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The Time it All Began by Remus
Chapter 7 : The Meeting Between Nobles
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The Meeting Between Nobles

As Rafer shook the founder’s rough hand, the young Malfoy realized that the wizard in front of him was giving him a peculiar look. Rafer, feeling quite small compared to the Merlin of Britain and two of the Founders in both magic and talents, gave Gryffindor a weak smile just before releasing his hand. The dim lit room was quiet for a few minutes where the men tried their best to break the sudden and strange silence about them by coughing or humming a tune. Finally, it was the Merlin who decided to put an end to the uncomfortable silence by placing a hand on Harry’s shoulder and making him sit on the nearest chair and taking young Rafer with him to the other side of the room; the men and the few women smiled at Harry and quickly asked him about his trip and Hogwarts.

“Did I say something to disturb Lord Gryffindor, Master Merlin?” Rafer asked with a great deal of discomfort across his face that if Harry had seen it, it might have changed his way of thinking towards Rafer.

“Don’t mind Godric, Rafer” Merlin said as he wiped the dust from the road off the stone at the top of his staff. “He’s had a long day and hates travelling, but enough about Godric and his mood swings. How fares your lady mother?”

A great sigh escaped Rafer as he slumped on a chair away from the other men and Harry. “My mother is alive, thanks be to the Goddess, but she is still sick enough to stay in bed all day and only to come out when she‘s fed up with the stone walls around her and the silly girls attending her. The good thing is that young Nimue arrived from Avalon a couple of days before I came to London to look after my mother while I’m away. I’m positive that with the help of the Avalon magic and herbs she will get better.”

“Let us hope so,” the Merlin sighed with great sorrow as he realized that one of the daughters of the isle was close to leaving this life before an older spirit like his did have the chance to do so. Rafer, feeling a wave of grief feeling his heart, ordered a drink from the tavern keeper as a roar of laughter was heard from the table Gryffindor was sitting. Rafer looked at Gryffindor for a minute and saw his broad smile across his dark face; very unusual for a serious wizard. He had seen Gryffindor before, but never actually introduced, at the marriage of Lancelot and Lady Elaine and there he looked like the type who took life seriously. As Rafer narrowed his eyes trying to remember the time he had seen Gryffindor smile during the wedding, Merlin’s voice came out of nowhere distracting him from his thoughts

“Now Rafer, my dear boy, how’s your son and wife? I heard that young Dolan fell of a horse.” Rafer waited for the old tavern keeper to deliver the drinks. Finally, when he was gone, Rafer took a sip from his goblet and nodded. “Yes, Dolan decided to disobey my orders and rode a horse that was yet not ready to be ridden. He’s all right now but he was severely injured in the knee that he had to stay in bed rest for a few months.” he paused for a moment, looked at the other table and then leaned forward “You know, Lord Merlin, most recently I’ve been thinking that he’s at the age of sending him off to fostering in order to learn how to hold a sword the right way and to obey orders given to him.”

“Will you send him to Hogwarts when the time is right?” questioned Merlin as he turned a little to see Slytherin and Harry.

“Yes, I believe so.” He paused and looked at Gryffindor from the corner of his eyes “If he gets accepted that is. Goddess knows if he will be allowed to be in such place, surrounded by the “selected few.” Speaking of Lord Gryffindor, is it just me or is Lord he acting…a little strange. I always believed he was correct, serious and a very quiet man from what I could gather back when I saw him years ago from at Lancelot‘s wedding…now he‘s laughing, I never seen him laugh, ‘tis a strange sight for me…”

“I told you, Rafer, he’s tired and-well! Look who decided to show up” Rafer looked behind him towards the inn’s door and saw who the Merlin was addressing to. An elderly man, but yet younger than the old man sitting in front of him, was entering the tavern with a page boy on his side and about ten more witches and wizards behind him. Rafer smiled as he saw his old tutor for the first time after his marriage to Lady Breanna, which was eight years ago, and felt a warm wave taking over his heart. “Marmaduke, old friend!”

“Merlin,” Marmaduke said with a broad smile across his face “you old man, you still walk about this earth?” Marmaduke approached Merlin and Rafer after he had waved the ones behind him to go away. Marmaduke was an old man with a small, silvery beard, tanned skinned, haggard face and dark eyes. His walking was slow for an injured leg when he fought alongside Uther Pendragon back in the day but nonetheless he walked with great honour. “How fare you, Merlin? How fare you?”

