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Harry Potter And The Mysterious Ravenclaw Girl by Herm
Chapter 4 : A New Relationship, He\'s My cuzz, The Ball And An Early Christmas Present
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Chapter Four
A New Relationship, He's My cuzz, Tickle Fight, Melody's teachings, The Ball And An Early Christmas Present

Melody and Harry came back to the party. They found Hermione and they all started talking. Ron had gone to talk to his brothers. He was still mad because of the fight. Ron looked at the other three and glared at Melody who was in eye contact with him if she looked up. She looked up. She stopped laughing and felt sad. Harry noticed this and looked in the direction she was looking at. He saw Ron glaring at her. Harry glared at him which surprised Ron.

It had been 3 months into school. Melody had spent all her time with Harry, Ron and Hermione except when they ‘had’ to go to the library. Ron had stopped being mad at Melody. Melody had an idea of what Ron and Hermione were actually doing. They were going out but they thought Harry and herself didn't know. But they did. The four of them got really close. Melody got the position of chaser. On December 5 during breakfast Dumbledore announced that they were going to have a Christmas Ball. Harry, Melody, Ron and Hermione were outside. Then Ron and Hermione remembered they had to do her Transfiguration Homework Project and left to do it Ron being dragged away of course. Then Melody thought of something so she could tease Harry.
“Say Harry do you still like Cho?”
“Just wondering if YOU were going to ask her to the dance?”
“I don’t like her anymore. She’s also a huge crybaby.”
“Yeah she is. Oh.” She sounded disappointed and glad at the same time. One because she couldn’t tease him with that anymore and the other she was hoping he’d ask her. She had started liking him over the last three months.
“Well I was planning on asking someone else anyway.”
“Really who.” She said it a little to quick. Harry looked surprised but…happy?
“Melody uh I was wondering if you’d go with me?” Melody was speechless. She looked liked she’d been stunned. Then…
“Yes of course I will.” Harry smiled and did something very unexpected. He leant over to her and kissed her. She raised her hands to his neck which she entangled in his unruly jet-black hair. Harry put his hands on her waist and pulled her closer to him. They parted after a while. Their foreheads pushed together.
“Melody will you be my girlfriend?”
“Yes Harry I will.” They kissed again.

The quartet was outside. Melody and Ron were bickering again.
"Hermione they are just like you and Ron when you fight."
"Yeah Harry accept I can get close to choking him." Harry laughed and listened to what they were bickering about.
"Ron you are such a pig!"
"I'm not a pig."
"You sure act like one. Talking with your mouth full. Just like Crabbe and Goyle."
"I am not one of Malfoy's cronies!"
"At least I'm polite enough not to spit food over people!"
"Well...uhh...hmm." Melody laughed and went over to Harry.
"Hey love. You know if you were in a debate you'd win."
"Thank you."
"Harry did you just call HER love?" Asked a still furious Ron.
"Uhh why'd you say that Ron?"
"I thought I heard you say it. sorry." Ron looked so confused. Harry still hadn't decided when he was going to tell Ron and Hermione about him and Melody. He decided not to tell because of Ron's mood.

It was the day before Christmas and Melody was in her D.A. class. The room was beautifully decorated. She was happy because while she practiced Harry had made many trips around her. They unlucky thing was that Cho was right next to her. When they started a new jinx Melody couldn’t get it as hard as she tried no matter what. She gave up. Harry noticed and went over to help her.
“Here try holding your wand like this and concentrate. Ok now say the jinx. Great now you’ve got it.” Harry then left to check on everyone else. Harry went over to where Ron and Hermione were. Harry still hadn’t told them how he didn’t like Cho anymore or how Melody was his girlfriend.
“Harry look Cho’s staring at you.” said Hermione
“Oh ah Hermione we have to get out of here. You round everyone up.” Hermione looked at him puzzled but started to clean up.
Everyone cleaned up. The only people left were Harry, Ron, Hermione, Cho and Melody. Melody was somewhere in the back cleaning up some books. Ron and Hermione left. Melody watched Cho hitting on Harry. She wanted to see what she was trying to do with her boyfriend. “Mistletoe” she heard Cho say. Cho was getting closer. She was really close to him now.
“Cho no I have a girlfriend. Besides I don’t like you.”
“She won’t know anyways. Besides I know you like me.” Harry moved way. Cho followed him. He faced her. Then someone came out of the shadows. Harry put his arms around her waist. Cho gasped.
“Your with that that slut.”
“I'm not a slut and you know it Cho! You just made those things up to get back at me for something I didn't even cause. NOW GET OUT!” Cho stormed out of the room.
"I can't believe her." Melody said furious.
"I know something that will cheer you up."
Harry led Melody under the mistletoe. He kissed her and then he walked her to the corridor leading to her house. Then he walked back to Gryffindor tower.

