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all is fair in love and war by darksecrets
Chapter 1 : all is fair in love and war
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*warning hermione had a love potion put over her it can not be removed* hermione breezed down the corriedors in to potions .she pushed oppen the door and herd a lot of gasps then a "hermione sit with me" "no me" "not you me" i got so confussed i sat next to draco :) .potions began and we were next to nevil his caldron exploded and burnt through dracos brand new shool sheos of corse he piked me up and put me on the chair for safty he is so strong and dreamy when he picked me up his hair shon *sighs dreamly*
any way i jumped down and went back to potions.then harry needed some help. we were making dimention potions and harry couldnt get his i helped him and then were nevils potion exploded was a slippy slimy goo .i slipped on it and fell into the dimention harry emidelty dived in after me .harry landed on top of me and before i could help my self i was kissing harry very deeply i cant rember what happend after that kis but it sure felt good well we finaly got out and it looked like i had just fellin no troble but harry looked like he had fallen in a river he was soking wet cos i pushed him in a river anyway.after potions we went for lunch and i sat next to oliver now him and me loved each other aswel but i loved evryboy in shcool cos of that silly love potion i had evryboy staring at me (not the teachers ewww) and it sorta fellt nice but being in olivers arms made me feel warm and i walked to the commentateors seat i met lee now there is a fun ride we kissed "hello hermione you look sexy as allways"lee said "just for you lee" i replyed "qudittch is starting ok no kissing other wise im in deep troll shit"lee warned "ok" i said it was slythrin vs gryfinndor the match finshed and i headed to theslythirins changing rooms to see draco draco had caught the snitch "draco that was great " i said happly "thanks i did it for you"draco said "awww thanks" i said then kissed draco "we got potions again can i work with you" i said "sure"draco said brushing his hand on my silky striaght long hair i had its de-frizzed
we walked through the corriedors hand in hand all the boys knew i went out with other boys in the shcool they didint care they started up a fan club instead anyway in potions draco and me made a great dimention then i pushed him in a pretend to slip in as well it was great me and draco had sex it was great and kissed lots when we got our cloths back on i pushed him in the river he draged me in as well and we kissed a lot agian it was great we finaly came out after an hour we kissed deeply then headed for are
commen rooms we only lasted a minute then we went into the empty potions room and went into our dimension and thats were it went wrong i promised to meet ron that night so after me and draco got frisky i went to bed
in the moring i herd harry and ron talking "draco is taking hermione right from under our noses we need to teach him a leason"

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