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In Love With A Werewolf by MoonysGirl4Life
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6: Regrets And Schedule Complications
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Disclaimer: I do not own JKR's wonderful characters or places mentioned in this fanfiction. All I own are the OC's.

Authors Note: Here is chapter 6, hope you all enjoy it!


Chapter 6: Regrets and Schedule Complications

Natalie woke up at six that morning, feeling well rested and refreshed, which she found strange since she had only gotten four hours sleep. She jumped in and out of the shower in about 15 minutes and began to get dressed. When she walked out of the bathroom, she noticed that Carla and Lily’s curtains were open, but they were not in the room. She figured they were probably down at breakfast, so she took her time doing her hair and makeup. Allison was still sleeping, not hearing a single sound she made. Natalie was about to leave the room when she heard someone bounding up the stairs. Lily came storming into the room, followed closely by Carla. She looked furious.

“I’m going to kill Potter. I am really going to kill him!” she shouted. To her surprise Allison was still asleep.

“Quiet, you’re going to wake her,” Natalie said, pointing to Allison.

“No,” Carla said, “I put a silencing charm up around her bed this morning before we went downstairs.”

“So what did James do now? “ Natalie said dully, knowing that those two would never get along.

“He tried to kiss me! That disgusting git tried to kiss me! Can you believe it?” she said, with a look of disgust coming over her face. “We were sitting in the common room, having a perfectly normal conversation, and he was actually being quite pleasant, until I tried to lean past him to get a book I had left on the table. He must have thought I was leaning in to kiss him, because he tried to kiss me, good thing he only caught my cheek or he would be dead already. I slapped him and came back up here. So now if you will excuse me, I have to go wash my face.” The moment she walked into the bathroom, Natalie and Carla broke into laughter. “I heard that!” Lily yelled from the bathroom. This caused them to laugh even harder. Finally they settled down and Carla was able to speak.

“Oh, I almost forgot, Remus was asking for you. He wanted to know what time you would be getting up, and his face turned bright red when he asked.” Carla said, starting to laugh again.

“Is that all he said?” Natalie asked, a little too anxiously.

“No, he also said he will be waiting in the common room for you.” Natalie was ecstatic. She couldn’t believe it, ‘I knew he wouldn’t pretend that nothing happened, I just knew it.’ She headed for the door, but Carla stopped her. “Wait, let Lily and I go down first, so you’re not interrupted.” Natalie sighed but listened to her. Lily came out of the bathroom, wished her good luck, and she and Carla left the room. Natalie stood by the door to see if they spoke to Remus. She heard Lily’s voice.

“She will be down in a few minutes, she’s just getting dressed.” She assumed they left after that, because then there was silence. She took one last look in the mirror and began to walk down the stairs. She noticed Remus standing in the corner leaning on the wall. When he saw her, he smiled and blushed. Natalie was thankful that she woke up early. She had plenty of time to talk to him before breakfast and classes start. He sat down on the couch and motioned for her to sit beside him. Natalie realized that these were the exact same spots they were in last night. She also couldn’t help but think that only a few hours ago, the two of them had been kissing passionately.

“Look,” he started. She didn’t like the way he said it. ‘He’s regretting it,’ she thought, she felt the smile leave her face. “I’m sorry for making you upset last night, and I’m sorry for taking advantage of the situation, you were distraught and you weren’t thinking clearly. I realized after you went upstairs what had just gone on. I hope things wont be weird between us and that we can still be friends.” Natalie didn’t know what to say, she felt as if her heart had just been ripped out of her chest. Before she could stop herself, she spoke.

“No, you didn’t do anything wrong,” she said, sounding very disappointed. “It was my fault, I was the one that kissed you. You have nothing to feel sorry about.”

