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Why Not by Lili
Chapter 6 : Jealousy?Nah...
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“Why was MY little sister kissing him!”

“Because she’s a girl Ron, that’s why!”said Hermione “You wouldn’t mind if I kissed you would you?” Hermione hadn’t meant to say that but she had wanted to defend Ginny.

“I-I well…well…that’s completely different Hermione!!!Aren’t I right Harry?!”
Hermione gave a Harry a look that said say the truth.

“I don’t know.” Harry said truthly , he didn’t really know. When he saw Ginny kissing Collin emotions he didn’t know burst inside him.

Ron sighed “Let’s go back to the Burrow.” They walked back to the Leakey Cauldron and flooed home.

“who’s that, oh it’s you Ron!I was starting to worry Ginny came back a few minutes without you, she’s up in her room right now”Mrs. Weasley said. “ Hermione can you go tell her dinner is ready –Yes Mrs.Weasley- come along boys”

Hermione walked up the stairs the door to Ginny’s room was slightly ajar. Hermione peaked inside. Ginny was sitting on her bed apparently in deep thought.

“Ginny?” She said softly.

“Hey Hermione.”

“Your mum says dinner is ready.”


“she says you should come down now”

“all right.”

“so let’s go.”

“uh huh.”

“Ginny what’s wrong?”

Ginny looked up at Hermione.”Nothing terrible Mione, it’s just that…Collin he –he kissed me.”

Hermione sat down next to her “I know we saw.”

Ginny looked down “You saw?All of you?” Hermione nodded.

“Well that’s great, what did Ron say-no wait don’t tell me I can imagine his reaction already.”Ginny sighed “What about Harry what did he say?”

“Nothing at all Gin he looked shocked maybe even dissapointer…Is something going on between you and Collin?”

“After he kissed me I told him we were friends just friends.”she said .
“Do you really feel that way?” Ginny shrugged

“I don’t know any more, last year when I was fourteen I was sure I was over him. , now im not.”

“Ginny who are you talking about?”

“HARRY, Hermione, HARRY!”

“You still like him, huh?”

“I don’t know!”

Suddenly Mrs. Weasley voice drifted up the stairs, “Girls! Dinner!”

“Let’s go Gin, it’ll be fine come one.”Ginny reluctantly got up she was so confused it was frustrating.The girls walked down to the table.

Mr Weasley was at the head of the table, then the Twins on either side. Then Harry and Ron on either side. Hermione nudged Ginny and went to sit by Ron and Left Ginny to go sit by Harry. Ron was glaring at Ginny but Ginny did her best to ignore it.

“What is wrong with you four?” asked Fred.

“Did something get you’re tongues because we have replacements” said George pulling things out of his pockets, “Let’s see lizard tongues, deer tongue, snake tongue, fancy one eh Harry?”

“Put those things away no George!!!” cried Mrs. Weasley, ”but what is wrong with you four?”

“Nothing.”replied all four.

“Sure…spill Ron,” she said.

Ron looked at Ginny “Ginny kissed Collin.” Ginny looked and gave Ron a death glare.

“So what Ron, so what?!” Ginny said.

Her mom looked at her, “Is that true Ginny dear?” Ginny nodded. “And you saw Ron?” Ron nodded. “Well Ginny you have to know that you have big brothers out there to look out for you but I don’t see anything wrong with what you did.” Ron gaped at his mom. “Ron she’s fifteen she’s not little anymore aren’t I right Arthur?” Mr. Weasley looked like he agreed with Ron but then he looked at his wife.

“I suppose Molly.”

“See Ginny dear we have complete trust in you and in you’re brothers to keep their cool right boys?” For once Fred, George, and Ron were quiet.

“IT’s all right mom just for get them, nothing more then what Ron told you happened and-and me and Col are just friends.”

The rest of the dinner was spent mostly in silence. Harry just playing with his food.

“Harry dear aren’t you hungry?”
“huh…oh not really Mrs.Weasley.”

“Awww…is wittle Harry a little jealous?” asked Fred. Harry blushed, he had been thinking of Ginny…ever since he came back to the Burrow. In fact after the comment he fell back in deep thought again until.

“Harry!Harry!”Someone was poking him” he looked side ways to Ginny poking him, “Dinners over Harry, all you alright?”

“Yeah Im fine”

“Ok well were all going outside, are you coming?”

“Yeah.” Said Harry but he didn’t move.

“Well come on…she grabbed his arm gently and pulled him towards the door and Harry couldn’t help thinking She’s so warm…

I dunno what I was getting at, at that chapter, but it will get better(hopefully!) when they go back to Hogwarts in the next chapter!

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