“I’m well, Marmaduke, and you?”

“Likewise, my old friend.” Marmaduke said with a wide smile but quickly vanished as he stared at Merlin’s tattoos reminding him of his long ago home “Merlin, a few moons ago I tried to visit my granddaughter, Diana, but the mists have expanded so much about the land that I’ve thinking that--”

“Avalon has vanished?”

“Yes!” said Marmaduke with an expression of terror across his face; the disappearance of Avalon would mean the end of their community and civilization.

“I’m well aware of that, Marmaduke” Merlin said with a sad tone.

“And it’s all Arthur’s fault,” stated Rafer as he conjured another chair in order for Marmaduke to sit and rest from his travel “I’m sorry to say this lord Merlin, but your student broke his promise to Avalon when he took the Pendragon banners down and rode under the Christian flag. He made a promise to Avalon saying that he was going to value our Priest and Priestess’ opinions along with the Christian Priest, but most recently he listens more to his priests and his silly wife more than our priests and his sister. Our Goddess is also to be in the same level as the Christian God, but-”

“I’m aware of that too, Rafer” Interrupted Merlin with a great sigh “And as far as I see it, his sister, Morgain, will take care of that problem. But enough about that, today‘s meeting is about a government for the magical world, or am I wrong Marmaduke?”

“Not at all, Lord Messenger, not at all” Merlin, very slowly, stood from his seat and tapped the floor with the end of his staff making the others enjoying themselves stop their chattering. Across the room, where Harry was sitting, there were two witches from the north, three wizards and one witch from the east of England, one wizard and one witch from Cornwall, and three priestess and three druids from Avalon. All of those present were looking at him with wonder and curiosity across their face; they wanted to know what the meeting was about since the Messenger of the Goddess was present and to them it was a big deal. But Merlin paid not heed to the others except for Harry who for the first time since his arrival he saw true smile across his face and not a forced, sour one like he had the past weeks. ‘Why are you here…” he thought as he stared into Harry’s, or Gryffindor’s eyes, ‘What is hunting you in your life that Lady Meredith’s magic brought you here?’

“Fellow witches, wizards, priests and priestess of the Old Religion.” Marmaduke started as he noticed that Merlin was captured in his own mind “I believe we’re all here to make a decision considering the people of our community, so I suggest we begin now if we want to rest from this long day” Marmaduke nudge Merlin who was still starting at Harry with wonder. “Are you all right, my friend?”

“Long day, ‘Duke” Merlin said taking his eyes away from Harry “long day.” Marmaduke knew better than to question the Taliesin further, but knew perfectly well that he was not telling everything. Nonetheless, both men walked forward to the group of young and eager men and women. The witches, wizards, priests and priestess spread themselves around the table Harry was sharing with a pretty redhead with blue eyes priestess. “The first order of matters,” began Marmaduke sitting next to Merlin who was sitting across the young people “is the government we will establish within the next couple of months.”

“We already have a king” stated the witch from Cornwall “Why do we need another king? I do agree that the king we have today is a good for nothing traitor but…why get a second king when we can just replaced him with someone of our believes and practices.” A few voices uttered an agreement. The witch smirked a little as her pale blue eyes sparkled with glee of having others agreeing with her and her idea.

“Well I don’t agree with Lady Penelope” Rafer said as he settled on his chair next to Salazar Slytherin who only gave him a dirty look when he said that replacing the Crown, who happened to be half wizard, with someone of the Old Religion and pure-blooded was a bad idea “I do agree that King Arthur has been a traitor to us all, specially to our Goddess, but we can’t replace him when the Lady of the Lake of the Lord Messenger haven‘t done anything; it is not up to us to do the Goddess’s work.”

“But he carries Excalibur in the name of his God” said a wizard from the east “Excalibur was given to him by the Lady of the Lake therefore by the Goddess. I do not want something that belongs to Ceridwen, the Mother Goddess being used to persecute us for our believes and for who we are.”

