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Slytherin Angel by Blonde Bubbles
Chapter 7 : Got the Giggles...
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Please Please Review, this is my fav chapter so far, sorry its taken me so long to update but this isn't the main story i'm working on, the sequel to butterfly kisses is taking up alot of my time to that i spend working on this, and honestly, its funner to write than this one is.. but still please read and review! I promise i won't just up and stop wrting... i will finish it.

Emotion ran think in your veins, you fought back the tears, promising yourself you wouldn’t cry over him anymore. “Don’t get too worked up, I’ve found a potion that will keep you awake for about 6 hours at a time, but this potion is poison, you’ll take it, you’ll stay awake, then around half past the 5th hour you’ll get a splitting head ache, then you’ll need a second potion, one that will stop the poison from killing you, got that?” Snape asked walking to stand beside your bed.

You nodded, “This will have to do till I find a overall cure, may have a few side effects though is the back thing,” You nodded again. “Thank you professor,” You looked down at nothing in particular just to avoid Snape’s gaze.

“Sera-” Snape began then thought better of it, stood up and walked out of the room. You took the time now to sneak out, let them find you later in your room.

You tossed the covers off you once more, got up out of bed, walked to the door and glanced both ways looking for teachers, Malfoy’s dad’s words refilled your head as you rushed down he corridor, Then Malfoy’s leave, How could be do that to you, how on earth could be just stand there and let him say those thinks to you, and then get up and leave when his father said that he didn’t need to be there.

Breaking your promise to yourself you let tears fall down your face, crimson tears, never in your life had you cried for no reason at all just to be crying, so naturally all you had ever cried was tear of crimson.

Soon you had began you sob quietly, rushing your way down the halls, until you bumped into someone, who turned out to be Professor Lupin, “Sorry Professor,” You wiped your face quickly. “Why are you crying? Come on in my office, have some tea, or hot chocolate,” He ushered you into his classroom, and conjured up some mugs, and hot coco.

“Would you like to tell me what’s wrong?” He asked sipping for his mug. “Draco’s dad, Said some stuff,” You said quietly taking a drink of hot coco. “Let me guess, it had to do with your mother being muggle born, or you being not a true blood ?” You nodded.

“We don’t choose are blood, we don’t choose are mums or dads, some people just can’t understand that,” Lupin explained. “He said I was a disgrace to Slytherin, didn’t know what the hat was thinking and I was a.. mudblood,” You said the last word quietly.

“Sometimes the hat Doesn’t put you in the house that’s best for you, It puts us in the house that you belong in,” He smiled, the lines in his tired face more visible. “I don’t understand,” you were telling the truth you didn’t know what in the world he was talking about.

“Let me give you an example, You know Hermione right?” You nod, “Smartest witch I’ve meet, You’d think that the sorting hat would have put her in Ravenclaw but yet he put her in Gryffindor, why? Because, the sorting hat knew that she was destined to be friends with Harry and Ron, You were put in Slytherin for a reason, I think the answer lies with young Malfoy,” You sighed.

“What are you doing out of the hospital wing?” The Classroom door opened and Snape rushed in, anger written all over his face.

“I’m sorry, I-” You were cut off by Lupin, “she seemed a little upset, so I offered her a cup of coco care to join us?” Lupin Smiled. “No thank you Lupin, I’ve got to get her back to the Hospital wing, come along now miss Ashton,” He left with a swish of his cloak, you rushed to follow him waving to Lupin.

Oddly enough as you walked the hall ways following the professor back to the hospital, you were finding it harder and harder to think about Malfoy, to think about any of your problems really. You were beginning to feel a little more carefree, Odd thoughts were popping up in your head, making you giggle.

You found it extremely hard, near impossible to stop giggling, or walk straight for that matter. Professor Snape turned back to you, making you run right into him. “sorry professor,” you managed through giggles. “Why can’t to just let the potion work?” he sighed, around this time Malfoy came back around the corner. “Oh there you are Sera, I was just wanting to explain, my dad he-- Sera are you okay?” You continued laughing.

“Side effect form her potion, made her a bit off- follow me, I have a cure in my office,” He began to walk toward the dungeons. “Come on Sera lets go,” He said leading Snape’s way. You stopped again, you really weren’t thinking straight now, you could see what you were doing, but you couldn’t really register you stop it.

You pulled of both of your shoes and tosses them aside and took of in a run passing up professor Snape, then began to slide on the marble floor in your socked feet. You lipped and landed with on your back side with a loud thud, you still giggling stood up again stumbling a bit and looked back at the to men who were trying to catch up.

Snape’s lips were curling, though he was desperately trying not to smile., they were still standing back a ways. You took off running again, sliding right into Malfoy knocking him clean off his feet, you landing on top of him. He stood up and helped you up as well, you just giggled and started to spin round and round and round and round.

“you know professor, I think I like her better this way, she doesn’t seem to be mad at me,” Malfoy looked over to Snape, “Yes, she does seem a bit more happy, But think what havoc she would cause in the class rooms,” he shook his head a smirk on his face. “Draaacoo,” You skip, literally over to them, “She speaks,” He chuckled, “What?”

“I umm..” You paused, “I forgot, *laugh* but I Uhh.. Whoa,” You tumble over, Draco catching you and standing you up, You turn around and continue walking, “Sera,” You stop and turn to look at professor Snape who spoke, “Please don’t walk into that wall,” He points, and you look around to where you were walking, and there was the hall way wall.

“Oh..” You flip your hair over your shoulder, waking yourself lose balance and fall head first into the wall anyway. You giggled and sit up as blood trickled don’t your face. You stopped giggling for only a second, and your face gets all serious, “That hurt,” You begin to giggle again. “Maybe we should hurry, Before she really hurts her self,” Malfoy help you up then picks you up and continues down to the dungeon.


Lol hope you liked it, i can't wait to start the next chapter and see all your wonderful reviews, if you leave any... PLEASE PLEASE REVIEW!!!!!

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