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As Lovers Go by Weasley Freckles
Chapter 1 : As Lovers Go
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a/n: I am in a fluffy kinda mood. Rare for me. You might want to take a picture, seeing as this will most likely not happen again…or at least it won’t happen often! ^.~ Anyway, this is a one-shot songficlet about how James finally convinced Lily to go out with him. I hope you enjoy it and please be kind and type me a few words at the end! Many thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: Okay, it’s a simple concept. I’m not a talented enough writer to own Harry Potter, so why are you even asking? And I’m musically challenged, so how could I possibly own the song As Lovers Go? These things belong to the ingenious people known as JK Rowling and Dashboard Confessional. Why are you even asking me such ridiculous questions?! *sigh* Silly lawyers…

As Lovers Go

“James loves Lily!”

It was something that had been shouted across classrooms and written on stalls in the girls’ bathrooms since their second year. The phrase had become as common as, “Good morning!” or “Erm—a dragon ate my homework.” Even the Hogwarts staff knew a bit about James Potter’s fickle attempts to win a date with Lily Evans.

As November of their seventh year was drawing to a close, James was as diligent as ever in his quest to capture Lily’s heart. Now, all of the people who had been watching him get rejected again and again over the years were beginning to wonder why the boy was even wasting his time. Clearly, the girl was not interested. Besides, all he wanted was a chance to point at her in the hallways and nudge one of his friends and say, “I went out with that girl once.” Right?

James hated these kinds of people. Why didn’t anyone believe he actually had feelings for Lily? He even asked his best friend, Sirius Black, this very question the previous week:

“Why doesn’t anyone think I’m serious about Lily, Padfoot?” James sighed through the mashed potatoes Lily had just dumped over his head after he had asked her to go to Hogsmeade with him for the thousandth time.

“That’s an easy question,” Sirius replied. “Because you’re never serious about anything!”

“Sure I am!” James replied defensively.

His friend looked at him blankly.

“Last week you called Severus your best friend and then dumped a quart of dragon liver down his pants,” Sirius said, as if this closed the matter.

James sighed, knowing his friend was probably right. But still, the matter of the girl he fancied was a bit different than the matter of the boy he loathed. Couldn’t these doubtful people see that his heart stopped beating every time he glanced at her across a boring History of Magic lesson? Didn’t they notice how his eyes followed her long after she had passed him in the corridors? Hadn’t they seen him in the morning, falling asleep into his plate of eggs because he hadn’t slept a wink the night before, unable to get her off his mind?

No. These were all the facts they had neglected. And he was determined to prove all these stupid people wrong by convincing Lily to go out with him. It had become his solitary goal to at least convince her that he wasn’t just fooling around.

So now James sat on the edge of his four-poster, tying his shoelace and thinking hard about what he could do to change her mind as he headed out the door for his Head Boy duties. Tonight he would be patrolling the halls with the Head Girl—who, coincidentally enough, was Lily Evans. He was getting desperate; he had to work some magic soon if he was ever going to win this girl over. And he wasn’t talking about the kind of magic you could get by flicking your wand, either. He needed to complete his mission. Fast.

“Tonight’s the night, Padfoot!” James called on his way out the portrait hole.

“He says that every night,” Sirius sighed as his friend Remus nodded in agreement.

She said, “I gotta be honest.
You’re wasting your time if you’re fishin’ ‘round here.”

I said, “You must be mistaken.
I’m not foolin’. This feeling is real…”

“Lumos!” James muttered into the darkness of the corridor he was traveling through.

Light flooded the hallway and James caught sight of a beautiful redhead at the other end of the corridor. As he saw her, light seemed to flood into his heart as well.

It was a moment for action.

“Hey, Evans!” James called to her, walking forward and trying to resist the urge to run his hand through his untidy black hair.

Lily sighed heavily and replied, “What, Potter? And could you try not to scream? I’d rather you didn’t wake up the whole castle.”

“Sorry, Lily,” James said, deciding he’d try the first name route to see if he’d get a different tone of voice out of it. He supposed it sort of worked, as she looked up at him with wide eyes, shocked by the sudden change of titles. Oh well, at least he had her attention…

“Erm—” he coughed awkwardly. “Look, Lily, I just wanted to say—”

She sighed heavily once again, and James felt like a lead weight was sinking in his chest.

“What?” James said, wondering if he was about to regret even asking.

