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Ella Weasley and the First Year Fears by angel13
Chapter 2 : She Who Must Not Be Named
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Ella grabbed some her jacket and met her parents by the fireplace. At breakfast, it had been very quiet. Hermione and Ron had plastered fake smiles on their faces, at a very bad attempt to pretend everything was okay. Which it wasn’t, Ella thought.

“Ella, why don’t you go first?” Hermione said, handing Ella a pinch of Floo powder. Ella took it gratefully, and stepped into the fireplace. She had travelled by Floo powder lots of times before, but never liked it one bit.

Trying not to breathe in the ashes, Ella said in a very clear voice: “Diagon Alley!” She coughed a bit as the flames spun her around, tossing her around. Finally Ella fell out of the fireplace at the Leaky Cauldron, a small, dingy pub. A few moments later, Ron appeared, and then Hermione.

“Right,” Hermione said in her usual brisk voice. “ The entrance is out the back door. Let’s get going.”

Ella followed Ron and Hermione as they went out the back of the Leaky Cauldron. They met a brick wall, which Ella knew was the entrance to Diagon Alley. Ron got out his wand and tapped certain bricks, which moved to the sides and became the entrance to Diagon Alley.

Ella, Ron and Hermione walked down the cobbled and windy path, admiring the shops on both sides.

“Where first?” Ron got out Ella’s letter and scanned it. “Flourish and Blott’s is just there.” He pointed at the wizarding bookshop that was just to their left.

Hermione nodded and marched into the colourful shop, with Ella and Ron just behind her.

Two hours later, Ella, Hermione and Ron left Ollivanders with a wand (thirteen inches, yew, with a phoenix feather). Ella loved her wand and she admired it as they stopped at Florence Fortscue’s for ice cream.

Ella had her robes from Madam Malkins, books from Flourish and Blotts and everything else that was on her list. They hadn’t been to Quality Quidditch Supplies yet, nor had Ella received her gift, which was why she ate her ice cream as quick as she could.

“Mum,” Ella asked when her parents had finished. “Can we go to Quality Quidditch Supplies?”

Ron nodded enthusiastically. “Yeah, Hermione, they’ve got a new range of brooms in.” He got up, picked up the shopping bags and looked expectantly at Hermione.

Her mother sighed. “Okay.”

At Quality Quidditch Supplies, Ella and Ron admired the new brooms, while Hermione hovered uncertainly behind them.

“Wow, Ella…look at this one,” Ron gestured at the broom on display. “It’s called a Tornado 3000 and it’s perfect for you.”

Ella blinked as the broom vibrated on the display stand. It was sleek and shiny; with a tail of neat, straight twigs and on the handle it had the words Tornado 3000 written in gold.

The Tornado 3000 was truly beautiful, Ella thought. She had to have it.

Meanwhile, Ron was getting very excited. “And, Ella, its capable of speeds from 0-95 miles in ten seconds…wow, that’s faster than the Firebolt! Hang on, it’s the fastest broom in the world!”

Ella’s jaw dropped. “But…Dad, I mean…the fastest broom in the world?” She stammered.

Ron nodded. “At the current time, yes.” He looked at Ella. “The price is pretty expensive, but for you, Ella…anything.”

“Mum?” Ella pleaded.

Hermione looked at the Tornado 3000, her eyes getting teary. “Of course…our little Ella is growing up.” She called to the salesman near the stand. “We’ll have one Tornado 3000.”


Ella flew around her neighbourhood that afternoon on her Tornado 3000. Flying was pure heaven – the Tornado turned at the lightest touch and flew so fast that all Ella could see was a blur. Ella loved her broom, and had been told by Ron and Hermione that she had ‘natural talent’. That was when her parent watched her first broom flight, only an hour ago. Now night was falling, and Ella was beginning to get cold. Flying her broom in jeans and a tee at the end of August was not a good idea.

Ella landed her broom perfectly on her lawn and went inside the house, where she found Hermione bustling around the kitchen.

“Your dinner is on the table. Please eat it now as everyone will be arriving for the meeting very soon.” Hermione said anxiously. The doorbell rang. “Oh, and I just wanted to add your first broom ride was very impressive. Behave.”

She hurried off down the hall. Ella went over to the table and quickly ate the chicken Hermione had cooked, shoving it in her mouth.

A few minutes later, Luna Lovegood and her daughter, Isabel, came down the hall. Luna had a vague, sad smile on her face as she talked to Hermione. Ella bit her lip – Luna had every right to feel sad. Bellatrix Lestrange had murdered her husband Neville about 15 years ago. Voldemort had been defeated when it happened, but Bellatrix was still powerful, and she had caught Neville and killed him in the streets, in full view of Isabel (who was just a baby when it happened) and Luna.

