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Why Not by Lili
Chapter 4 : Diagon Alley
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Srry this chapter is really short?Please review

It was a week before term started. Ginny wrote to Colin
Dear Colin,
I know you feel guilty about what happened but I’m fine and that’s no excuse to not write to me! We’re going to Diagon Alley tomorrow. Will I see you there?

She had written to Colin because she had promised and she knew Ron wouldn’t want her around them or around him and Hermione. They we’re always together constantly bickering leaving a very shy Ginny, after what had happened, with Harry.
They were all dressed and ready with their Hogwarts letter at breakfast. This was the twins last year but Harry didn’t think they could remember. They were meeting Lee Jordan there probably going to stock up on joke supplies.

“Ginny you’re coming with us right?” asked Hermione.

“Yep, but I’m meeting Colin there” she answered Ron scowled but Hermione nudged him.

“Okay but we don’t mind you know.” Hermione smiled and winked pointing at Harry whom she had noticed had been staring at Ginny a lot.

“Okay off you go dears before it gets any later” Said Mrs. Weasley “Ron you watch your sister now” They each grabbed some Floo Powder, the twins went first shouting “The Burrow” then Ron, Hermione then Ginny and finally Harry. He stumbled out of the fire knocking down poor Ginny who was brushing soot off her robes.

“Sorry Gin, You okay?”

“I’m fine Harry thanks,” she said smiling slowly melting inside as she stared into his eyes. And I thought I was over him she thought. She saw Colin in the Leaky Cauldron.

“Hullo Ginny ready?” he approached nervously, “Hi guys”

“You watch her okay Colin?” Ron told him menacingly. Colin nodded and gulped then led Ginny away. Harry looked sad. Hermione nudged him and they walked towards Flourish and Blotts. They saw Seamus and Dean in there. They started talking about Quidditch and Hermione slowly drifted away to get their books. After about twenty minutes they left to refill their potion kits and get more parchments and they went to quality Quidditch Supplies, they saw Neville in there begging his Grandma to let him get a broom but she wouldn’t hear of yelling something about him ending up with a million broken bones. Then Ron Suggested they go to get an Ice Cream but what he saw made him stop dead…
Should i give you the next xhapter right now?!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Why Not: Diagon Alley


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