

Mon nodded and started to slip the ring on my left ring finger.

“With this ring I the wed.” The priest said.

“With this ring, I the wed.” Mon whispered as loud as she could, since she was crying so hard, All I wanted to do was hug her, but I couldn’t!

“Now Ronald, do the same.”

I started to slip the ring on Mon’s left ring finger.

“With this ring, I the wed.” I said smiling at her.

“I now pronounce you man and wife, Ronald, you may now kiss the bride.” The priest said smiling.

I lifted up Monique’s veil and passionately kissed her. I picked her up and brought her closer to me. She is my wife now, mine for the rest of our lives. We broke apart and everyone cheered loudly.

“Now for the first time may I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Weasley.” The priest said.

I grabbed Mon’s hand and walked down the aisle. I looked at my mum in the first seat in the first row. She had a tissue covering her face and was loudly blowing her nose into it. I chuckled loudly and ran out to the limo with Mon.

Everyone in the wedding party gathered into the limo. We all started chatting happily. All of a sudden I heard a loud yelp of pain.

“Hermione!” Harry gasped.


“Hermione what’s wrong?” I asked quickly grabbing her in my arms.

“I think,” She breathed heavily, “The baby is coming.”

“Hermione, the baby is not due for another two months.” I told her.

“Harry, the baby is coming, NOW!” She yelled, obviously in pain.

“Driver, can you drop us off at the closest hospital?” Ron asked.

“But what about your reception sir?” The driver asked.

“Who cares about the reception, my friend will either have her baby in the hospital or have it in this car if you don’t get her there NOW!” Monique yelled at the driver.

“Yes Ma’am.”

I could feel the car lurch forward rather quickly.

“Harry, she’s going into premature labor.” Mon said.

“Is she going to be ok, is the baby going to be ok?” I asked Mon, why did she have to come early, why?

“I don’t know Harry, I don’t know.” Mon said sadly.

Hermione was still yelping in pain.

“Hermione, I promise, we will get to the hospital as soon as we can.” I told her.

“I love you Harry.” She said looking up at me, then her eyes shut.

“What happened?” I screamed still holding Hermione in my arms.

“She’s still alive Harry.” Seamus said as he took her pulse.

“She fainted from the pain, I’m guessing.” Ginny said.

I looked at my wife’s face. I could see pain from the position her mouth was in. She better be ok, I don’t know what I would do without her.

A/N: Oh a cliff hanger!! Please review or I wont ever tell you what happens **Evil laugh** All of the original characters belong to JK Rowling and all of the new ones are mine! Thanks to all of those kind people that did review!! *smiles*

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