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Unwanted Affections by squaredancer
Chapter 1 : Unwanted Affections
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Chapter One

Waking up with a start, the young red head exited the warmth of her covers, surrendering herself to the morning chill. Grabbing her towel and robes, she ran quickly to the bathroom to enter the shower, wincing slightly at the coldness of the stone floor. A few rugs wouldn’t do any harm, she thought as she jumped onto the shower mat, savoring the fact that it was neither cold nor hard on her feet.

Taking a quick shower, and enjoying the feel of the water washing away all feeling of worry and anxiety, leaving her in a state of bliss, she hastily washed her hair with her favorite strawberry scented shampoo and, wrapping the towel around herself, she got out of the shower.

Hastily, she slapped on her uniform and then spent ten minutes fixing the buttons that she had fastened wrong, before sighing resignedly and charming them closed. Throwing her crimson lined black robes on over the top, she dried her hair quickly with a simple drying spell and then charmed it into loose ringlets, which framed her rather plain face and brought out the green in her eyes.

Sighing in satisfaction at her now acceptable appearance, she turned from the mirror and moved back to her dorm, towel in hand.

“There you are,” muttered a voice sleepily from a nearby bundle made up of three different comforters. Not long after a head followed, putting a face to the voice. It was Jennifer, one of Lily’s roommates and her best friend. “Why do you always get up so early?” she demanded, puzzled. She reluctantly pulled herself out of the warm comforters and threw her feet to the floor.

She hastily withdrew them with a hiss, and glared at the floor, as if commanding it to become warmer. Lily stifled a laugh as Jen continued to glare at the floor. Jen moved her glare to Lily, who instantly stopped laughing, poking her tongue out instead. With a determined look on her face, Jen stood up as if proving to Lily, and the floor, that she was no coward.

“I’m off for a shower,” Jennifer announced suddenly, and turned, grabbing a towel and exiting the room. Lily sighed fondly. That girl was a right comedy act. They had first met on the train to Hogwarts in their first year. Lily, who had been devastated at her sister Petunia’s reaction to her being a witch, ‘FREAK!! Get away from me you little Freak!!” Petunia had shouted, when she had found out,’ had been desperate for companionship of any kind. As it had happened, Lily had ended up sitting in a carriage with two very unpleasant young girls who went by the names of Narcissa Black and Reyonie Lestelle.

And despite all their repulsiveness, they were company and anything was better than being alone on the one single train ride that might change her life. So she had endured their constant gossip and annoying questions, and was soon interrupted by another shy looking first year who introduced herself as Jennifer Broker. Looking for any sort of excuse to get away from Narcissa and Reyonie, Lily had accepted Jen’s invitation to explore the train and meet the other students, and they had been friends ever since.

Lily grabbed her books and went downstairs into the common room to read. Jennifer always had long showers and there was one con about getting up so early – she never had anyone to talk to. Lily was disappointed to find that the common room was not empty because she preferred it that way, and she was even more disappointed when she saw that the other occupants were none other than the Marauders themselves.

The Marauders were what was considered the ‘do all and end all’ by all the girls at Hogwarts and they had people swarming for their attention left, right and center. The girls all pained after Sirius Black – resident bad boy and devilishly good-looking, and James Potter – cohort in arms and terrible ladies man. They were both incredible pratts and took great pride in making other people’s lives a living hell. Personally, Lily didn’t like them at all.

Lily quietly sighed with relief as she realized that the Marauders were too involved in their own little conversations to notice her presence in the room. And so she went and sat in the corner furthest away from them in the vain attempt that she wouldn’t be noticed.

She sat for a while, waiting for a reaction and when there was none, she pulled out her book and began to read. She had only been reading for about ten minutes, when loud footsteps came from the girl’s dormitories and Jennifer appeared in the archway. The Marauders might not have noticed Lily, who was very light footed, but they weren’t completely deaf and all looked over at Jennifer, glowering as she moved further into the room.

They appeared slightly confused by Jennifer’s choice of clothes – not the usual uniform but normal muggle clothes, a simple black V-neck top and jeans. She cast a glance in their direction, ignored their looks of and bewilderment and, spotting Lily, walked over and sat down.

The Marauders, who had not even known Lily was there, looked quite surprised at her presence. She gave them a little glare, signaling that they should turn around, and they did. Smirking at herself, she acknowledged Jen’s appearance and looked at her quizzically. “I don’t feel like being in uniform today, so instead I’m just going to wear this under my robes,” she informed Lily, smiling as if she were personally insulting a Professor and enjoying it.

“I see,” Lily replied, a smile in her voice.

Jennifer never ceased to amaze her. She was always coming up with something brilliant to do, and even though Lily was the very controlled sort, they had never attempted to make other friends. Lily kept Jennifer in line, while Jennifer was what kept Lily from becoming completely snobbish and superior.

Lily chuckled at the idea of snubbing Jennifer in the corridors, making Jennifer look up from examining her fingernails. She gave Lily a puzzled look.

“Something in the book,” Lily explained, waving it around. “Come on, this is boring.” Lily stood up and brushed her robes down before nodding towards the portrait hole. “Go put your robes on and we’ll go down to breakfast before the crowds come.”

Jennifer bolted up the stairs, the Marauders watching her warily. Lily followed more slowly and leant on the wall beside the archway, waiting patiently and avoiding the glances that the dream team were sending her way.

“Morning, Evans,” James Potter sneered, running his hand through his hair and nodding at her.

“Potter,” she acknowledged coldly, pointedly ignoring the others and turning back to peer up the stairs. How long could it take to throw some robes on?

Ever since they had first met on the train, Potter had bugged her incessantly. He and Sirius were always poking fun at her and Jennifer, and she got sick of it. She was sure that they were just trying to have fun, but it was irritating. They were such big-headed oafs. She awaited the day she would get a chance to knock them all of their pedestals.

She used to daydream about beating Potter up sometimes, when he had been teasing her more than usual. Not physically, of course. She’d never stand a chance against Potter in a match of muscles and his constant Quidditch playing was what she had to thank for that. She reckoned she had a much better chance at beating Potter with a match of intellect. She could win at that. Despite herself, she let out a small giggle, making the Marauders turn to look at her again.

“What are you laughing at?” Sirius snapped, looking annoyed.

“Nothing,” Lily replied, smirking to herself and thinking most smugly that it must have annoyed him more to be brushed off. She turned to see Jennifer coming down the stairs in her robes, the fact that she wasn’t in uniform completely unnoticeable. “Lets go,” Lily chirped, ignoring the scowl that was plastered on Sirius’ face and lead the way through the portrait hole.

“What was her problem this time?” James demanded, flustered. “I was nice to her!”

“Bugger her, James,” Peter retorted. “She’s just a stupid girl after all.”

A/N: Right - this fic has been posted a grand total of three times now. Deleted twice. When I first deleted it, it had over 150 reviews and I decided I didn't like it (I do that occasionally ^_^ ) The second time I wasn't updated as frequently as I would have liked and was just in a bad mood. LOL. I promise I won't be so hasty this time.

Also - This fic IS complete. It's all here on my hard drive and I'd been editing and fixing things up as I went along reposting it last time, so I'll be doing that again this time around. So if I haven't updated recently, it's not because I have wrter's block - I'm just being lazy :P

Finally ((sigh)) I would really like some feedback. This story has been sitting on my hard drive for a good year now, and might be a little bit dusty. Any suggestions to make it better would be GREATLY appreciated :D

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