When Harry came in he sat down where Ron and Hermione were.
“ So Harry what happened with Cho?” Hermione asked not looking up from her letter ,more like novel, to Victor.
“Yes do tell.” Harry smiled inwardly. Nothing had happened between Cho and himself except straitening things out. He was trying to choose whether to tell them what really happened and about Melody and himself or to make up something.
“Harry did you kiss?” Harry decided to tell them cause if he didn’t either he’d tell them later or they’d eventually find out.
“No I didn’t kiss Cho. I need you guys to listen to what I have to say.” Ron nodded and Hermione looked up from her letter and looked at Harry curiously.
“Alright I don’t like Cho anymore. In fact I haven’t liked since, I guess, the end of September. Besides I have a girlfriend. And…” Harry was cut off by remarks from both of them.
“Harry why didn’t you tell us. That was irresponsible of you. What if we decided to play matchmaker?” Hermione lectured.
“You have a girlfriend ey? Is it someone we know? It better not be Ginny.”
“It’s not Gin Ron it’s…” Harry was cut off again by Ron only. Hermione had finished lecturing and returned to her letter but was listening intently.
“Harry answer me already! I can’t believe you didn’t at least tell me! What if someone I like!? I’m your best friend the least you could do is say something!” At this point Harry was a bit scarred and angry at Ron. He had never seen Ron so angry. He was turning red with anger and barking things at him and towering over him yelling things that didn't make since. Harry was getting more angry. He decided not to tell them if Ron was going to explode and Hermione was just going to ignore it and think about Victor. Harry got up and said he was extremely tired so he went to bed. He thought if he had stayed there for just a few more seconds he would of exploded with anger. Harry went to sleep only to dream about the corridor again.

It was just two days until the ball. Everyone was so excited. Girls were talking about who their dates were and how they were going to dress. Malfoy still hadn’t asked anyone yet. All the girls who didn’t have dates were hoping he’d ask them, But Malfoy had only one girl in mind to ask: Melody. He only dated the hottest girls in school and she was one of them. He spotted her walking along the side of the lake alone at least for now. He went up to her.
“Hello Melody.” He drawled. Melody turned around and found Malfoy there.
“What do you want Malfoy.”
“Nothing much just little things I need to do.
“Oh really? What may I ask are those?”


Harry, Ron and Hermione were walking down the corridor when Pansy came up to them.
“That bitch friend of yours stole my Draco.” yelled Pansy.
“Who are you talking about?” asked Harry a little confused
“That Ravenclaw friend of yours!”
“Do you mean Melody?” Harry asked even more confused.
“Yes her. I just saw my Drackie go outside where she was. I bet she asked him to meet her there. He’s going to ask her to the dance and maybe to be his girlfriend!”
“Her perfect match if you ask me. I knew she’d like someone from Slytherin or even go out with one of them.” said Ron.
“He’s what?! He can’t!?” Harry was angry. He ran to the entrance hall and outside. He saw Melody and Malfoy on the other side of the lake. Ron and Hermione had caught up with him.
“Harry why’d you run off like that.” Ron asked breathlessly.
“Come on.” Harry started running towards the spot where Melody and Malfoy were.

“Well one of them is to say this to you. Will you go to the dance with me?”
“No Draco.”
“No I won’t besides I already have a date.”
“Who could possibly be better than me.”
“I can.” called someone from behind Malfoy.
“What are you doing here Potter?” Harry came up to them and stood behind Melody. He wrapped his arms around her waist.
“So you’re with Potter are you.”
“Yes I am.” Melody started laughing uncontrollably.
“What’s so funny.” asked a confused Draco.
“You don’t know do you?”
“Know about what?”
“Well let’s see. I won’t beat around the bush but why would I want to go out with my own cousin.?”
“What? Your not my cousin.”
“Just ask Aunt Narcissa. I’m sure she’ll explain it to you.”
“We’ll just see about that.” He left his cloak billowing behind him.
“Your related to Malfoy? How? Your not plotting against us are you?”
Melody looked at Ron disbelievingly. She felt guilty. She shouldn’t of said that Malfoy was her cousin. He felt hurt too. She started to pull away from Harry. This time he wasn’t going to let her go so he tightened his grip around her. She looked at him puzzled.
“Ron I'd stop what your saying if I were you.”
“Why would I?”
"Because you don't want her boyfriend getting mad at you."
"Let him get mad. I don't care. I can handle him. Besides he's not here. What's he going to do if he doesn't know?"
"He's here Ron and he knows."
"Who is he then?"
"Me." Ron stared at him.
"She's the mysterious girlfriend?"
"Yes. Melody's my girlfriend.” Harry took Melody’s hand in his and they both walked back to the castle. Before they turned to walk to the castle Melody turned her head to see Ron gaping at them and turning red with anger. He saw Hermione with a shocked face but she then came out of her shook and had a confused look on her face.