“Well—okay, look, Potter,” she said, sighing once again. “Quite frankly, you’ve been nothing but an irritant these past seven years. But over the past couple months, I guess I’ve learned to tolerate you.”

“Well, gee thanks,” James said sarcastically, cocking an eyebrow and wondering if this was supposed to make him feel better.

“No, really,” Lily said. “I could call you more of an acquaintance now, I guess. Anyway, I’m not trying to be rude by turning you down, James.” He looked at her hopefully. She had never called him ‘James’ before. “It’s just, in all honesty, I don’t really date anyone. I like to concentrate more on school than on the whole romance thing. And even if I did concentrate on the romance thing—I’d rather have something—well—more serious, you know? I don’t want just a fling—”

“Lily, I’m serious,” James said desperately, throwing caution to the winds. “You may not believe me, but I’ve never been more serious about anything. I honestly do care about you and how you feel. Can’t you at least give me a chance?”

Lily looked up at him, staring into his dark eyes that were simply pleading at her. She couldn’t help it—she burst laughing.

She said, “You’ve gotta be crazy.
What do you take me for?
Some kind of easy mark?”

You’ve got wit,
You’ve got looks,
You’ve got passion,
But I swear that you’ve got me all wrong…

James felt his eyes narrowing and his shoulders slumping as she leaned against the wall for support. Tears of mirth filled her brilliant green eyes.

“That’s a great line, Potter,” Lily said, gasping for breath. “Do you use that one on all the girls? Hmm?”

She continued to chuckle. James felt his heart ripping in two.

It hurt like hell.

“You really think I’m that shallow?” he asked in a quiet voice.

Finally stopping her giggling fit, Lily looked at him.

“Forgive me for not seeing your sincerity, Potter, but yeah, I do,” she said, crossing her arms across her chest. “Tell me—if you really cared about me so much all these years, how come you went out with other girls while you went after me, hmm? Answer that one, Potter. I’m simply dying to know the answer.”

James’s attitude changed quickly from hurt to anger. He could feel heat rising in his neck and the blood pumping in his ears.

“If you really want to know, Evans,” he spat, putting all the emphasis on the name, “I went out with those other—what was it—TWO people?—because I was trying to forget about you. Neither one of them lasted very long because you kept coming back into my head. There was something different about you—and there still is. It drives me crazy how no one believes me but I’ll swear on all that is good I’m gonna do everything in my power to convince you I’m not just joking around here.” He breathed heavily, staring back into her stony face. Clearly he wasn’t being convincing enough.

“Enjoy the rest of your duties, then,” he said.

And with that he rushed off in the opposite direction in search of a different corridor to patrol, leaving her glaring at his back.

All wrong…
All wrong…
...But you’ve got me…

I’ll be true.
I’ll be useful.
I’ll be cavalier.
I’ll be yours, my dear,
And I’ll belong to you,
If you’d just let me through.

This is easy as lovers go.
So don’t complicate it by hesitating.
And this is wonderful as loving goes.
This is tailor-made, what’s the sense in waiting?

As he walked back and forth, back and forth, back and forth across the same hallway on the sixth floor his mind was racing. Lily didn’t believe him. He couldn’t make her believe him no matter what he did. But he couldn’t give up…he’d never give up. He imagined himself as an eighty-year-old man, running after Evans down a busy street, shouting at her how they were meant for each other…

Didn’t she see it? They were perfect for each other! In every possible way they were simply meant to be. He didn’t know the proper way to explain it; he could simply feel it. Something inside him screamed it every time he saw her. If someone else got that girl before he did…he didn’t even want to think about what he’d do.

It was official. James Potter was losing his mind. He’d be reaching insanity any day now.

He suddenly felt very dizzy and tired. He knew he wasn’t doing much good in the corridor anyway, so he slowly made his way to the staircase and back up to Gryffindor Tower.

In a ghostly state of mind, he sulked into the nearly empty common room and into a chair across from where Sirius sat on the floor bull-shitting his way through a Charms report that was due in a couple hours’ time. Out of the corner of his weary eyes, he saw Sirius look confusedly from his watch to James, a quizzical look on his good-natured face.

“Er—not that I’m not thrilled to see you or anything,” Sirius said jokingly, “but you aren’t supposed to be back for another couple of hours.”

James sighed heavily, muttering a quick, “I know.”

Sirius cocked an eyebrow.

