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Why Not by Lili
Chapter 7 : Pillows, Chests,and Tripping
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Why not Chapter 7

The rest of the summer was spent playing Quidditch outside or having a game of Exploding Snap or chess. Fred and George of course were working on their shop in Diagon Alley or inventing more pranks and jokes. Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny just hung around.

When they had been at the table Harry’s gaze couldn’t help to carry over to Ginny. He thought she was beautiful with her long red hair and brown eyes. He felt in a trance of course always to be snapped out of it by either Fred or George. Hermione would just smile into her plate and Ron was in his own world a those times. And that’s how the summer passed…


September 1: The Burrow (A/N: hehe I make it sound all official)

“Ronald Weasley, Harry!” yelled Mrs.Weasley from the den, “If you don’t get up now you are going to LATE! The girls are already up! Now get up!”

Harry opened his eyes. He had been sleeping soundly. Know he rolled over and looked across the room at Ron who was still snoring. Harry groaned a bit and sat up on his bed rubbing his eyes. He walked in to the bathroom and splashes cold water on his face. He then walked back to the room where Ron was still sleeping.

“Ron! RON! Were going to be late! RON!” Harry yelled.

“Hhmmmmmmmm?” Ron’s muffled voice came from the orange Chudley Cannon covers.

“Get- Harry grabbed a pillow and threw hard at Ron- UP!”

Ron sat up really fast, “What the hell, Harry!” And threw the pillow back but it didn’t hit Harry it hit one of Ron’s poster.

Harry smirked. And Ron grabbed his own pillow and got up and started bashing Harry with it. Harry lunged for his own pillow and hit Ron who toppled over but got right back up…

Ginny and Hermione had been awake for twenty minutes already and had started getting ready. When they heard an annoyed voice

“ What the hell, Harry!”

They looked at each other and laughed. They decided to go have breakfast. They were passing the boy’s room when they heard a THUMP!

“Shhh.” Hermione said putting her finger to her mouth, she opened the door and she and Ginny stood in the doorway watching the boys beating each other with the pillows.

“Ahem.” Hermione gave a cough so the boys would notice they were there. They immediately stopped and turned red. They were both standing but only wearing their pajama bottoms. “Good morning boys, you both better hurry up, maybe even put some shirts on.” Then Hermione nudged Ginny who smiled broadly at Harry and they both left. Once they had closed the door they burst out laughing.

“D-did you seem them turn soo red!”

“Yeah.” Hermione then stopped laughing straightened herself up and then gave a sly smile (A/N: kind of uncharacteristic for our dear “Mione”), “You’re brother doesn’t have a bad chest though.”

“Uhhh, Mione Too much information!

“Like you weren’t looking at Harry’s!” Hermione said. “And I know for a fact you still have a little crush on our Harry and don’t you deny it. Ginny playfully shoved Hermione and ran down stairs.


Platform Nine-and Three Quarters

The boys had gotten dressed quickly and gone downstairs with their trunk eaten breakfast and he four of them left along with Mrs. Wealsey. Mrs. Weasley hugged them all goodbye and told them to be careful.

“You watch your sister now Ron, you’re the only one left now.”

“Ginny can take care of herself mum but yeah, I’ll watch’er.”

They all leaned on the barrier and fell through.

“Hi Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione!” They all spun around and saw Luna Lovegood waving merrily at them. They smiled Luna was nice, a little weird but nice. She was getting on the Hogwarts Express. They waved back.

“Hurry up we have to go find a compartment, Ginny are you coming with us?” said Hermione. Harry looked hopeful then his conscience started (A/N: might be confusing because I was suppose to upload this chap but I couldn't so everything was suppose to be bold od italcise but instead i put stars and stuff)

*You like Ginny?* uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. ~So the girl is hot~ *She’s Ron’s baby sister Do we like her like that.* I-I-I-I . ~Of course we like her~. *No we don’t can’t won’t like her, Ron will kill us!* ~What’s wrong with you? why can’t like Ginny, Ron would not mind…much~ *We do not like Ginny.* ~We like Ginny!~ *We do not like Ginny!* ~Oh yes we do!~ *No we don’t!* ~Yes we do!~ *Noooooo!* ~Yes!~ SHUT-UP!!! Harry mentally yelled.