“Melody are you ok?”
“Yeah I am Harry. Why?”
“You just looked worried about something.” Melody and Harry were in the library. It had been half an hour since the “incident” by the lake.
“Oh that.”
“What’s on your mind?”
“I don't like the way Ron explodes like that. How does Herm put up with him?"
“Ron will come around. He always does. He might do some things before that but that’s it. No need to worry. Melody I think there’s something else that’s really worrying you.” Harry was right. Melody had something else on her mind. Her mom and dad had sent her a letter after she had gotten into the castle. The words were still in her head.


Hello dear. Your father and I are in hiding. The deatheaters have discovered our hide out so now I'm in the Order's headquarters. We’re so happy for you. Harry is a good choice. He was protective of you. Well I must go. I still have things to do for the order.


I’m happy for you and Harry. He suits you well. Maybe you’ll get married someday. You know James and I used to talk about having kids that married each other and how we would finally be related. I going to be writing to Harry. I know you think I’m over protective with you and boys. I trust Harry. He’s reminds me so much of James but he has Lily’s logic and wits most of the time. Keep in touch.

Melody sighed.
“Harry my mum wrote to me and said that she had to go into hiding. The deatheaters found out her hiding place. There're at dad's old house." Melody sighed again and hit her head against the table. Harry embraced her in a hug. Melody liked it when did that. She felt safe and protected.
“Melody I'm sure they're ok. They're safe there.” Melody stayed quiet. She squeezed Harry’s arm hard.
“Harry I hope you're right.”
“I am trust me. They don't know where headquarters is.” Melody leaned her head closer into Harry’s chest. ‘Harry's right. I just need to relax.’
“Yeah that's all you need to do.” Melody looked up at him and then remembered that if she close to a person they could hear her thoughts. Even if they weren’t close to her she could still ‘think’ to them.
“Wait you didn’t say anything did you?”
“Then how come I heard you. You weren’t even talking.” Melody smiled.
“Harry I have a kind of telepathic power. Well it’s not really that. I can just think and others can hear me whether near or far. I actually learned it. I liked it so much when I was little that I learned it by taking lessons. “
”Do you think you could teach me.”
“hmmm…maybe. What will you do if I don’t?” Harry smiled.
“This.” Harry started tickling her non-stop.
“H-Harry… Stop.” She couldn’t say any more because she was laughing too hard. Harry stopped a couple of seconds later.
“So will you teach me. It sounds like it could be useful in the future.”
“A-Alright I w-will.” She was still out of breath. She smiled.
“Harry I was wondering.”
“About what.”
“You have to answer this question yes or no ok?”
“Alright ask away.”
“Are you ticklish?”
“No I’m not.”
“Really?” She asked surprised.
“Nope.” Melody smiled even wider.
“Then you wouldn’t mind if I did this.” She started tickle him. He stared laughing. She was still tickling him when she asked him:
“I thought you said you weren’t ticklish?” He didn’t respond he was laughing but he surprised her when he pushed her away and tickled her back.
Five minutes later Melody and Harry were walking to the Great hall for dinner hand in hand. After dinner Harry and Melody went by the lake so she could teach Harry.
“Alright Harry this is easy. I learned this in an hour. Think of something you want to tell me. Then concentrate on letting me know what it is. Good now relax and let your power or energy I guess flow through your body.” Melody suddenly blushed.
“Thanks.” She said Harry had done it. He let her read what he was thinking.
“It’s true you know.” Melody became a crimson color now.
“You know you look cute when you blush.” He was smiling at her.
“So that’s why you make me blush a lot.”
“Yeah you figured it out.”
‘That was sweet but he’s impossible.’
“No I’m not. Ha now I know what your thinking all the time.”
“Harry James Potter you are not going to invade my privacy! Do you hear me?!”
“Yes ma’am.” Harry saluted. Melody laughed. She looked at her watch.
“Harry we better go inside. It’s almost nine.”
“I’m not going anywhere until I get a proper goodnight.”
“Alright goodnight.” She said. She looked at him to see if that was what he wanted.
“No.” She smiled and stood on her tipy toes and kissed Harry. She was tall but Harry was still half a foot taller than her.
“Happy?” She said seeing him smile at her.
“Very. Night love.”
“Night.” They walked back to the castle hand in hand.

