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For Love And Money by pretty in pink
Chapter 3 : Beastly Bets
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(A/N - thanks to all my reviewers - Tina, potterandmalfoysgirl, mimi, Kayla_Villiam, hawaiian_rachael, finawater, Jaggy - I've responded to you all and I'll try to respond to all other reviews I get)

DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything here that you recognise!

He stood up and walked across to her and slowly trailed his eyes up her body, lingering on her chest, before looking down at her face. ‘I bet you’re wild in the sack with a real man to show you what to do.’

‘Trust me Malfoy, you’ll never be the man for that job.’ She placed a hand on his muscular chest and pushed him out of the way, heading back to her room.

‘Oh, Hermione?’ he called after her.


‘I promise you, I will be the man for that job.’

Hermione walked out of the kitchen, ‘Night Malfoy.’


The next morning at breakfast, Hermione could hardly keep her eyes open.

‘What’s up?’ Ron asked, shoving a fourth slice of toast into his mouth.

‘Oh, Malfoy had a girl in his room last night and she woke me up when she left.’

‘What slut was it this time?’ Harry asked, glancing over to the Slytherin table.

‘I didn’t know her.’ Hermione lied. Rachella had made a mistake; she didn’t need it spread around school.

‘Miss Granger?’ Hermione looked up to see Professor McGonagal standing over her.

‘Yes, professor?’

‘Could you please go and get Mr Malfoy and bring him to my office? I wish to speak to the two of you about some Heads’ business.’

‘Yes professor.’ Hermione sighed, standing and saying goodbye to her friends. She made her way over to the Slytherin table. That’s strange, she thought, why are all the boys piled up at one end of the table? It was true, all the Slytherin boys were packed tightly around one section of the table, apparently looking at a piece of parchment. ‘I’ll take that, thankyou!’ she said, snatching the parchment from where it lay in front of Malfoy.

‘Give it back, mudblood!’ he growled, jumping up from his seat and stepping menacingly towards her.

‘Calm down, ferret! You can’t hurt me in a room full of people!’ she said, scolding him as if he were a small child. He backed up a bit, but she could see panic cross his face as she smoothed out the parchment and read what was written on it. ‘Oh my God!’

‘It’s not what you think.’ a third year boy started.

‘Relax Jinkins, she’s not going to do anything, I’m Head Boy.’ Malfoy rolled his eyes.

‘Malfoy, what the hell is this?’ Hermione glared at him, she had a pretty good idea already.

Malfoy smirked. ‘That, Granger, is a list of all of my conquests, both the ones achieved, and the ones I’ve still to get in order to win.’

‘I hope you don’t mean you’ve made a bet that you could sleep with fifteen women.’

‘Then you’ll be sorely disappointed.’ a sixth year laughed.

‘So are you taking this to Dumbledore?’ Malfoy asked, trying to act cool but his voice was tense.

Hermione rolled her eyes, ‘No. I don’t really care what you get up to in your bedroom. But I just have one question.’

‘Yes?’ Malfoy enquired, feigning innocence.

‘Why the hell am I on the list?’

He grinned. ‘Ah, well, you would be my biggest conquest. You allow me to double my winnings.’

‘Is that right? Well, I know about it now, so you can kiss those winnings goodbye.’

‘Just give me time.’

‘Malfoy, I told you before, you will never touch me. Ever. Now, we have to go to McGonagals.’ With that, she stalked out of the Great Hall, leaving Malfoy to trail after her.


The next couple of months passed relatively peacefully. Hermione and Malfoy had managed to mostly ignore each other, communicating only for Heads’ business, or when Malfoy tried to hit on her. She had a feeling he was well on his way to completing his list, judging by the number of girls he brought back to his room over the weeks. Christmas was only a week away when Hermione returned to the common room after a Transfiguration lecture to find Malfoy trying to hold onto an owl as it flapped its wings viciously and hooted in his face. ‘I, uh, think that’s for me.’ Hermione said, recognising the envelope as a muggle one. He handed her the owl, and sat back down on the couch to continue his homework.

She opened the envelope, and stood by the fire to read it. However, she was only halfway through when tears started to stream down her face;

Dear Hermione,
We’re so sorry, but you’re going to have to stay at school over the holidays. There’s not enough room in the house; mum’s feeling worse so Gran’s having to come over to help take care of her. We’ll send your presents to the school, and we’ll see you as soon as possible. Have a lovely Christmas dear.
Love mum and dad x

Malfoy looked over at her. Is that actual concern in his eyes? Of course not, don’t be stupid! she scolded herself.

‘What’s wrong?’ his question shocked her.

‘I have to stay at school over Christmas.’

‘Me too. So your parents don’t want you either, then?’

‘No, actually the house is just a bit crowded, that’s all.’


At that, another slightly harassed looking owl flew through the open window, and fluttered down onto Hermione’s outstretched arm. She untied the envelope – muggle, again – and took it and the bird through to her bedroom to read in private. This time, tears ran down her cheeks from the first line.

Dearest Mione,
Sorry I couldn’t send this in the first letter but your mum saw that and I didn’t want her to know. You see, we don’t have enough money for that American treatment so she’s not going to be able to get it. I’ve tried everything, but the dental practice went bankrupt because we’ve missed so much work through the cancer, so I don’t know what to do. I’ll speak to you soon, sweetie.
Love Dad x

Hermione grabbed her quill and parchment and scribbled another letter in reply;

Don’t cancel the treatment and don’t tell mum. I’ll get you the money you need, I’ll get a job in Hogsmeade over the holidays and work as many hours as I can. I promise I’ll get money, just do what you can.
Love, Hermione x

The bird sped off through the late afternoon orange sky towards her house, just as the first flakes of snow began to fall. Hermione grabbed her cloak and headed out of the dorm, heading for the secret passage which would take her straight to Hogsmeade.

(A/N - I know this chapter is kinda short but I really wanted what comes next to all go in one longer chapter. Again, please review, I appreciate it all! Also, can anyone help me? I've been trying to put italics in for Hermione's thoughts but I can't seem to do it - teh whole body of text after it also goes to italics.)

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For Love And Money: Beastly Bets


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