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Time Flows By by Healer_25
Chapter 7 : Meeting with love one at a time
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Authors Note, all the previous chapters including this one have been edited, new information and the such, so you migy wish to read those again too.

"Harry! oh I'm so glad you came!" Harry bent down and enfolded Hermione in his arms, He didn't care who saw he bent his head down and looked at Hermione, she looked so perfectly innocent, didn't even know she was going to be kissed in a moment. Harry leaned into Hermione's range and kissed her soft lips. Her eyes widen with shock of such an open gesture, but she quickly returned the kiss. It was sweet, but it tasted so good.

"Oh, Harry... I..." Harry shook his head to say to Hermione he had more to tell her, much more.

"I just wanted to show how much I missed you and how much I love you. Hermione I could never truly feel magical unless I was going out with you." Harry looked so happy but at the same time he was absolutely petrified and Hermione knew it.

"Harry of course I will go out with you!" She felt like she was absolutely glowing, she wouldn't even need a wand to light up the room. She almost forgot to tell Harry about how Leo was acting. She needed his help, she wanted him to stand outside the room so that if anything went wrong they would have someone strong to help.

"Harry, Leo's being drawn by a wand that we found, you remember the day when you snuck up on us? Well it was that day, she's been stalking the corridors around there and I won't be able to hold her off for much longer. So I want you to stand outside the room waiting for us, it should only take ten or so minutes to cast the spell to ensure the wand is safe, after that we'll come out." Harry was a bit shocked he didn't even fully know what had been going on, sure the tour that Draco had given was nice, but that had no information to how Leo was becoming distant.

"Than why do you need me there Hermione? I mean if I'm only standing guard it shouldn't be that dangerous."

"It's just a fail safe Harry, How have classes been?" Hermione didn't want to dwell on the wand anymore, she wanted to know everything about Harry.

"Good, they're harder without you there but I still see you some days, Ron and I are studying as hard as we can, He's glad that Leo told him about Lily, but he really liked Leo too, she didn't seem to even notice!" Hermione smiled she knew they would work hard, but at least they had some slacking to do.

"She noticed but she likes other people, I'm glad things are working out with Lily and Ron, its always nice to seem him happy. Are you looking forward to starting to train?" Harry noticed that Hermione was pushing to change the conversation really quickly he guessed she was a bit uncomfortable with what Leo was going through.

"Oh god yes, I've told everyone I can think of, Even Fred and George are going to come by, Dumbledore's letting them as they were unfairly let go. so they'll be coming by once a week to train with us! I'm so excited... Filch is down right angry though, he thinks they're going to trap the school with pranks all over. I doubt that it would be everywhere but who knows its Fred and George." Hermione looked up at the waitress and thanked her for the Butterbeers.

"Well our Butterbeer has arrived, lets just drink and talk about more personal things, come and slide over here." Hermione patted the seat beside her and looked to Harry, he definitely caught on to what she wanted to do.

~ Back at the Terrafin House ~

"Alright Draco what do you want?" Leo put her hands on her hips, she had been doing something quite important just a few moments ago.

"We're here to train don't you remember, we just set the time a week ago."

"Oops, no I guess I forgot," Leo's face starts to turn a bright red "Look lets just start the practise session."

Draco and Leo move towards the center pit, its vibrant red mixed with black. They face each other and bow, taking out their wands, their wands suddenly fly out of their hands looking around they see both of their fairy's holding up their wands, nodding their heads Leo and Draco face each other and begin the fight.

Draco looked at Leo for a moment judging how he should fight her, she was so easy on the eyes. He spread his legs so he would be balanced, looking at her one last time he started to circle getting ready to catch her.

Leo looked at Draco, ah so he wants a physical fight does he, well this will knock him off his rocker, Leo started to concentrate on both her hands and Draco she watched as he circled she began to dodge his attacks, she concentrated on the orb of light she had in her hands, Draco's eyes widened and he ducked just in time for the orb of light that was hurtling towards him.

"Time!" Draco shouted unsure of how he should continue, "how did you do that? I can't fight if she's going to do that" Draco pleaded at both Leo and his Fairy.

"Sigh, alright watch her again and try to mimic the actions, concentrate on your inner power, thats it, feel it grow it will tell you when to throw, thats right now throw it! Good! Begin the fight again!"

Draco sighed and faced Leo again, he could almost imagine her saying she'd go easier on him. They began circling again it was easier to form the energy balls this time. He started hurtling them at her one after another, she matched his tempo and when it bored her she raised the speed going faster and faster. Draco could barely keep up he was getting exhausted, what was going on, He looked at Leo wanting her to stop she looked like there was a halo of energy surrounding her. Draco's eyes widen in shock!

"Leo! What's going on!" Draco watched as Leo concentrated on her powers again she was going for a large energy burst, forcing her magic into higher stronger more volatile realms. The power, Leo felt so alive with the power, she felt it consume her.

"Draco stop her, she's become energy she'll destroy herself, get in there now!" All the fairies had flown into the chamber trying to quell the energy that Leo was producing they pleaded with Draco to do something, anything.

Draco thought for a moment, she looks like fire, Water! Water puts out fire! Draco began to concentrate feeling like water swimming in it anything that reminded him of water, he felt so utterly wet, he went over to Leo he could just see her looking out at him, pain, confusion, frustration flitting across her face, Draco leaned down and hugged Leo as hard as he could. It was so hard to hold on, he bent down into the fires and kissed Leo, her eyes flung open in shock.


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