“Sooo…” Sirius shut his book and propped himself up on his elbows, fluttering his eyelashes in the same sarcastic way. “You wanna tell the love doctor what you did this time?”

James snorted. Sirius may have been good-looking, but he thought the term “love doctor” was stretching the truth a bit too far. The boy had never kept a girlfriend for more than a week as far as James had ever seen.

He sighed again. Even jokes from his best and funniest friend weren’t able to distract him from the inevitable truth that was sinking in.

“I’m not ever gonna have her, am I, Sirius?” James said in a hallow tone.

“Yeah, hate to break it to you, Prongsie,” Sirius said, patting James’s knee in a sympathetic manner (or at least in a sarcastic sympathetic manner). “I was surprised it took you this long to come to your senses! Honestly, you were going after the one girl in the whole year who wouldn’t have you. You need to go after someone else, mate—”

“It’s her, though, Sirius,” James said, staring into space. He put his face in his hands, squishing his cheeks and running his hands through his hair in frustration. “It has to be her. No one else is like her…”

And I said, “I’ve gotta be honest—
I’ve been waiting for you all my life.”
So long I thought I was asylum-bound
But just seeing you makes me think twice…

James looked up at his friend, who was staring at him sincerely this time.

“I know you guys think I’m crazy,” James admitted. “I know you think I could have anyone else—and hell, maybe I could. But I don’t want anyone else, Sirius. Lily…she just makes me crazy…I can’t even explain it…”

Sirius grinned.

“Wow…” he said. “You really love her don’t you?”

James looked up, startled by his friend’s choice of words.

“Love?!” he spat out. “I don’t know about that, Padfoot—”

“Oh, c’mon!” Sirius said, his barking laughter filling the empty common room. “You’ve been writing her initials on all your belongings and screaming her name out in the middle of the night as long as I can remember! If that’s not “love” I don’t know what is, Prongs!”

James felt his ears turning red. He had wanted people to believe him, but had he been that painstakingly obvious?!

Sirius smiled again.

“You’ll get her, James,” he said in all seriousness. “Don’t give up just yet.”

James sighed again, flopping back in his chair and staring at the ceiling.

“By the way, next time you write in that diary of yours, could you write about me, or Remus, or even Peter?” Sirius said with a mischievous smirk. “Reading about Evans every day is getting awfully boring—”

He found himself tackled to the ground by a furious James Potter seconds later.

And being with you here makes me sane.
I fear I’ll go crazy if you leave my side.

You’ve got wits,
You’ve got looks,
You’ve got passion,
But are you brave enough to leave with me tonight?

A few days later, James was feeling much better about things. Lily did seem generally sorry about their confrontation a couple nights before, but she still didn’t seem to believe him fully. Today, he was going to use her apologetic and pitiful nature against her…

After Transfiguration class ended, everyone else was rushing out of the room to get a seat at lunch, but not James. He was too busy cornering Lily. He wasn’t going to let her leave the room until she agreed to his newest proposal.

“James, could you move? I had to skip breakfast to study this morning and I’m starving,” Lily asked nicely as she could manage, trying her hardest to be patient with the insufferable boy.

“Sure, I’ll move,” James said, flashing his trademark grin, “as soon as you agree to meet me at the Quidditch pitch after we win our match against Ravenclaw on Saturday.”

Losing her cool rather quickly, Lily rolled her eyes.

“Potter, you should learn not to stand between a girl and her lunch hour,” she said in an irritated voice.

“C’mon, Lily, what could it hurt?” he said. She looked up at him again, surprised by the change in the name he was addressing her by. He couldn’t quite make out the emotion on her face, so he told himself it was a good sign. Needing a little back up, James looked past Lily to where their teacher stood at the front of the room collecting papers and pretending she wasn’t listening. “What do you think, Professor McGonagall? Should Evans go out with me on Saturday night?”

Although her expression was as stern as ever, James swore he saw a smile flicker across her face before she said, “Potter, get out of my classroom…Now.”

He stepped aside and let Lily pass. She was flying down the marble staircase before he could catch up with her.

“What’s your answer, Evans?!” he called hopefully, making passerby stare. ‘He’s at it again!’ they laughed, but he could care less. His life depended on her answer.

She turned around and stared. Did he EVER give up?

Lily sighed.

“I’ll think about it, Potter.”