It was the day of the ball. Everyone was getting ready. Harry was waiting for Melody outside the Great Hall. The prefects had to dance the first dance together. Harry was wearing emerald green dress robes. His hair was still messy even tough he tried to keep it down many times. Melody came walking up to Harry. Her hair that was usually straight were in ringlets. She wasn’t wearing make-up because she knew she didn’t need it. Her dress robes were a sparkling dark aqua blue-green. It almost looked like she was wearing water that looked green or blue.
“Hi Harry. You look extremely handsome.” She said looking from his emerald green robes to his emerald green eyes. She got lost in them. She could stare into them all day. She felt herself melt just by his eyes looking into hers.
“You look even more beautiful than usual.” She blushed. Harry loved to make her blush. He looked into her almond shaped dark brown almost black eyes. He loved her eyes. They looked so mysterious to him. Yet they reminded him of someone. The doors of the Great Hall opened. The pairs walked in. The rest of the school that was there was looking at the prefects. Harry saw the rest of the prefect couples. The couples were (GP=Gryffindor Prefect, RP=Ravenclaw Prefect, SP= Slytherin Prefect, HP=Hufflepuff Prefect) Harry (GP) and Melody (RP), Hermione (GP) was with Ron (cause they needed dates for now at least.), Adrian Ahumada (RP) and Stephanie Rodriguez, Ernie (HP) and Hannah (HP), and Malfoy (SP) and Pansy (SP). They music started and they started dancing. Everyone was looking at the couples and soon joined in on the dance. After dancing about 10 dances Harry and Melody sat down. Melody looked up at Harry who seemed to be staring into space. He looked preoccupied with something. She wondered what was on his mind. He sensed her looking at him and came out of his trance. He looked at her and smiled. She smiled back and was about to ask what was on his mind when Harry got up and held out his hand toward her. She took it and got up. He led outside. They were walking through a maze like garden of rose bushes. They reached the center of the maze where there was a huge fountain with fish that changed color. There were benches fit for two around the center. They sat down on a bench facing the lake and moon.
Melody smiled as Harry as he put his arm around her. Then she saw that he looked preoccupied again.
“Harry what are you thinking about?”
“Huh? Oh Well…” Harry didn’t say anything.
‘Why is it so hard to just say it.’
‘Say what Harry?’
‘What happened to invading someone’s privacy?’
‘I said mine not yours remember.’
‘That’s not fair.’
‘Life’s not fair Harry.’
‘You can say that again.’
‘Ok life’s no…’
‘I didn’t mean it literally.’
‘I know you didn’t. I just tried to cheer you up. Now what did you want to say?’
"Well…I just wanted to give you your Christmas present early and if you’d like to spend the Christmas holidays with me and R… never mind."
"Why do you want to give it to me early?"
"Just open it." Melody took the box and unwrapped it. She opened it and found a silver ring and bracelet. The ring had sapphires and rubies rotating in a pattern of blue, red, blue, red, blue and red. The bracelet looked much older than the ring which she thought was just made at least a week ago. The silver bracelet had charms on it. It had a wand, an animal, a heart, a baby, a ring, a book and a stag as it’s charms. She turned to Harry who was looking at her reactions.
“That used to be my mum’s.”
“Harry you should keep it. It’s one of the last things you have left of her.”
“That isn’t the last thing I have all the pictures of her and my dad.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes.” Melody kissed Harry.
“You know the charms stand for something. Sirius told me." Melody smiled inwardly as she heard Sirius’ name.
“They do?”
“Yeah the wand stands for charms because that was my mum’s favorite subject and the animal stands for Transfiguration cause that was my dad’s favorite subject. The heart stands for their love for each other and me and the baby stands for me when my mum was pregnant with me. The ring stands for their marriage and the book stands for my mum cause she loved books and her studies. The stag stands for my dad because he could turn into a stag. That’s why my patronus is a stag.” Melody looked at the bracelet and put it on. She looked the ring and laughed when she realized what it meant.
“Gryffindor and Ravenclaw right?”
“Yeah.” Melody put it on. She let Harry pull her on his lap and wrap his arms around her. He kissed her and held her, looking at the scene until they heard noises coming from the castle indicating the ball was over. They left hand in hand to the castle and returned to their dorms.


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