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Why Not by Lili
Chapter 2 : Rough Landing
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Ginny flew to Colin's home. It wasn't far but she kept of thinking of Harry. His dark hair...his green eyes.Stop Ginny, she told herself.
Ginny landed with a soft thump in front of Colin's house. She went up to the door and apetite woman opened the door.
"Hello Mrs. Creevey, is Colin ready?"

"hi Ginny yes he'll be right down"
Ginny waited paciently outside and Colin bounded out the door with his broom in hand.

"hiya Ginny! ready?"

"Duh Colin!Let's go!" They both got on their brooms and and zoomed to a small witch restaurant near his home. Colin had invited Ginny to have lunch. Ginny knew Colin liked her but she didn't know what to do about it. They went in and ordered food and had a pleasant conversation. Colin was kinda cute if you thought about it. He was very funny thought Ginny but then again so is Harry...

"Ginny are you ready. we gotta go you have to be back at the burrow."

" huh?oh yeah let's go" Colin gallantly pulled her chair out and offered his arm. Ginny laughed,her eyes sparkling, and took his arm. They walked out in to the fresh air. They were about to grab their brooms when Ginny noticed it was missing.

"Oh shit!" she cried. Then one of the waiters came up to her. "is there a problem Miss?"

"Yes!Somebody took my broom."

"Oh about that Miss teriblly sorry a car ran over it. We dispose of it" And the waiter walked away leaving ginny staring and fuming.


"Its okay ginny I'll take you home." Colin climbed on his broom adn nodded to Ginny to get on the back. Ginny hesitated she didn't want to encourage Colin.

"I want bite Gin"
Ginny giggled.They were friends that's all. She climbed on the back of his broom and held on around his waist. They took off and Ginny relaxed. They flew up in to the clouds.

" Hey Gin?"


"When are you going to Diagon Alley?"

" Probably a week before term starts. Why?"

"So we can meet up there"

"OKay I'll owl you when we go"

"thanks Gin, oh look there's the burrow". Ron, Harry and hermione were out side with the twins.

Just as they were about to land there was a huge gust of wind and the broom wobbled violently. Ginny wasn't holding on to Colinat the moment because she had waved at the twins. She fell off the broom.

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