…You’ve got me…

I’ll be true.
I’ll be useful.
I’ll be cavalier.
I’ll be yours, my dear,
And I’ll belong to you,
If you just let me through.

This is easy as lovers go.
So don’t complicate it by hesitating.
And this is wonderful as loving goes.
This is tailor-made, what’s the sense in waiting?

“What’d she say, Prongs?” Sirius asked as James happily bounded into a seat beside Remus, who looked up from his Shepard’s pie to see his answer.

“She said ‘maybe!’ ” James said happily, his grin spreading from ear to ear. “That’s the closest thing I’ve gotten to a ‘yes’ in seven whole years!”

Remus laughed and clapped him on the shoulder. “Well congrats in that case, James. All hope is not lost!”

As James loaded his plate with food in a giddy fashion, Sirius looked up and saw a redhead watching them from the doors of the Great Hall. She flushed and walked away when she saw he had noticed her spying. A sudden idea coming to mind, Sirius stood up and left the Hall with the excuse that he needed to make up his paper for their upcoming History of Magic class. Remus cocked an eyebrow at him; he knew Sirius had faked his way through that paper at breakfast. But he said nothing and let his friend leave, sitting there by himself, listening to James babble on and on about how excited he was at the prospect of her saying yes to his request.

Sirius leaped up the marble staircase and spotted Evans’s retreating back heading up a hidden flight of stairs.

“Hey, Lily!” he shouted after her, jogging to catch up.

She spun around, waiting for him to say something. He swallowed hard.

“What is it, Sirius?” she asked. “I have to go to the library before this break is over.”

“Umm…” Sirius began. Not the strong start he had been hoping for, but it would have to do. “Listen, Lily, I know you and James haven’t always been on the best of terms—” Here Lily rolled her eyes and turned to head on her way. “—no, Lily, please…” Sirius grabbed her arm to stop her and she spun around, shooting daggers through her gorgeous green eyes. “Please, just hear me out? I wouldn’t have run after you if I didn’t care about my friend and know he was a good guy, right?”

Lily though on that for a minute, and then spun around to face Sirius.

“You have thirty seconds,” she said stiffly.

He took a deep breath.

“Okay, Lily, I know you don’t believe him but, trust me, I’m James’s best friend,” he said, trying to make this as wretched and heart-felt as he could. “He’s not kidding when he says he cares about you. He really does, Lily. He talks about you all the time.”

Lily flushed slightly.

Jackpot, Sirius thought, mentally patting himself on the back. He was such a smooth-talker.

He went on, “He’s been crazy about you for as long as I’ve known him, Lily. And you may not agree to go out with him, but he’s never gonna give up on you. He’s tried a thousand times and we’ve all tried to help him…but he can’t forget you. He thinks you’re the most amazing thing to ever walk the earth.”

Her face was as red as her hair. Damn, he was good. James would owe him a HUGE favor for this…

“You may think you can do better than James,” Sirius said, milking it for all it was worth, “but I promise you—you’re never gonna find a guy that loves you as much as he has these past few years.”

Her eyes were wide and her expression was of one who was stuck at a crossroads. Sirius could tell she was seriously contemplating throwing everything she’d ever taught herself about James Potter out the window.

“Just do me a favor, okay?” Sirius said. “Just…think about what I said before you say no, alright? It wouldn’t kill you to give the guy a chance, trust me. He’s the best person I know, Lily…” Sirius was being completely honest and hoped that Lily could see that in his eyes. “Just think about that.”

And as he turned to head down the marble staircase, he heard someone calling after him.

“Sirius?” Lily said.

He smiled. Clearing his expression, he turned around and said as casually as he could, “Yeah?”

“Could you—um—” she brushed her hair behind her ear. “Could you tell James I’ll meet him at the entrance of the stadium on Saturday? After the game?”

I am amazing, Sirius thought.

“Sure, I’ll tell him.”

She thanked him and headed off up the stairs. Sirius sighed. As much as he wanted to give himself credit for this, he knew really couldn’t. Even Sirius Black, the jokester who couldn’t be serious for ten seconds if he really tried, knew that this was real.

“I hope you get her, James,” he said to no one in particular.

And with that he headed back downstairs to finish his lunch.

This is easy as lovers go.
So don’t complicate it by hesitating.
And this is wonderful as loving goes.
This is tailor-made, what’s the sense in waiting?

