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Why Not by Lili
Chapter 3 : Hold Me
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Uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh!!

Just as they were about to land there was a huge gust of wind and the broom wobbled violently. Ginny wasn't holding on to Colin at the moment because she had waved at the twins. She fell off the broom.

Harry, Hermione, Ron and the twins had gone outside after lunch for some fresh air.

"Harry have you heard from Si-Snuffles?"Ron asked. Ron had grown a lot over the summer taller than Fred and George. Who were running around the yard chasing Crookshanks.

"NO I haven't, he still of somewhere."

"IM sure he is fine Harry, dont worry" said Harry's other best friend, Hermione Granger.

"Yeah Harry Herm's right" Hermione blushed, she and Ron were getting flirty but still fought over the smallest things.

"Yeah, guess you're right" Harry responded plucking some grass and throwing it.

Suddenly Fred called over, "Oy! Ginny's back!" He and George waved and Ginny waved back. She was riding on the back of a broom with Colin Creevey. They all looked up just as a gust of wind blew and Ginny wobbled. She tried to regain a hold of Colin but failed. She fell off the broom about five feet above the ground.

"Ginny!" Ron, The Twins and Colin cried. They all raced to where she had fallen. Harry reached her first

"Gin- Ginny are you okay?" But Ginny was unconscious. By now everyone had joined him including a very shaken Colin. "Is-is she alright".Fred and George looked annoyed" Does she look alright mate?"
Colin fidgeted.” You’d better leave Colin before Dad decides to kill you" Colin left rather reluctantly.

"We'd better get her home...she's shaking" Hermione said touching the redheads arm, "Harry pick her up." Harry easily picked Ginny up effortlessly. The twins had run ahead to tell their mother.
Once in the Burrow Mrs. Weasley bustled around

" Oh Ginny dear!She's unconscious she must have hit her head "Mrs.Weasley said very worriedly,” Harry lay her on the couch there please." Harry walked over to the couch and tried to place Ginny on it but Ginny had her arms around his neck and was shaking. She would not let go.

"Ummmm...Mrs.Weasley?" Mrs.Weasley turned and said" Well I guess...Could you sit with her dear?"

"" Harry said very red. He sat on the couch with Ginny on his lap. Fred and George smiled.

"Imagine what Ginny will say when she finds out her one true love held her” said George. Harry blushed red again.

"I hope she's all right Hermione said as Mrs.Weasley came in.” she’ll be fine dear” She walked over to Ginny and Harry and waved her wand “She’ll be up in an hour or so. Sorry Harry dear.” She smiled” Now who was she with?
An hour or so later…

Harry’s legs were numb from not moving them. He looked down at Ginny. She looked so fragile. Harry reached over and pulled loose strands of red hair from her face. She looked so beautiful. Wait this was Ron’s sister. How could he even think that. Ginny was like a sister to him. Suddenly he was staring at open brown eyes…

Ginny suddenly awoke feeling very warm. She opened her eyes and found emerald eyes looking down at her. She realized with a start that she was in Harry’s lap and her arms were entwined around his neck.. She thought she was blushing so bad she was burning him still she didn’t let go. Harry offered a comforting smile.

“You okay Ginny?”

“Yeah I think, Harry What happened?”

“Well you were riding a broom with Colin and you fell off” Ginny remembered now.

“Oh is Colin okay?”

Harry shrugged “I guess.”

Suddenly The twins, Hermione and Ron entered The twins smirked at the sight of their sister awake. “I think Harry would like you to let go now Ginny” said Fred.

“Yeah he’s been holding you for like and hour but he doesn’t seem to be complaining.” Said George. Ginny and Harry quickly disentangled themselves both very red as Mrs’Weasley came in with some tea.

Oh Ginny you’re awake” She said giving her daughter a big hug”What made you get on the back of the boy’s broom.?” Ginny looked down. Her head hurt a lot and she couldn’t concentrate with Harry sitting so close. Harry had held her that was embarrassing.

“Mum my broom was run over. There wasn’t another way to get back.”

“Oh hunny it’s all right you just stay here for a while your father will be home soon.”Mrs. Weasley left to prepare for dinner.Ginnu was left with the Twins harry ron and hermione.

“Really Ginny you think you could’ve fallen somewhere else?”asked Fred.

“You wanted to make an entrance for Harry huh?” smirked George.

“Oh leave her alone” Sayed Hermione. Moving over with Ginny but her foot caught on the rug and she tripped. Ron moved quickly and caught her before she hit the ground. Ron held Hermione and they looked onto each others eyes. The twins nudged Harry and Ginny.

“Ron I don’t think she’ll fall anymore, she seems pretty stable now.”said George. Ron let go of Hermione both looking very flushed.


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