“Yes I do, I kissed back, I could have stopped you, but instead I kissed back, I hope you can forgive me.” Natalie noticed how close she was to him at that point. She was getting closer but could not pull away. Before she realized what she was doing, she was kissing him again, only with more force than she had last night. She wanted to show him that it was not a mistake. Once again, she felt him begin to kiss back, but to her surprise, he pulled away quickly, leaving her startled and craving more. He had a look in his eyes that Natalie couldn’t interpret. She had no idea what was going on inside his head, and she was afraid to find out. Before he could say a word, she stood up and ran out of the common room, and headed down to the Great Hall. She felt her eyes begin to water up.

“Don’t cry,” she told herself out loud, “do not cry, you don’t want to go down there crying, so don’t do it.” She was able to hold back her tears as she walked into the Great Hall. She spotted Lily sitting across from Carla and ran over to sit with them.

“So, what happened?” Lily asked sounding excited. Just like last night, Natalie gave them every detail. Lily and Carla just stared at her dumbfounded. They didn’t know what to make of the situation.


Professor McGonagall walked up and down the Gryffindor table handing out their schedules. Natalie was relieved to see that Lily and Carla were in all of her classes. ‘This year might not be so bad after all,’ she thought to herself. She was glad that she wouldn’t have to be in a class where she had not a single friend.

“So, where are James, Sirius, and Peter?” Natalie asked but soon getting an answer when Carla pointed to the doors leading into the Great Hall. There were the Marauders, all four of them. She did not want to be anywhere near Remus. She was praying for a miracle that would have her leave the table. And then an idea popped into her brain. “Is Allison still sleeping?” she asked, complimenting herself in her brain for being so clever.

“Yea she is,” Carla said. “I wonder why? Natty, maybe you should go wake her up, she will be late for classes.”

“No problem. Professor McGonagall!” she called after her, “Allison is still sleeping, and I’m about to go wake her, would you like me to bring her schedule up to her?”

“Why, how wonderful of you to be so considerate. Five points to Gryffindor! And here is her schedule, and you should hurry before it gets too late.” Natalie received Allison’s schedule, told her friends to meet her outside the Great Hall before class, and headed for the door. She completely ignored Remus as she passed him, even though he tried to say hello to her. She felt his gaze upon her but didn’t care; she just kept on walking.


She ran to Gryffindor Tower and bolted up the stairs to find Allison not in her bed, she was already up and getting dressed. She had known she overslept when everyone else was gone but her.

“Why didn’t you guys wake me? I can’t be late on the first day of classes!” she was really rushing. Natalie had never seen anyone move so quickly in her life.

“I’m sorry, there was a whole big commotion last night and this morning, it kind of slipped our minds,” she said half-heartedly. Allison stopped rushing almost immediately.

“What happened?” she asked innocently.

“I’ll tell you at lunch, here is your schedule. All four of us are in all of each other’s classes. Now hurry before we are late!” Allison finished getting ready and the two of them ran down to the Great Hall for the last five minutes of breakfast. When they walked in, they noticed James starting in on Lily, as usual, Sirius flirting with Carla, also not uncommon, Peter eating as much food as he could shove in his mouth at once, and Remus looking dully at his plate of food, not touching a single thing. Natalie and Allison walked over to the girls and asked if they were ready to go. They both stood up and walked out of the Great Hall. She felt Remus staring at her once again, but she disregarded him and left.

“Natty, I owe you big time, I was ready to smack him again.” Lily said. Natalie chuckled at the thought of seeing Lily slap James in front of the entire school.

“Wait,” Allison said, sounding confused, “what do you mean again? What on earth went on today?”

“Like I said we will tell you at lunch. So, lets see what classes we have today,” Natalie said, looking down at her schedule. She quickly read over her schedule. In the morning, she had double Transfigurations with the Ravenclaws and History of Magic with the Hufflepuffs. In the afternoon she had lunch, Divination with the Hufflepuffs again, and double Potions with the Slytherins. “Oh great, look what our last class is today,” she said, “not only is it a double, but we have it with those slime balls.” The day just seemed to be getting worse and worse for her every minute.

