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Forgotten Fate by LiquidSilver
Chapter 2 : Past Friends
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LiquidSilver ~ Thanks to all who reviewed, and if any one has constructive criticism please gimme me some! It really helps with my writing! Also, I forgot to tell you all, this takes place after the fifth book, if you haven’t read it, don’t worry. You will be able to follow, I promise but I can not promise no spoilers.

Disclaimer ~ I do not own Harry Potter you idiot! I am not JK Rowling! I am not even from England! (I wish I were, though, I like their accent!) if I thought that I was the author of Harry Potter and was the world’s most popular children’s author, I would be sent to a mental institute, but NO! I do not think that I am her I do not! I do not! I DO NOT! I only pray that one day I will be that great! But, sadly, I am not JK. *sigh* no . . . I am just a fanfiction writer . . . I would say I was her reincarnation, but she's still alive. BUT I AM NOT HER! NOPE! THAT"S RIGHT! I AM NOT JK ROWWLING! *being dragged off in a straight jacket and by men in lab coats and there are two men in suits wearing sunglasses and holding briefcases with paper work for copy write violations in their hands* I am not insane! I am NOT! AND I DON'T OWN HARRY POTTER! I DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON'T!!!!!!!

Forgotten Fate

Chapter Two ~ Past Friends

Harry laid down in the bed, his eyes wide open and a tear trickling down to his nose. He had thought about it over and over again, he didn’t know who he was, how could he not know himself? He had searched his brain over and over again, but always drawing a blank. He bit his lip and thought again. The earliest thing he could remember was the world of darkness right before he woke up.

How could he remember the emptiness inside that he had felt while unconscious, but he couldn’t remember friends, family, or even what had caused him to be in the hospital. But what got him the most was he couldn’t remember who he was. He hadn’t even known his name until the nurse gave it to him. Not knowing his friends and family scared him, but not knowing himself, that terrified him. It scared him more than anything else. If he had ever felt so afraid, so alone in the world, he could not say. The feeling of his fear and his emptiness combined, causing him to shiver uncontrollably.

Family and friends, they must be the people he had ever cared most about and he couldn’t even remember them. They must have helped him through thick and thin, helped in through the good times and the bad. His family must have cared for him, loved him, fed him, and gave him a roof over his head, and he couldn’t even remember what they looked like. How could he remember what things were, but he couldn’t remember anyone? That was insulting to his friends and family, it was as though inanimate objects were more important than them.

He wondered what his life had been like. Had he been a normal teenage boy? Had he played with his friends after school, ate pizza, and played video games until the latest hours of the night? Had he taken everything for granted, and been pampered and cared for? What had life been like for him? It scared him more than everything that he couldn’t remember what he liked or hated even.

His head had started aching again. He wished the pain would go away, that everything would just end. That he would be left alone and become that normal teenager he had been thinking he might have been before. He turned his aching head as he heard the door click. He watched as the door opened, but no one walked through it before it was shut once again. He sent it a questioning look and watched the spot for several seconds. Then he let out a yelp of shock as a head popped out from no where. It was followed by another and the two heads seemed to mumbling things to each other. He watched in horror as the rest of their bodies appeared and a cloak fell to their ankles.

“Geez, Ron! If we had bumped into that nurse . . .” The girl muttered.

“Well, we missed her, now didn’t we?” He answered defensively.

“Sure, that time we are okay, but next time if you are that reckless again . . .” She looked at him, her face showing no sign of backing down from a fight to show that she was right.

“Fine! I’ll be more careful next time!” He cried out raising his hands to show that he was surrendering. The girl gave an approving smile, which also showed that she was very glad she won the argument.

“Now where’s Harry?” She asked, turning around.

“Oh, no!” the boy’s eyes went wide with shock as he looked to the person in the bed next to Harry’s. “Harry!” He ran to the man’s side and looked at him, “He’s unconscious! Hermione! I need that potion, now!” He called out, but then he took a closer look. “Hey, that’s not Harry . . .”

“Ron! You idiot!” The girl walked over to him a whapped him over the head. “That’s not Harry!”

“Ow! That hurt!” He held his hand up to the spot where the girl had hit him. As she turned around he stuck his tongue out at her back, but she didn’t notice. As her eyes scanned the room they fell upon Harry, lying down in his bed. He was staring straight at her and her at him. He didn’t know what to do, he had known they were talking about him, the man in the next bed was Merl, the nurse had told him so. He had wanted to tell them who he was, but more than anything he wanted an explanation about what had happened with them being invisible. He wanted to ask so badly but when her eyes fell upon them the relief she obviously felt was more important, he felt, than he could bear take away from her by asking questions.

“Harry . . .” She breathed. Tears brimmed her eyes as she looked at him. He felt stupid with her staring at him and even worse was when the boy joined her. They looked so relieved, but at the same time upset. “Harry . . .” She whispered one more time.

“I think so.” He muttered, wanting to avoid their gaze. He looked down at the ground, knowing a blush from the embarrassment of being stared at was spreading across his cheeks.

“You had us so worried, Harry. We thought that you might have been killed! After the accident you were sent to a muggle hospital, there was nothing we could do! We wanted to take you to Saint Mungo’s so bad, Harry, but we just couldn’t!” Hermione said, the tears flowing from her eyes.

“Saint Mungo’s?” He questioned. He was starting to become very confused, and it must have shown in his eyes.

“Yeah, you remember, that wizard hospital we went to a while back?” Ron said, looking at Harry closely.


“Yeah, the wizard hospital. Are you feeling okay Harry? You look awfully pale.” Hermione questioned him.

“That was a stupid question! Look at him!” The boy answered for him. “He was hit by a car! He has no right to feel okay!” Harry was shocked, was that how he had gotten hurt so bad? He had been hit by a car? Everyone had refused to tell him anything and no had come to see him, except the nurse and doctors since these two came. They had told him it was not their place to be saying such things.

“Oh, Ron! Just Shut up!” She cried. “Well, anyways, they wouldn’t tell us how you were doing, exept that you were alive. We had to come and see you Harry, we just had to!”

“Yeah, I hope you don’t mind we borrowed your invisibility cloak.” Ron said picking it off of the ground and folding it. “Oh yeah, and we brought you something to make you feel better. Hermione get it out.” He called to her.

She sent him a lookt hat obviously showed that she did not like him ordering him around , but she did as he said. She dug through her pockets and pulled out a small bottle with a shiny silver liquid (hey, it’s my penname backwards!) inside. “Here drink this, it will make you feel better! We managed to get a hold of Madame Pomfrey, even though it is summer, and she made this for you. Everyone’s dreadfully worried.”

Harry took the bottle from her and fiddled with it in his hands. He stared at his and watched the liquid swish around in the bottle. He trusted these people for some reason he didn’t know. He must have known them before, they seemed so familiar. He wanted to take it, but he also didn’t want to chance it. These people seemed unusual and he wasn’t sire weather to take this or not. He had so many questions to ask them, and he didn’t know where to start, but he decided not to take any chances and ask them what was going on before he took it.

He looked at the two and took a deep breath. They looked at him questioningly, but didn’t say anything. He decided it was up to him to start the questioning. “I-I am sorry, but who are you?”

The End Of Chap Two

LiquidSilver ~ Hey, I hope you all liked it. I am not happy with the dialogue at all, I hate writing it. Also if anyone has constructive criticism please give me some! I need all the help I can get!

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