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Love and Lost by Jez
Chapter 1 : Love nad Lost
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Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine so far. They belong to J.K Rowling.

Chapter One

Harry walked into the apartment he and Ginny shared. The lights were off and no noise came from anywhere.
'Ginny? You home?' no answer. Harry shrugged and walked into the kitchen. He flicked on the light and looked on the fridge for a note. There was one written in bright pink pen so Harry couldn't miss it.

Leftovers on the fridge. I'll be back around 10 or 11. I'm out with some friends.

Harry took his cold Chinese take out of the fridge and sighed. Ever since he had taken the job as a quidditch substitute for England, he had ben coming home late. Ginny complained but understood. They had been dating for more than 3 years. Ginny was 18 and had taken a job at the apothecary. Even if she didn't need to, she liked it. Harry plopped down on the couch with his plate of food and flicked on the television. The 10 o'clock news mans face appeared on the screen.
'Tonight, 5 people were found dead in an up town apartment. Police are searching for suspects.'
'I'm home!' Ginny's voice rang from the door way.
'Ginny come and look at this!' Harry called. Ginny came curiously around the corner. She looked at the television and watched as 5 pictures of the dead Muggles flashed across the screen.
'Voldemort strikes again.' Harry said sadly. Ginny shuttered. Harry looked at her. Ginny's hair and clothes were a bit crumpled.
'Where were you?' Harry asked putting his plate and fork on the coffee table.
'I went out for a few drinks after work. The pub was a bit mad.'
'Your 18!'
'So? Your out for drinks all of the time.' Harry opened his mouth to reply but Ginny kissed it.
'I love you.' she said turning around. Harry got up, walked over to his girlfriend and kissed her neck and shoulders.
'Lets go to bed.' he whispered, feeling her body and finding nothing new.
'And make all of the neighbors yell at me again? Ms Ulman said she didn't get any sleep last night!'
'I don't care if they hear.' Harry said moving his hands around in Ginny's blouse. She pulled away.
'I'm tired. I want to get some sleep tonight.' Harry sighed.
'All right.' Ginny smiled at him and began to walk towards their bedroom.
'You sure can make me wild, you know?'
'I know,' Ginny said smiling. 'You need to learn some discipline.'
'Can't I learn dome discipline later?'
'No.' Ginny said defiantly. 'You can't always get what you want.' se walked into their small bedroom.
'I get what I want one way or another.' Harry said slyly. Ginny whipped angrily around.
'You talk like that then you can go and sleep on the couch!' and she slammed the door in his face.
'Aww, come on Ginny!' Harry wined. 'I don't mean it that way. Let me in!' but no answer came from the room. 'Arrgh!' Harry slammed his fist on the door and walked to the living room. He dropped onto the couch and pulled the blanket that was on top, down onto his lap. There was murmuring from the bedroom.
'I don't know!' Ginny was saying frantically but quietly. 'I kicked him out... no, from the room.'
'Hold on... IT'S MY HOUSE TOO! YOUR JUST MAD!' Harry got up and walked to the phone in the kitchen.
'Anyway...' Harry yanked the phone off the wall and walked to the bedroom.
'AlohaMora.' the door flew open. Ginny was sitting on the black cross-legged comforter, the phone in her hand. Harry walked over to her, grabbed the phone from her hand and ripped it out of the wall.
'What the hell is your problem?' Ginny asked getting up. 'I can't talk on the phone?'
'If I can't sleep in the bed,' Harry yelled pointing to it. 'Then you can't talk on the phone!' Ginny narrowed her eyes and squared her jaw.
'Guy must have PMS too!' she shouted. Harry clenched his fist and walked out of the room. The door slammed behind him.

* * * *

Harry woke up the next morning with the sun in his eyes. There were dishes clinking in the kitchen and he got up.
'What day is it?' Harry asked Ginny walking into the kitchen and opening the fridge.
'Saturday. We have to go grocery shopping.' Harry nodded and took the milk jug out of the fridge. He was about to take a drink when Ginny hugged him around waist.
'I'm sorry I got mad at you. I ironed your pants. Their in the bedroom.' Harry put the jug down on the counter and hugged Ginny back.
'It's OK.' they kissed.
'Go get your pants on.' Ginny said releasing him. 'We have to go and get some food.'
'Just one question.' Harry said putting his hand on Ginny's hip to stop her. 'Who was on the phone with you last night?'
'Oh,' Ginny shrugged. 'Just one of my friends.' Ginny smiled her honey melting smile at him. Harry's mind went blissfully blank, for the love of the girl in front of him.
'I'll go and get my pants on.' Harry said breathlessly.
'I suggest you do.' Ginny said smiling and looking down. Harry flushed and walked quickly to their bedroom.

It gets better. The 1st chapter is a bit slow but it picks up quite fast.

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