“We cannot have another king just yet” Merlin said waving his hands in the air, a little frustrated of those more interested in Arthur’s affair rather than the prosperity of their community “Arthur is destined, whether we like it or not, to be king for a few more years, I’ve seen it in the stars and so has Viviane, the Lady of the Lake. We should all just wait for faith to take place.”

“When will he come down?” Slytherin asked with an icy tone while the others too looked at Merlin with a questioning look.

“We’re not here to discuss Arthur and his fate” Marmeduke said irribibly saving Merlin from the inquiring looks “We’re here to talk about how we’re going to establish a government for our magical people and those that follow the goddess and the old religion. In that government we’re going to have branches that will take care of specific problems such as education, crimes, regulations and laws”

“And how do you plan for this place to set its grounds considering we can’t pareade the fact we’re witches and wizards.” A woman in her mid-twenties with blonde hair and blue eyes said with a bitter tone. For those that knew Lady Andrea, they knew that she had a hatred for Muggles that grew with each day that passed. They also knew that the hatred had come from the murder of his six year old son five years before by a drunk muggle who said he saw the devil in the little boy and tried to save him by stabbing him to get the evil spirit out. In the end, the drunken muggle had only accomplished stabbing the little boy several times and then leaving the him to bleed to death in the middle of the street. “The last thing we need is those fools hunting us down for another reason; it’s bad enough they shun us for worshiping the goddess and not their God”

“I agree with Lady Andrea” said one of the men that had arrived with Marmaduke.

“Why should we hide and call ourselves something else just because of fear” said Rafer narrowing his eyes. Harry cocked his head to the side and stared at the raven haired Malfoy with great wonder. “Our government should call be named something our community would recognize and feel comfortable coming to for help or questions.”

“Then how do you suppose we’re toing to reppell the muggles away, Rafer” the same wizard asked.

“Charms and spells,” Rafer answered with a shrug of his shoulders “we do have magic, Lord Constantine”

“He’s right, Constantine” Merlin said as he took a sip of his drink “And I have the perfect name for our central office and its location…”

The sun was almost down by the time the meeting had finished. When Harry stepped out of the tavern most of the muggle citizens were heading home or closing their little stores for the end of the day before going home to a cooked meal. Harry’s eyes got watery as a great yawn escaped his mouth and a hungry grumble from his stomach. The meeting had lasted for five hours tops and he felt exhausted, hungry and irritated and for the first time after weeks, he felt like going back to the moors and eat something cooked by Amelia. Harry looked around the premises from where he was standing and saw Slytherin leaving for the inn close to the tavern with Lady Andrea. A sneer of disgust escaped him “They’re made for each other’’ he mumbled as he waited outside by the door impatiently for Merlin to stop talking to his friend, Marmaduke.

Just as he was about to leave, the Merlin of Britain called him. Relunctantly and extremely slowly, Harry walked towards Marmaduke, Merlin and Rafer were standing. “Yes, Merlin?” he asked as he tried his best to not sound aggravated.

“My, my…so this is Lady Meredith’s son!” Marmaduke exclaimed with great enthusiasm on his eyes and voice “Yes, yes, he does look like a son of the holy isle. The last time I saw him was when he was a child still under his mother‘s dress, but look at him now.” Harry smiled a little as he saw genuine surprise in his eyes.

“Godric, you may not remember but Marmaduke was your brother’s tutor and a friend of your father” Merlin said as Harry and Marmaduke shook hands

“My bro-oh, right!” Harry’s mind frantically searched for some information regarding Gryffindor’s oldest brother. “My brother…how is he?” Merlin gave Harry and alarmed look while Rafer and Marmaduke looked at him strangely. Harry felt like the time most witches and wizards around him knew more of him than he knew of himself back when he was in his first year. “Don’t you remember, Godric? Your brother refushed the teachings and went to monastery. Sad times for your Lady mother and father. I still remember the day your mother came to me weeping about the loss of her first son.”

“He did…? Oh yes!” Harry cursed himself for not asking Godric enough questions about of his life “You see…” he stammered “I thought you had seen him.” He had to get out of this one way or another; he looked at Merlin for some help.

“Well,” Marmaduke said “I did, once, but it was a long time ago and he kicked me out saying that I shouldn‘t be allowed in God‘s premises when I worship the pagan Goddess. But nonetheless…you look just like him” he added with a smile. Harry could only laugh nervously hoping neither Rafer or Merlin could pick his nervousness up.