James showered and changed as quickly as he could after the game on Saturday. He had seen the Snitch at least seven times before he allowed himself to catch it; he had to wait for dusk to fall before he ended the game. He wanted everything to be perfect tonight…

Grabbing his broomstick, he headed out of the locker rooms and walked across the empty Quidditch pitch. Sirius had helped him get everyone out of the stadium by threatening to drop a bag full of dung bombs if people didn’t move it on out of there. James smiled to himself. After all Sirius had done for him over the past couple of days, James was now one hundred percent certain he would never find a better friend anywhere. He was a truly lucky guy…

And there she was, waiting nervously at the entrance of the pitch just as she had promised. James was certain she had never looked more beautiful, which was a hard task really, seeing as she was always the center of attention in any room. He felt his heart begin to pound. This was it, he was finally going to have his date with Lily Evans.

She smiled at him. He smiled back.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi,” he replied.

“So…” she said, clapping her hands together once and rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet. “What’re we doing?”

James, still smiling slightly, mounted his broom stick and kicked off. He made a quick lap around the stadium as she walked out from sidelines. He slowly circled above her, not daring to take his eyes off her for fear that he might wake up and find that this was a cruel dream, taunting him incredulously with the one thing he could never seem to get his hands on.

He blinked. She was still there, smiling at him. It wasn’t a dream.

“D’you wanna go for a ride?” he asked her, flying lower.

She looked unsure of the safety of two people riding a broomstick only made for one. James saw her anxiety.

“I’m a good flyer, and I swear on my life I won’t let you fall,” James said with a grin. “Besides, that wouldn’t be too polite of me to let you die on our first date.”

She chuckled.

“Okay then,” she said.

He landed lightly on the ground beside her. She couldn’t seem to stop smiling as she gracefully seated herself in front of him on the broomstick, sitting in a lady-like sidesaddle fashion. Wrapping his arms around her and gripping the broomstick, James felt as light as a feather as he kicked off from the ground and rose higher and higher into the air.

Lily gasped as they flew over the trees of the Forbidden Forest and grabbed onto James for fear of falling. He smiled at her, unable to believe his amazing fortune. He was taking Lily Evans on a broomstick ride over the Hogwarts grounds…he had to be the luckiest person on earth.

“Are you ever gonna trust me?” he whispered in her ear.

She smiled. “I haven’t decided yet.”

“Let me help you out…”

“Don’t even THINK about it—”

Too late. He was flying fast now, swirling and looping through the dark blue clouds. Lily was screaming as if on a roller coaster. James laughed happily, doing a few loop-the-loops around the setting sun. Lily was laughing now too—James had never had the pleasure of seeing her so happy while she was in his company. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her…she was too beautiful.

He slowed the broomstick and swooped down lower so that Lily’s toes were grazing the tops of the tallest trees. She leaned back against his chest, smiling at the first stars that were starting to appear in the night sky. He was afraid she would be able to feel his heart pounding…

Flying lower still, James hovered over the lake. Lily reached down a gentle hand and ran her fingers through the water as they flew by, creating ripples along its peaceful surface. It was like the way she had came into his life—moving things inside him he didn’t know were even there. He wanted to be her everything. At that moment he would have changed anything if Lily said she would be his forever…

He halted his broomstick, hovering in place over the crystal clear water. The two of them stared at their reflections.

“Thank you, James,” Lily said, her eyes sparkling like emeralds as they met his in their reflection.

“No, thank you, Lily,” James said, seriously.

Lily traced the water with her toe, distorting their images.

“I don’t think I’ll ever forget this…” she said.

James’s heart skipped a beat. Something was coming over him.

“Lily?” he asked, turning to look at her.

She looked up, her eyes shining brighter than anything James had ever seen.

“Yes, James?” she asked in a small voice.

Without even pausing to think, James leaned in and kissed her. He was overcome with emotion as she kissed him back. He was convinced it was impossible to feel happier than he felt right now…

Parting their lips, James placed a hand on her cheek and stared deeply into her eyes.

“What was that for?” Lily asked, staring back.

James smiled.

“For giving me a chance,” he answered.

Lily returned his smile, and leaned in to kiss him once more.

This is easy as lovers go.
So don’t complicate it by hesitating.
And this is easy as lovers go.
Tailor-made…what’s the sense in waiting?

a/n: *fidgets nervously* I feel so out of my element writing a romance fic. How’d I do? Please let me know by reviewing! I love you! Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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