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Forgotten Fate by LiquidSilver
Chapter 3 : Magic?
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LiquidSilver ~ Thanks for your reviews peoples.

Disclaimer ~ Not this again . . . It just makes me so depressed . . . Let’s get this over with *deep breath* I OWN HARRY POTTER! . . . whoops? Would you all believe that’s a typo? I meant that I don’t, I really did . . .

Forgotten Fate

Chapter Three ~ Magic?

As soon as those words escaped Harry’s mouth he regretted them. They both looked shocked, but most of all, they looked hurt. He should never have said anything, they had been so happy just seeing him alive, but he had ruined their happiness. He felt guilty and he looked down at the ground to avoid their eyes. They must have been his friends, and he had to open his big mouth. They had wanted to help him and he had thrown it back at them with distrust.

“Harry!” The girl gasped in horror. “It’s me, Hermione! And this is Ron!”

“Harry, how could you not know who we are? We’ve been best friends since our first year!” The red headed boy cried out, his face showing how much the comment had hurt him.

“I-I am s-sorry.” Harry chocked out. Seeing these twp hurt nearly brought tears to his eyes, and he didn’t know why, he couldn’t remember them at all. “It just that- I mean, I –“

“What is it, Harry?” Ron asked, his arms crossed and giving Harry a hard stare.

“I-I just can’t remember anything.” Harry said softly.

“What do you mean?” Hermione asked, as she carefully looked over Harry.

“I don’t remember anyone or anything. I think back and all I get is a blank.” He sighed.

“How could you not remember anything? How could you not remember us?” Ron asked, his voice soft.

“I-I can remember things.” Harry said.

“Oh! So things are more important than we are?” Ron cried out.

“Ron! Stop it, Harry must have amnesia!” Hermione told him.

“Have what?” Ron asked, looking at Hermione strangely.

“Amnesia, it is the only explanation. When he was hit by the car he must have hit his head pretty hard, causing him to loose his memories.” She told them all. Harry and Ron just nodded dumbly.

“Harry, what do you remember?” she asked him.

“Things, like I know this is a bed,” He pointed to the bed he was lying on and then over to the curtain that hung around his bed. “and I know that’s a curtain. I just can’t remember people, not even myself.”

“Harry, you don’t know who you are? Then how do you know we are talking to you when we call you Harry?” Ron questioned the injured boy.

“That’s what the nurse told me my name was.” Harry shrugged. “And that’s all I know.”

“Hermione, we have to go to St. Mungo’s! They have to have a cure for his anemshia.”

“Ron’s it’s ‘amnesia’ and St. Mungo’s wouldn’t have a cure, remember Lockheart? They couldn’t cure him, and I bet they couldn’t cure Harry’s amnesia.” Hermione told him.

“But his was a charm wasn’t it? It wasn’t because he was hit by a car.” Ron said.

“No, because St. Mungo’s has refused to mess with people’s minds ever since the hospital was started. Think about it. Would you want someone putting memories in your head that you wouldn’t even be sure that were yours?”

“Well, they could just give Harry his back . . .”

“No, because it isn’t like ‘here’s a pill, chew this and you’ll remember everything’ they can’t do that. Memories are something that is either kept or lost. You can take a memory out, like Snape and Dumbledoor did, but unless you preserved them, they can’t come back with magic.”

“Okay, I’ll nod my head and pretend I know what you are talking about.” Ron commented.

“Ron! To put it simply, the only way for Harry to get back his memories is on his own. Magic doesn’t cure everything.”

“Oh.” Ron nodded, but heard a mumbled ‘I sure thought it did’ come from Ron.

“D-did you say ‘magic’?” Harry questioned slowly.

“Yeah, we did, what about it?”

“You talked about it like it was real . . .” He whispered.

“Harry, magic is real! You don’t remember that either?” Ron cried out.

“S-sorry, no.”

“Harry! You are a wizard!” Ron shook Harry. “And you even a famous one!”

“I-I am a wizard?” He looked up confused. “B-but I don’t remember any of it. Will-will you tell me who I am? Tell me what happened? I want to know!” He cried out, his voice shaking.

“I guess we could . . .” Hermione looked over at Ron, who looked straight back at her. “You want to say it or should I?”

Just then the doorknob turned and the door opened to reveal the plump nurse from before. She was carrying a tray and humming the same song as before. When her eyes lifted, she saw Ron and Hermione, she gasped.

“What are you doing here?” She cried out. “You can’t be in here. Out! Out! OUT!” She pointed them to the door where they rushed out, Ron picking up the cloak as they hurried out.

“See you later, Harry!” He called out before he disappeared around the door completely.

The nurse sighed and sat the tray down on Harry’s bed. She then pressed a button to where the bed turned him into a sitting position.

“Here’s your dinner, hospital food isn’t the best, but you should eat as much as you can. For the last week and a half you have been on an IV so real food should feel pretty good.” She told him as she walked out. “I’ll be back to take the tray back in a little while.”

Harry just nodded dumbly and then stared at his food. It looked like mush, but it was food and he was starving. When he reached up with his bandaged hand to grab the fork he realized there was something in his hand, he recognized it as the bottle that the boy and girl had given him. He watched as the silver liquid swoshed against the clear sides of the bottle. Should he drink it or not? They said it’d help him, but they sounded a bit out of it when they started talking. They said magic was real, how could it be? He set it down on the tray, he’d decide later, right now he was going to eat and think about what they said.

The End of Chap Three

Liquid Silver ~ Sorry, I hate dialoge! I can’t write it at all! So sorry if this chapter sucked! But please review anyways, and gimme constructive criticism peoples! I need it terribly! ;.;

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Forgotten Fate: Magic?


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