“Harry, Harry are you daft?! Harry!” Ginny shouted and shook him.

Harry looked at her opened his mouth and said… “What?”

“What, what! Harry I’ve been standing here for like five minutes saying let’s get on the train, Let’s go and all you say is what?! Herms and Ron are already on the train!, Ginny’s voice then softened, “Are you okay though Harry?”

Great now she thinks I’m nuts!!!!

“Yeah Gin I’m fine,” Harry said.

Ginny out her hand on his upper arm, “Are you sure?”

Harry stared at her she looked so beautiful. Her long red hair was up in a pony tail with some lose tendrils in the front. She smiled

“Yeah Gin I’m fine, really,” Harry said. Ginny gave him a huge smile and started turning away when Harry was overcome by impulse, he grabbed her wrist and turned her back around, “Thank you Gin, thanks for caring.”

Ginny looked up into Harry’s face. ~Kiss me Harry. Oh God Ginny Harry just sees you as a friend. Nothing more. Besides you’re over that crush. No looking in to his face Idon't think I am~. Ginny reached up and put her hand on Harry’s cheek (A/N: Awww, what a cute gesture! So I think) “Harry we all care about you. A lot.” With that they both went on to the Hogwarts Express.


Hogwarts Express

“There you are Harry! We thought Ginny kidnapped you!” Ron cried as Harry and Ginny entered the compartment where Ron and Hermione had found.

“Yeah well I’m sure you dear brother that you and Mione knew how to spent your time valuably during the time me and Harry were gone?” Ginny smirked as she watched her brother and best friend (Hermione) turn red. Harry had finished putting away his and Ginny’s luggage and came and sat beside her by the window.

“Exploding Snap Harry?”

“Sure Ron.” So he and Ron sat on the floor to play the game. Ginny took out a Witch Weekly magazine and Hermione took out a six-year book of spells and started reading it. An hour later the girls left to change into their robes and when they came back the boys left to do the same.

“We should go out into the corridor, I want to get their first to see who the new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher is,” Hermione said grabbing her stuff just as the conductor said “We will be arriving in ten minutes.”

Everyone agreed with Hermione and they filed outside and chatted for a while.

The Hogwarts express came to sudden stop. Except nobody was expecting it. Hermione toppled over and landed on some poor first year and Ron tripped back in to the compartment.

Harry who was standing right across from (A/N: You guessed it) Ginny. When the train stopped he toppled on top of Ginny. They both landed on the floor, Harry on top of Ginny.

Ginny looked into Harry’s emerald eyes as he did into her brown eyes.

“Gin?” whispered Harry.

“huh?” Ginny almost hopefully.

“ Are you okay?”

“Uh-huh.” Ginny shook her head. “Yeah I’m fine Harry.”

“Uuhhhhh Harry could you get off my sister there.” Ron had gotten up.

Harry and Ginny blushed. Harry got up off Ginny and helped the flushed girl up. Hermione was tapping her foot impatiently. “Can we go now?”

“Calm down Mione we’ll get there…eventually.” They got off the train heard the familiar, “Fir’s years over’ere…’Elllo you lot.” Hagrid greeted.

“Hello Hagrid,” they all said. Then they all headed towards the carriages. Harry, Ginny, Hermione all climbed into one and closed the door. They were all silent, not wanting to disturb this great feeling of tranquility they all had. The carriages gave a lurch and continued to roll up to Hogwarts. They got off once they were there. They all came to a stop at the main entrance…they were home.

The End (just of this chapter)


I need some suggestions: Who do you guys think should be the new DADA teacher?

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