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For Love And Money by pretty in pink
Chapter 2 : Gifts and Girls
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DISCLAIMER: look, we all know i don't own anything HP, that all belongs to JK Rowling, so don't sue me! I don't own Harry, I don't own Hermione, I don't own Draco (although I would like to!), I don't own Ginny, or any of the other characters except Rachella, she's all mine!

‘Yeah, Potter, relax.’ a firm arm was slung around Hermione’s shoulders, and she looked up to see Malfoy smirking at her, ‘I’ll take care of Granger,’ he grinned wickedly, and then Hermione felt him slap her arse, ‘I’ll take very good care of her…’

‘Sod off, Malfoy!’ she tried to shake his arm off her so she could wriggle away from his hand which had remained on her backside, ‘And get your hand off my arse!’

‘As you wish, Granger,’ he smirked at Harry and began to walk off down the hallway, calling over his shoulder, ‘I’ll see you in our room.’

Hermione sighed and Ginny looked at her seriously, ‘Please be careful Mione. He’s a lot bigger than you and we don’t know what he’s capable of.’

Hermione nodded, before heading toward her new room. She was almost there when she felt a hand clamp her shoulder gently. She turned to see Harry standing there, a worried look on his face.

‘I want to know what’s going on with you.’ he said.


‘I can tell something’s wrong. What happened this summer? And don’t lie to me because I’ll know.’

‘Oh, okay, but you can’t tell anyone, not even Ginny or Ron.’ Hermione warned.

‘Okay, just tell me.’

‘Well, mum’s treatments are costing more than we thought, so we had to sell the house, and I don’t think we’re going to be able to keep up paying for treatments for much longer.’ Hermione’s lip quivered, and Harry pulled her into a tight hug.

‘Mione, why didn’t you tell me? I have plenty of money, I’d have helped out.’

‘I know and that’s why I couldn’t tell you. That money is yours, your parents left it for you, and you shouldn’t be spending it on me.’

‘Don’t be stupid.’ Harry stroked her back gently as she sobbed into his chest, ‘Yes, my parents left me the money, that’s why I want to do something good with it, not just waste it on frivolous junk, and I can’t think of anything more worthwhile than helping my best friend and her family.’

‘Harry, promise me you won’t do anything rash. You’ll let me deal with this.’

‘If that’s what you want.’ he replied as she pulled away from him, wiping her eyes on her sleeve.

‘Goodnight, Harry.’ she said.

‘Night, Mione.’ he replied as she vanished through the portrait hole.

Malfoy was sitting on the couch reading a book, but he looked up when Hermione entered. ‘You look terrible, Granger.’ he smirked, looking at her swollen red eyes and nose.

‘Goodnight Malfoy.’ She replied sickeningly sweetly, not stopping as she crossed the room and headed upstairs to her bedroom. She opened the door and curled up on her bed, falling asleep instantly, still fully clothed.


The next morning, Hermione was woken early by a tapping at the window. She opened it and took the letter and bag from the bird, before feeding it a treat. She opened the bag and shrieked with shock, then tore open the letter;

Dear Hermione,
Here is as much money as I can give. I know you said you didn’t want it but you’re getting it, and I don’t want to hear another word about it. It’s not for you anyway, it’s for your mum. I lost my mum and I don’t want anyone else to go through what I’ve gone through for the past sixteen years.
Love, Harry

Hermione smiled as tears streamed down her cheeks. She grabbed a piece of parchment and scribbled a note;

Dear dad,
Take this money for mum’s medical bills. Please don’t ask me where I got it, just know that someone who cares about me very much helped out. School’s fine and I’ll owl you again later.
Love, Hermione xxx

She tied the new letter and the bag to the owl who still stood on her desk, with stern directions for them to be delivered to her father as soon as possible. The owl hooted in understanding and flew off.

Hermione dressed quickly and hurried down to the Great Hall, heading straight over to Harry and hugging him tightly. ‘Thankyou!’ she cried.

‘What for?’ he asked, his eyes telling her to play along; no one else knew about the money.

‘Oh, um, just for being my friend.’ she tried to cover as everyone looked at her suspiciously. Slowly, they all returned to eating their breakfast. Hermione looked over at Harry. ‘Thankyou.’ she mouthed silently. ‘Don’t mention it.’ he mouthed in reply.


Later that night, Hermione returned to her bedroom to find the same owl sitting on her desk, a muggle envelope tied to its foot. She opened it and read;

Dear Hermione,
Tell Harry thankyou so much.

She gasped, how did he know?

We will, of course, pay him back in time. Your mother doesn’t know, she wouldn’t take the money if she did. We look forward to hearing from you.
Love, dad

Hermione dismissed the owl, and grabbing her homework, headed down to the common room. A house elf had already lit the fire for the night, so she sat on a chair beside the fireplace and opened her potions textbook. ‘I can’t believe it,’ she muttered aloud, ‘All seven years we’ve had potions with the Slytherins. Talk about an unlucky streak.’

Just at that, the common room door opened and in strutted the Slytherin ringleader himself, with a girl right behind him, her hand in his back pocket, his on her arse. ‘Rachella?’ Hermione gasped as she recognised Rachella Robinson, a sixth year Hufflepuff girl. ‘What are you doing here? With Malfoy?’