“Um…Natty, I kind of have some bad news,” Lily said. ‘Oh no, what now,’ she thought to herself, ‘this day couldn’t possibly get any worse.’ She was afraid to hear what Lily was going to say. “The Marauders are in all of our classes,” she said, sounding deeply depressed by this. ‘I take it back, this day can get worse,’ she said in her head. The four of them headed to their Transfigurations class. Lily sat with Allison, and Carla and Natalie took the table behind them. Slowly, the students began to file in, followed by Professor McGonagall.

“I would like all of you to please stand up, and walk to the back of the room. I will be assigning seats to each student. The person sitting next to you will be your partner for the rest of the year, so please try to get along with whomever you are seated next to,” she said, taking a quick glance over at Sirius and James. “At this first table up here,” she said pointing to the table in the left corner in the front of the room, “I would like to have Black and Chenzo…” At this Natalie began to get worried, ‘Oh no, she’s putting us in alphabetical order,’ she thought. Professor McGonagall continued to read off names, placing Lily next to a Ravenclaw girl named Rachel. “And over there,” McGonagall said, “I would like to have Lupin and McBain.” Natalie had always liked Transfigurations, but now, she hated it almost as much as potions. She took her seat next to Remus and refused to look at him. James was sitting next to Peter, and Allison was sitting next an exceptionally handsome Ravenclaw boy named Wayne.

Natalie pulled out some parchment and a quill to take notes with. She heard Remus rummaging around in his school bag looking for something, but did not turn her head towards him. He finally came up out of his bag and tapped Natalie on the shoulder.

“Um…do you have an extra quill by any chance?” he said, sounding very nervous. She didn’t answer him; instead she shifted her chair slightly to the right to place some distance between herself and Remus. Taking the hint, he muttered, “I guess not.” He looked behind him to James who happily leant him one. ‘How could he even try to talk to me after what he pulled this morning? What did he think I would do, pretend last night never happened?’ she pondered.

The entire class was spent receiving a lecture from Professor McGonagall about how she would not tolerate foolishness and carelessness in her class, since she was now preparing them for their N.E.W.T. examinations. Natalie noticed a folded piece of parchment drop down right in front of her. She couldn’t believe that someone was passing her notes on the first day of class. However, she was not surprised when she found out whom it was from. The note read:

Why are you ignoring Remus like that, normally you two would be playing tic-tac-tow or some other game when you guys are bored. But you are actually listening to McGonagall and he is looking miserable. What is going on between you?

She couldn’t believe that Remus hadn’t told anyone about what happened last night or this morning. She was extremely grateful, but still upset with him nonetheless. She took out another piece of parchment and answered his note.

It is not your business what goes on in my life. So stay out of it. If you honestly must know, why don’t you try asking Mr. Lupin? He is sitting right next to me unfortunately. And just because you don’t pay attention in class, doesn’t mean that nobody else does.
PS: Bug Off!

She knew that she was a little harsh, but it was the only way to get James to listen. He didn’t send her any more notes for the rest of the class.


Well, I hope you liked the chapter. Here is the excerpt from chapter 7!

Chapter 7: Unintentional Recipiant And A Drought Of Peace
“So, Natalie, I heard about your little party with Remus last night. Remus, I had no idea you were such a good kisser. You should tell me how you do it so maybe I could get Lily to fall in love with me the way you made Natalie fall in love with you,” he said with a chuckle.
“When will the wedding be?” Sirius jumped in. Natalie couldn’t take it. She jumped up out of her seat, threw a glass of pumpkin juice at James, and ran out of the Great Hall, but not before sneaking a glance at Remus who was now beet red. In all of her days, she had never had a worse day at school than she did today. She ran out of the school and to the quiditch pitch. She just sat on the stands and cried until there were no more tears left. She turned around to face the school when she noticed Remus standing in front of the oak doors, peering around at the grounds. Obviously not finding what he was looking for, he went back inside. Natalie regained her composure, picked up her school bag, and headed back to the castle.

This chapters not getting as many reviews as I had hoped for...if you read it, leave a review and let me know what you think, so I know if it's worth adding another chapter! Thanks!

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