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For Love And Money by pretty in pink
Chapter 4 : Desperation and Draco
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(A/N - thanks to all my reviewers, you know who you are! very much appreciated!)

DISCLAIMER - I own nothing, sadly.

Hermione grabbed her quill and parchment and scribbled another letter in reply;

Don’t cancel the treatment and don’t tell mum. I’ll get you the money you need, I’ll get a job in Hogsmeade over the holidays and work as many hours as I can. I promise I’ll get money, just do what you can.
Love, Hermione x

The bird sped off through the late afternoon orange sky towards her house, just as the first flakes of snow began to fall. Hermione grabbed her cloak and headed out of the dorm, heading for the secret passage which would take her straight to Hogsmeade.

‘How can I help you dear?’

Hermione smiled at the young witch behind the counter. ‘Hi, I was wondering if you have any vacancies for Christmas staff?’

‘No, honey, I’m afraid we don’t’

‘Oh, okay. Well, thanks anyway.’ Hermione replied, leaving the shop. That was only the first one. The next one will be more successful. Eighteen stops later, and all she’d heard was exactly the same thing, although the young man at the last shop had explained that unlike the muggle shops, wizarding shops tended to be quieter around Christmas, particularly in Hogsmeade as the Hogwarts students were their best customers and most of them had returned home for the holidays. Great, she thought, There aren’t any more shops here, and I can’t go anywhere else. Now how am I going to get the money? She trudged through the rapidly falling snow back to the passage to Hogwarts.

Stomping through the common room, she completely ignored Malfoy, and went to her bedroom and flung herself onto her bed, howling, tears flowing down her cheeks.


The next week passed quickly for Hermione, as she looked everywhere for a way of making money, but she could find none. With only four days to go until Christmas, the deadline for payment of her mother’s treatment, she was desperate. And so, as she lay in bed that night, thinking over all her deadended (A/N - is that even a word?) attempts to make money, a drastic idea popped into her head. It had been floating around suppressed in the back of her mind for a few days already, but now it seemed like her only solution. But I couldn’t, could I? she debated, What’s more important, what you’ll lose here, or your mum’s life? ‘No contest.’ She sighed to herself, climbing out of bed and walking into the bathroom, not quite believing what she was about to do.

She paused briefly in front of the mirror, checking her hair, and making sure that her silky pyjama bottoms and chemise top looked okay, before continuing over to the other door, and entering Malfoy’s room. She had only been in his room once before, to shout at him for using her shampoo, but now she took a look around and realised how truly magnificent it was. Decorated in green, silver and white, it’s focal point was a king size mahogany four poster bed, upon which Malfoy was sleeping soundly, his fair hair mussed up; for once, no smirk or dirty grin was on his face; he looked almost innocent. Almost, she thought to herself, as she perched on the edge of the bed and nudged him slightly.

‘Wha-‘ he sat bolt upright, looking around until he saw her sitting beside him. ‘Granger?’

‘You have money, don’t you?’ she asked.

‘Uh – yes. Why are you waking me at four in the morning to ask me this?’ he was clearly confused.

‘I need some.’

‘Yes, well it’s not quite that simple.’ Malfoy remarked, ‘You can’t just go around asking people to give you money. Especially not people who hate you and you hate back.’

‘I know that.’ she replied, ‘And that’s why I’m willing to give you something in return.’

‘And what could you possibly have that I would ever want?’ his trademark smirk made a return.


‘I don’t understand.’

Hermione sighed, ‘I’m willing to sleep with you. You get to win your precious bet and screw the ultimate Hogwarts good girl, and in return I get the money I need.’

‘You’re willing to do that?’ the look on Malfoy’s face was priceless. She would have laughed if it hadn’t been such a serious moment. ‘What do you need the money for that badly?’

‘That doesn’t matter. I have my reasons. But all you need to know is what I’m willing to do to get it. So do we have a deal?’

‘I guess. How much do you want?’

‘We’ll discuss the details tomorrow. Goodnight Malfoy.’ She got up off the bed and left the room without a second glance at the man she had just solicited herself to.


Later that morning, the two Head students met in their common room to finalise things. Hermione made sure that she asked for only enough money to cover the medical bills, no more, she didn’t want his dirty money for herself. Malfoy agreed and they decided that it would take place at nine o’clock in his bedroom the next night, so Malfoy could win his bet before Christmas, and Hermione could have the money transferred into her bank account in time to pay the hospital bill.

She sent a letter to her father later that night via owl;

Dear Dad,
I’ve got the money we need. It will be in my bank account tomorrow. Just take the details out of the drawer in my desk at home and transfer it to the hospital. I know you’ll want to know where I got the money, but I just got lucky with a holiday job. Merry Christmas,
Love, Hermione x

She hated lying to her father, but she couldn’t exactly tell him the truth. She imagined how that would go Hey, Dad, I got the money. I had to prostitute myself to get it but, hey, money’s money, right?

Hermione stayed in the library all of the next day, avoiding Harry, Ron and Ginny (who had also stayed at Hogwarts for the holidays, although the four of them were going to the Burrow on Christmas Eve until New Year’s Day), and returning to her room at eight so she had just enough time to prepare. She had a long warm shower, and changed into a knee length pink sundress, scrunch dried her hair, and didn’t bother with makeup. As she heard the clock downstairs in the common room chime nine, she took a final look in the mirror, and crossed the hallway to knock on Malfoy’s door.

‘Come in.’ She entered his room to find him standing in the middle of the room, dressed in black cargo pants and a tight black vest. The bed was freshly made, and flames roared in the fireplace. At least he made a bit of an effort she thought, surveying the room.

‘What are those?’ she pointed to two vials (A/N - sp?) of glowing liquid beside the bed.

‘They’re contraceptive potions, for – uh – after, just in case.’ he answered.

Hermione nodded slowly, she wasn’t really sure just how successful wizarding birth control methods were, so she pulled a little foil square out of her pocket, ‘Hope you don’t mind but I brought us a little muggle protection too.’

‘Okay.’ He looked at Hermione, then at the bed. If she didn’t know any better, she’d have said he seemed even more anxious and uncomfortable than she was, ‘Are you ready?’

‘As I’ll ever be.’ With that, she closed the gap between them, and turned out the lights.


Hermione lay in Malfoy’s bed, staring at the silver silky canopy of the posted bed. She could hear him breathing heavily beside her. Moving quickly she slid out of the bed and gathered her clothes from the floor. She slipped on his emerald green robe, and hurried out of the room, across the hall, and into her own bedroom. Closing the door behind her, she leaned her back against it and sank to the floor, collapsing in a heap as tears flooded down her face.

(A/N - i promised I'd update as soon as I could, so here we go. I warned you it would deal with darker stuff than the previous chapters. As always, please R/R, thankyou!)

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