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the secret romances of Harry and Hermione by Candi
Chapter 1 : the secret romances of Harry and Hermione
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Hey Harry, you commin to my common room tonight?" "you know it" said Harry "Ok you guys are acting really weird" said Ron coming out from behind a corner."Oh umm hi Ron, we are just going to do homework together" "Well quit acting so weird, it's almost lunchtime, you know Snape will get you if you are late for anything, espiccally you Harry" "Yea, yea we are coming" said Hermione


ding dong rang the doorbell. "Coming Harry" said Hermione. "I made some cookies and lemonade" Hermione said as she opened the door. "Whoah" said Harry "YOu didn't have to get all that dressed up for me, I didn't really think of myself as that important" "I think you're pretty important" said Hermione. "Where is your books?" said Hermione "I think your smart allready." said Harry. "Ok, lets not go to far with this ok, this is just a freindly date" said Hermione. "We can share text books" said Harry.


"Harry, I won't to break up with you!" "W-WHat?" "I heard you spread a rumor about me" said Hermione


TO BE CONTINUED............

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the secret romances of Harry and Hermione: the secret romances of Harry and Hermione


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