“All right, enough about Alexander.” Merlin said hoping Marmaduke could drop the subject of the eldest of the Gryffindor siblings. “It’s always a touchy subject to any of the Gryffindors, to talk about Alexander. Besides, I believe that with the accomplishments Godric has made, most people wont even remember Alexander in years to come. Only those that met him will remember him as a traitor to the family. Well, Godric, we called you here to know your opinion considering a matter of great importance.”

“What am I to do for you?” Harry was grateful to Merlin for the change of topic

“Not here” Rafer whispered. Merlin and Marmaduke nodded and started walking towards the inn while Harry and Rafer followed a few stepps behind them. Harry, for the first time during the day, felt that some sort of friendship could happen between Malfoy and Harry, but Harry felt terrible for scolding the young Malfoy earlier that day. ‘he’s not like the others’ he thought as they walked in silence. ‘But why and how did the Malfoy family change so drastically to hate the muggles so much over the time…?’

“Some night, eh?” Rafer said breaking the silence between both wizards.

“Yes,” Harry agreed trying his best to put aside whatever differences he had with the Malfoy family from his own time; he remembered how cruel Lucius Malfoy was to his servants and how his only son seemed to be aspiring to follow his steps in cruelty, ambition and hatred. Harry glanced at Rafer from the corner of his eyes and saw no trace of what the Malfoys looked liked from his present-day. The dark hair that was tied on a pony tail was now flowing loosely behind the youth’s upper-back. “I did not believe the meeting would last this long. My body is sore from sitting for such a long time”

“Yes, I know what you’re talking about” Said Rafer as he rubbed the back of his sore neck “And to tell you the truth, I believe the meeting would’ve been at least an hour shorter if Lord Slytherin had not argued so much with the Lord Messenger.”

“What is your opinion about muggles and muggle borns?” Harry was now curious about Rafer’s opinions towards those half-bloods or muggle-borns.

“Well, to tell you the truth, sire” Rafer began very slowly as he tried to say the right words “I do not like the muggles nor do I hate them. I believe that if the Goddess wanted to give them magic she would’ve done so. They‘re part of our society whether we like it or not.”

“I see. But do you agree with Slytherin?”

“To some extent…yes. But I believe that if a muggle, specially if he’s a Christian, has the opportunity to learn our powers, then he should be allowed to learn the lore just like any of our children can, otherwise our civilization will die out.” Harry walked alongside the young Malfoy, but couldn’t believe what he was hearing let alone understand how this Malfoy was very much different, and decent, than either Lucius and Draco Malfoy “Witches and wizards have to understand that muggle borns are staying and that one day its going to be them running the wizarding world and not the pure bloods like today.”

“Do you really believe so?”

“Yes,” Rafer stopped short and grabbed Harry by his arms; Harry looked at him straight in the eyes “but please, Lord Gryffindor, do not mention this to anyone because…well…”

“Don’t worry about it” As Harry and Rafer walked in silence the rest of the way towards the inn-still following Merlin and Marmaduke--Harry’s hatred towards Malfoy evaporated into thin air leaving only a sense of possible friendship between them. By the time they had arrived to the inn, the moon was already high on the and the stars were lighting the way for those that were still out working or just enjoying the cool air. When they were about to enter the building, Harry noticed a large sign above the door that read “The Leaky Cauldron’s Inn” and underneath that large sign there was a smaller sign that read “Vacancy available”

“They don’t see what we see” Rafer said, Harry immediately understood that he was referring to the muggles “They see a broken down building that seems a little too dangerous to go into” when they stepped in, Harry quickly noticed the inside of the inn seemed quite inviting in contrary to the outside appearance. The room consisted of two sofas in front of a very welcoming fire, tables by the many windows that were all occupied by witches and wizards entangled in their reading or conversation, a large table where Harry supposed it was for those that ate there for breakfast, lunch or dinner and a desk where a small, plump witch with red hair was going over some numbers.

“I would like to rent a room,” Harry said as Rafer, Merlin and Marmaduke sat down on a chair waiting for Harry to get his room; Merlin and Marmaduke had arrived first and Harry had allowed Rafer to go first.

