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Why Not by Lili
Chapter 5 : An InNoCeNt KiSs
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After having had finished their shopping Ginny and Colin had decided to go for an ice cream at Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor. They went to a sunny table with their sundaes and dropped their book loads.

"Ginny This is going to be a horrible year, bad things are bound to happen."Said collin.

"You sound like Professor Trelawny, obviuosly bad things are going to happen if You-know-who's back." Ginny said have seriously.

"And how's Harry?"

"Harry I think is trying not to think about it, he only knew about Sirius for like three years but they were really close and he's hurting bad." Ginny looked down. at her Ice Cream when she looked up Colin was staring at her. "What?Do I have somethingon my face."

"Huh? Oh no Gin, you just-you-you look beautiful today."

Ginny giggled."Stop kidding around Collin"she looked down at her watch"Shit were late, we gotta go she bentdown to pick up her books but Collin held her arm.

"I'm serious, you're gorgeous."Ginny blushed, Collin leaned forward and kissed Ginny. At first Ginny was in shock. *i don't want to kiss Col-he's my friend!* but then she lost all sense and kissed him back...

“Harry by the way did you get you’re firebolt back?”

“Yeah I did Ron, McGonagall gave it back at the end of the year she saiI can ofcourse play next year.”

“Cool, we’re gonna smash the slimy sly-“Ron stopped in midsentence “Wha_wha.”

“Ron close you’re mouthe you’re being pathetic, what are you looking at?”said Hermione. Ron raised a finger and pointed at a tble in the Ice Cream parlor. Harry and Hermione followed his gazed. They saw Ginny and Collin kissing. It lasted for at least a whole minute before they broke away.

Ginny flushed as she and Collin backed away from each other.


“Oh god Ginny I’m sorry I-I I don’t know what came over me,” He said Im not sooo sorry though “Ginny you’re my friend I shouldn’t have done that.”
Ginny was still registering what had just happened. “I…It’s okay Collin, forget, we’re still just friends, just friends.”Ginny said she sighed. “I should go now or mum will worry.”

Collin looked disappointed “Oh okay Gin see you on Spetember 1st.”

Ginny smiled”Okay Collin Bye.” She leaned down and gave Collin quick kiss on the cheek hoping to tell him again that they were just friends though he is kinda cute

Collin sighed and slumped in his seat as she left her voice ringing in his ears we’re still friends, just
Srry this was's kinda of a sucky chapter. I'll try to get another chapter up soon!

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Why Not: An InNoCeNt KiSs


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