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Harry goes to the Mall by Lalis
Chapter 1 : Harry goes to the Mall
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The golden trio and Draco, who had developed a sudden liking for muggles, had decided to go to the mall, over here in Brazil! They met at the entrance, and after a short talk, they split up in different directions.

When Hermione saw Handbook (A/n: it’s a clothing store, for those who don’t know), she pulled her brand-new boyfriend Harry by the wrist and yelled:

“OMG those jeans are still here!” Harry had the most and what do you mean? Look ever, but Hermione was out of control. She said:

“Harry, would you buy me those? Please?” He looked at her incredulously.

“No, I would not! They don’t accept wizard money here, Mione, I only brought enough muggle money for the potato chips we’ll eat later…”

“NOT EVEN FOR THE SODA?” She screamed ever so angrily. Harry got scared by her reaction.

“Err… I thought you could pay the soda, my aunt and uncle nearly died when I asked them for money…” He replied, rather embarrassed.

“Oh, I don’t care Harry, just buy me the jeans!”

“Hermione, I…” He started, but she didn’t let him finish.

“Harry Potter, buy me those or I’ll break up with you right now!”

“Then do! I-have-got-no-muggle-money, darn it! Besides, I don’t even know any Portuguese.”

“Please, people everywhere speak English.”

“No, Hermione, I will not buy you the jeans.”

“Alright then. We’re over!”

“Fine by me!” They went in different directions. That was when Harry saw his ex-girlfriend, a Brazilian black-skinned girl called Marta. That’s when he got out of control, and that’s always a problem.

“MARTAAAAAAAAA!” He screamed, running on her direction. “Marta…” He poked her shoulder. “Hey, Marta, you…”

“Fala português, ô estúpido! (Speak Portuguese, you stupid!)” The girl replied, turning around to face him. It was not Marta.

“Uh… sorry…” He went away, blushing.


Ron was wandering around the mall with Hermione (who had decided to join him after breaking up with Harry), and he was absolutely fascinated.

“Oh, my gosh! Look at that cap! And those watches! And oh dear, look at those glasses!” He sounded like a little girl.

“You don’t wear glasses, Ron.” Hermione replied impatiently.

“Well, for this ones, I would! I mean, look at them!”

“Shut up Ron, you’re such a girl!”

“No, but look at the glasses, Hermione!”

“Oh God. Ron, you’re crazy.”


“WHAT DO YOU MEAN, YOU DON’T ACCEPT GALLEONS?” Draco yelled at the McDonald’s lady.

“I-I’m sorry, dear, but my boss sayed (A/n: I know it’s “said”, but she doesn’t) so…”


“We can not accept this money!”

“Do you know who I am?”


“Draco Malfoy!”

“So? Please, there is more people waiting…” The woman’s English was terrible. A little girl from the end of the line screamed:

“Caramba, sai! (Bloody hell, get out!)”

Draco went to the end of the line and pulled off his wand to the girl.

“Easy there, mate!”

“Mamãããããããe… Esse moço tá falando inglês comiiiiiigo... (Mommyyyyy... This man is speaking English with meeeeeeee...)” She shouted, running out of the line.

Draco exited McDonald’s furiously, and went to meet the Golden Trio at the entrance of the mall.

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Harry goes to the Mall: Harry goes to the Mall


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