“Just like everybody else that comes here” The witch sneered as she still kept her gaze down to her book of numbers and dates “How long will you be staying”

“Two nights”

“Right, well, I need you to sign here” the page of her book flipped to one that held signatures in columns; Rafer’s, Merlin’s and Marmaduke’s were the last ones that had sign it. “Will you be eating here or out?”

“here, I suppose.”

“Well, if you suppose you’re going to eat here, your total will be two Galleons.” Harry dug his pockets for the gold coin and as his fingers searched he felt his fingers making contact with a cool, flat surface: Gryffindor’s mirror. “I said two galleons, please” the witch’s voice made Harry come back from his thoughts “Oh…right” He dug the gold coins out and handed them to the ill-tempered witch with a cynical smile . Once everything was set, Harry walked over to the table where Merlin, Rafer, and Marmaduke were now sitting and talking feverishly.

“-the last thing we need is to punish those that deserve punishment the same way the muggles do it; so barbaric!” Rafer made a face of disgust as he remembered the time he witness the killing of a traitor; his head had been chopped off.

“Have I missed something?”

“Actually yes, Godric” Marmaduke said “and this is where we need your opinion. Lady Layana raised a very good point during the meeting about punishing rebels, thieves and murderers. My niece, Lady Ravenclaw--yes, you know who she is--came up with this idea of creating a veil in which the person would either walk voluntarily or by force and through the veil and well…die. It‘s a lot more human than what the muggles do, that‘s for sure”

“No!” Said Harry without even thinking or taking it into consideration. His mind quickly shifted to the dreaded night his godfather went beyond the veil to never comeback. “Rowena’s idea of the veil is futile, it wont work because…because…” Harry searched his brain hard trying to find a right excuse thinking that if he was able to change their minds considering the veil in the past, Sirius would not die in the future “Well, what would happen if we accidentally send someone beyond the veil?”

“That’s a very good question, Godric” Merlin said with a nod of the head “and easy to answer. We can simply get the innocent victim back, that‘s all there is to it.”

“But you can’t revive the dead…specially when the body is missing” argued Harry still hoping to change their minds about the veil.

“Yes, but let me talk, Godric.” Harry blushed a little for being reprimanded by Merlin “What I was going to say was that we can get the innocent person back by going back in time to the moment he or she goes beyond the veil and stop time just as the person goes past the veil. Although, the bad side to this is that time only stops outside the veil and not inside, meaning that whoever stops the time would’ve to move fast in order to save the person or else he or she will die in a matter of seconds”

“We can stop time?”

“Yes…but there are only a few wizards that can stop time. It’s a lengthy process to learn, and very dangerous too”

“In other words, Godric” said Marmaduke with a big smile across his face “He’s one of the few people that can do it.”

“He’s the Merlin of Britain, is he not?” Rafer said with a small chuckle. Harry thought for a moment. If he could learn the spell of stopping time, he could go back to the moment Sirius went beyond the veil, stop time, then get him back. ‘that way…they can have the veil not affecting time in the future and I can get Sirius back!’ But before Harry could utter his opinion considering the matter, an owl flew into the room scaring Harry so much that he knocked the candle that was sitting on top of the small, round table. Once he placed the candle back upright, he noticed that the owl that was now perched on the top of Merlin’s staff looked strangely familiar.

“HEDWIG!” The owl looked at Harry with questioning eyes.

“You know this owl?” Asked Merlin as he took the message from her beak “I found her about a few weeks ago injured by banks of Avalon; Nimue was the one that healed her with herbs and magic.” Harry smiled and looked at his owl with a smile on his face; he at least now had someone that knew him from his own era. “Oh no…”

“Something wrong, Merlin?” Marmaduke asked while Merlin could only stare at the small piece of parchment.

“Godric, come with me” Harry gave the other two wizards a strange look before getting up and following Merlin outside the Inn. The outside scenery was very much different to the one when he had entered the building; the streets were empty a little light lighted the way. “We need to depart to Avalon at once…we’ll leave at dawn”

“What is it?”

“Viviane has found out how you can go home”

“Well, that’s good!”

“Not really…if what she is right about this…you wont be going home for years”


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The Time it All Began: The Meeting Between Nobles


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