Luna had never been the same since.

Then Bellatrix disappeared. Ella just assumed they couldn’t go on without Voldemort, and stopped their evil doings. But Ella didn’t like thinking about that, about what could happen if the Death Eaters regained power.

Isabel walked over to Ella. She was a fifth-year at Hogwarts, and was very sensible, if not boring. “I’m a prefect.” Isabel flashed her badge, silver with the letter P on it. “Your parents were prefects too, you know.”

Ella forced a smile on her face. “I know.”

“You’re starting Hogwarts this year, aren’t you?” Isabel asked. “You’d love it. Hogwarts has the most fascinating history and is a wonderful school.” She paused for a moment, as if waiting for Ella to say something. When she stayed silent, Isabel sat on the couch, got out a thick book and began reading.

Next Ella’s cousins arrived. Uncle Fred and Aunt Angelina, with their twin sons, Tyson and Trent. The twins were in their third year and loved practical jokes and Quidditch. Both were on the Gryffindor team as Beaters, like Uncle Fred and Uncle George were when they were at Hogwarts.

Tyson and Trent immediately began annoying Ella with their Zonko’s products. Ella ignored them and began to eat the bar of Honeyduke’s chocolate they had given her. She choked on the chocolate as it turned into plastic and Trent and Tyson laughed hysterically behind her.

“Zonko’s newest product!” Trent choked; sounding like he had just ate one too. “Turns chocolate in something different every time someone tries to eat it!”

Ella rolled her eyes and left the table, where the twins were now plotting how to get Isabel.

Soon everyone arrived, and the adults went into another room for the Order meeting.

Ella grabbed her broom that was leaning against the wall and admired it, ignoring Trent and Tyson who were in shock at seeing the fastest broom in the world.

“Wow, I mean…is that yours?” Tyson stammered, obviously thinking about his broom, a Meteor Six. It was a decent broom, but nothing compared to the Tornado.

Trent was also astounded. “What I would give for this broom…” He moaned, shaking his head. “How’d you get it?”

Ella smiled, savouring the attention. “A present from Mum and Dad for getting into Hogwarts. I got it today, at Diagon Alley.”

“A Tornado 3000 is worth a fortune!” Tyson added.

Just then, Hermione appeared at the door. Her usually happy face was strained and anxious – Ella knew something was wrong.

“Ella, dear, we need to tell you something.” Hermione said when the twins had stopped talking about the Tornado 3000. “Come with me.”

Ella followed Hermione upstairs and into a large room used for Order meetings. An Enforcement Charm had been placed permanently on the door, so no one could eavesdrop.

In the room were all the members of the Order. They were sitting on chairs scattered around the room, with Uncle Harry and Ron standing up.

“Ella!” Harry exclaimed, hugging his favourite niece tightly. “I heard you got a broom – tell me about it!”

“Harry,” Rose Artemis said. “We have more important things to talk about then brooms.” Then to Ella she went, “ It’s great to see you, Ella. But under these circumstances, I know we all wish that none of us are here right now. This is just like those days when Voldemort was alive – except maybe worse.”

Ella felt a chill run down her spine. Rose Artemis was her parent’s age, a former Ravenclaw and Prefect at Hogwarts. She was beautiful, with long dark hair and an athletic build. Rose was a lovely person and was someone Ella knew she could always trust.

Hermione nodded. “Ella, everyone thought after Neville was killed (Ella saw Luna wipe a tear from her face) that the Death Eaters had filled their purpose in life and stopped killing – but we knew better. Harry was still alive – why not kill him? It didn’t make sense. Then they disappeared.”

“We knew better than to believe the Death Eater’s disappearing act: We’re sure they have just gone into hiding, biding their time. When they’re back, they’re back. We know they want only one thing.”

“What’s that?” Ella asked, even though she was beginning to understand who

“You.” Harry answered quietly. “Bellatrix Lestrange and her Death Eaters want you, Ella Weasley!”

Ella blinked; she had not been expecting that answer. “What a name. I mean, Bellatrix Lestrange. She should be a dancer, it suits her name …” Ella was babbling and she knew it. The force of knowing someone wanted her killed was beyond her control.

Ron shook his head, frustrated. “She is fulfilling her master’s orders – you must not under estimate the power of Bellatrix Lestrange! She is a cunning, evil witch who will stop at nothing to have you killed!”

Ella smiled weakly. “Great line, Dad. It must have taken you ages to think of that.” When she saw the look on everyone’s faces, she straightened up. “Seriously, though. Bellatrix Lestrange wants to kill me?”

A/N: Please review, I’m getting desperate…Anyway, I love Rose, she’s such a cool character, plus she was Cho’s best friend and reveals a lot next chapter.

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