‘Why, Hermione, I can have any girl I want, anytime. All I have to do is snap my fingers and they come running.’ Malfoy smirked down at her as he and Rachella crossed the room.

‘Not every girl.’ Hermione said slowly, watching as he stopped, his foot on the first stair.

He turned to look at her, his grey eyes fiery. ‘Excuse me? I think you’ll find that every girl in Hogwarts, and quite a majority outside I might add, would gladly give anything for one night with me.’

‘You’re wrong Malfoy.’

‘Am I? Do tell me exactly why that is.’

‘Well, I’m a girl, and you can’t have me.’ Hermione stated.

‘Is that right?’ Malfoy smirked, but Hermione could see he had lost a bit of his cool edge. ‘I disagree. I think I could have you in a second – if I wanted you.’

‘Believe me, ferretboy, no way would I ever touch you, let alone touch you.’

‘We’ll see,’ was all he said as he climbed the stairs and entered his room with Rachella in tow, closing the door behind them.


Hermione awoke with a start. It was three thirty in the morning. Something had definitely woke her, but she wasn’t sure what. Grabbing her wand from her bedside table, she snuck across her room to the door, pulled it open and snuck downstairs to find the common room empty. She was about to go back to bed when she heard a loud crash from the kitchen. Then the door opened, and a sheepish looking Rachella snuck out, not noticing the other girl standing in her doorway. Hermione coughed, and Rachella looked up with wide eyes. Her hair was dishevelled, her shirt was squint, she had her bra in her hands, and her skirt was crumpled.

‘Good night?’ asked Hermione, raising her eyebrow.

‘I – uh – I was just getting a drink of water before I leave. I didn’t know you’d be out here.’ Rachella stuttered, avoiding Hermione’s gaze.

Hermione just rolled her eyes. The poor girl had suffered enough embarrassment for one night. ‘It’s okay. Just get back to your dorm quickly, and try not to get caught.’

Rachella nodded gratefully and scurried out of the Heads’ common room, holding her wand in one hand, and her underwear in the other. God, I hope she doesn’t get caught, especially with her underwear in her hand. It’s so obvious what she’s been up to.
Realising that she too was thirsty, Hermione headed into the kitchen and was bending down to get the orange juice out of the fridge when she heard a sleazy voice behind her mutter ‘Mmm… nice view…’ She could actually feel the smirk on his face, even although she couldn’t see it.

‘Shut it Malfoy’ she answered calmly, standing up and turning around.

‘Ooh, and the view from the front’s even better!’ Malfoy licked his lips, ‘Who would have thought you’d fill out so well, Granger?’
‘What?’ Hermione looked down at herself before realising she’d forgot to grab a robe before, and so was only wearing a pair of hotpant style bottoms and a lowcut silky chemise top. She instinctively tried to cover herself with her arms as best she could, but all she managed to do was push her cleavage up further, causing Malfoy to practically drool.

Scraping his jaw off the floor, he pulled out a stool and sat down, never taking his eyes of her, ‘So, Granger, I’ve been thinking – we’ve never really talked, have we?’

‘No, Malfoy. Because we hate everything about each other.’

‘I don’t hate everything about you,’ Malfoy said slowly, his eyes lingering over her body, ‘In fact there are some parts of you I’m rather fond of.’

‘You only want me because you know you can’t have me. And anyway, I hate everything about you.’

‘Are you sure, Granger? Because you haven’t taken your eyes off my body the whole time I’ve been in here.’

Hermione gulped. She hadn’t even notice she’d been staring, but she had to admit, Malfoy was looking damn fine. He was wearing nothing apart from a pair of black silk boxers, and as he stretched back Hermione got a good look at his toned muscles. He’s even got that bit at his hipbone! She was a sucker for that, Wait, what am I thinking, it’s Malfoy! Even if he is kinda hot, he’s EVIL! ‘Sorry, Malfoy, but I don’t find you attractive in the least.’

He smirked, ‘Is that right? So if I was to make you an offer, you’d decline?’


‘Shame. I think you’d do well.’

Hermione blushed profusely, ‘I’m not that kind of girl.’

‘On that topic, exactly what kind of girl are you?’

‘Excuse me?’ She had no idea where this was going.

Malfoy grinned. ‘Oh, you know what I mean Granger; are you a virgin?’

‘What kind of question is that?’ Hermione could feel her face turning scarlet.

‘You’re not telling me that Weasel or Potter never gave you a bit of something?’ he raised his eyebrow at her.

She stared straight into his sparkling grey eyes, ‘That’s none of your business Malfoy.’

‘Uh huh.’ He stood up and walked across to her and slowly trailed his eyes up her body, lingering on her chest, before looking down at her face. ‘I bet you’re wild in the sack with a real man to show you what to do.’

‘Trust me Malfoy, you’ll never be the man for that job.’ She placed a hand on his muscular chest and pushed him out of the way, heading back to her room.

‘Oh, Hermione?’ he called after her.


‘I promise you, I will be the man for that job.’

Hermione walked out of the kitchen, ‘Night Malfoy.’

(A/N - here we go, updated as soon as poss, as promised. again, plz review!)

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